Top Software Developer Resume Examples and Templates

This guide arms you with the most impactful software developer resume samples to help you craft an impressive resume.

Software developers couldn’t have it better, even through pandemic times, when companies are recruiting across the board and various level of software engineering talent.

If you’re looking to make the most of it, update your resume and apply for jobs for a fresh start or simply to see where you currently stand in the market.

We’ve presented some of the top software developer resume samples to inspire you. These are from real world software engineers employed in top jobs across the country.

But, before we move forward, a resume template adds the cherry on the cake that’s required to attract a recruiter’s attention.

Software Engineering Career / Professional Summary Examples

1/ I am a Principal Software Engineer in XYZ Bank’s Core Engineering team working on big data analytics and real-time data processing with tools such as Apache Metron, Apache NiFi, Apache Zookeeper, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Apache Druid, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, among others. I have in-depth knowledge of the complete software development lifecycle: requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing.

2/ Software Engineer with over 10 years tech industry experience across multiple software fields. Have extensive experience in service oriented architecture (SOA), Microservices, Android applications, Mobile applications, Web Applications, Single page applications (SPA), Authentication and Authorization, Identity Management. Scripting knowledge includes Node.js, Java (Server side and Android), Golang (Go), Javascript, React, React Native, Redux, Python, PHP (OOP, MVC), Git, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, REST, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, SOAP, LAMP, SVN, Gradle, Maven.

3/ I am a service-oriented leader with an engineering and mathematics background. I strive to bring value to the world through my engineering skills, mathematical understandings, and leadership abilities. I learn, improve and work harder every day to create more and more value for the world.

4/ I am a web and game developer with over 7 years of combined experience. Current technical interests include Python, pandas, rust, wasm, terraform, high availability systems, container management, kubernetes, hive, presto, JavaScript/TypeScript/Node.js, React and Flux. I specialize in creating high availability infrastructure, data analytics on large data sets, and working on web facing projects for the backend, frontend and interactive media.

5/ I am a skilled OO programmer coding Java, .NET, HL7, FHIR, EMR applying Agile and Data Modeling methods in a Scrum environment.

6/ An experienced information technology professional developer, architect, trainer and project manager with in depth knowledge using a variety of technologies to create business applications.

7/ An Oracle and Microsoft BPM SOA WCM software engineer with an in-depth technical knowledge creating business applications, telecommuting and collaborating. I am a skilled OO programmer coding Java, .NET, HL7, EMR applying Agile and Data Modeling methods in a Scrum environment.

Key Skills For Software Engineers

  • Software design
  • Software engineering
  • System architecture
  • Systems engineering
  • System administration
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Requirements analysis
  • Distributed systems
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Java, Python, C#, PHP
  • Mobile Development: Android & iOS
  • Javascript, JQuery, JQueryUI, AngularJS
  • HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap
  • Node.js, Expressjs
  • Apache, Nginx, IIS
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Magento, WordPress, Drupal
  • Firefox Dev Ed, Chrome DevTools, QUnitjs, Selenium, HP UFT
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, Firebase
  • Django, Spring, .Net
  • Matlab, R, Data Analysis, Data Modeling
  • Agile Methodology, Scrum
  • Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, VersionOne

Software Engineering Professional Experience Examples

1. Senior Software Engineer Resume Example

  • Design and implementation of a new Wikia distributed software platform based on service oriented architecture (SOA), which significantly reduced cost of releasing, scaling and maintaining software.
  • Development of REST API services framework, which reduced time of creating new services from days to hours. Enabled engineers to create standardized services, that are fully monitored, properly tested and can be continuously deployed to production.
  • Leading development of authentication service that is one of first standalone services in our organization to open door for further architecture change and drive user activity.
  • Android application development (Game Guides, Community Apps).
  • Continuous integration of android applications – Development of internal mobile tools.
  • Mobile skin and search development.
  • Introduced REST API resources for cross platform usage.

2. Software Engineering Intern Resume Example

  • Developed a web-Dashboard as a full-stack developer from scratch for a future internal tool of eBay based on Node.js, Express.js, Marko.js, Lasso.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, Moment.js, Select2, and DataTables.
  • Implemented Authentication and CRUD functions when logging and operating the Dashboard, maintained an intuitive user experience for the UI.
  • Followed the industrial Agile and SCRUM development methodologies.
  • Ended up with the Git Indicators of Over 120 personal Commits, and Over 21k lines of personal Code Additions.

3. Software Developer Resume Example

  • Built and maintained a data-driven Django web application that generates reports of critical global manufacturing processes and applicable regulations.
  • Wrote, tested, debugged, and documented robust python code in an agile environment.
  • Analyzed user stories, derived requirements and implemented the derived feature sets.
  • Developed RESTful API with 15+ routes for CRM system with Python, Flask, and PostgreSQL, allowing venture capital firm employees to access and contribute to data on company business relationships.
  • Optimized DB schema by 30 percent through architecting polymorphic table for tagging every entity type using PostgreSQL, which enabled all entities to be tagged similarly and then accessed together on a separate page.
  • Built ‘entry reader’ with Python to parse relevant information (companies, people, tags) from plain text which is then used to create hyperlinks that are sent back to the Javascript front-end.
  • Created RESTful API to fetch user, tag and company data from PostgreSQL DB, integrating API into JavaScript frontend and reduced HTTP request response times from 1s to < 100ms.
  • Implemented autocomplete for users, companies, and tags with jQuery-Autocomplete to create new posts.
  • Achieved 88 percent coverage of codebase through designing 50+ unit tests for API routing using Python unit test.

4. Senior Software Developer Resume Example

  • Created components, directives, events to implement reusable functionality within the application.
  • Added Angular Material to enhance website’s styling and conform to Material Design.
  • Implemented Dynamic Routing for creating simple and consistent navigation between webpages.
  • Utilized jQuery and jQuery UI to create custom inputs allowing for more intuitive user interface.
  • Used Ajax to call RESTful API and load data onto web page for seamless transition.
  • Created RESTful API to enable access to database and data retrieval from SQL.
  • SQL Server stored procedures and functions created for database access and decreased overhead.
  • Utilized indexes and views as tools in SQL database.
  • Debugged API using Postman and browser’s network activity monitor to inspect low level interactions.
  • Design Rest API Website to monitor, start and stop services using C# and C++
  • Implemented methods in Service layer to reduce front end complexity.
  • Created database for program using migrations for automatic database updates.
  • Used Visual Studio as IDE for backend, Atom for front end.
  • Daily Standups with Agile and Scrum projects and used Kanban to complete list of project related items and documentation.
  • Created S3 buckets in the AWS environment to store files, sometimes which are required to serve static content for a web application.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java.

5. Software Design Engineer Resume Example

  • Developed automated tests using C# for a variety of scenarios. This resulted in more comprehensive testing and higher quality product releases.
  • Trained new team members in the specifics of the products tested and the tools and procedures used by the test team.
  • Utilized Visual Studio Team System and Windows Test Technologies for the infrastructure management and execution of automated test cases saving many weeks of development time through the reuse of existing technologies.
  • Implemented binary and SQL code coverage analysis to discover unused code blocks and to establish a more comprehensive collection of test scenarios resulting in an increased level of confidence across the team that all test scenarios were being executed.
  • Key contributor in two full release cycles of the team’s e-commerce web application.
  • Initiated design and code analysis of other team members feature areas.
  • Incorporated efficient use of hardware through the setup, configuration, and management of a machine pool consisting of both physical and virtual machines to be used for test automation, performance testing, and stress testing.

6. Software Developer, iOS Resume Example

  • Have been part of a group that submitted an app to the app store as a final product. Final product is available on the app store.
  • Design and Implementation of iOS apps for helping users get automotive parts by only scanning the VIN number and find the exact product they want.
  • AVFoundation for voice recording and playback.
  • UIKit for user interface construction and management.
  • StoreKit for In-App-Purchases.
  • Integrated Bing Image Search (RESTful web service using JSON).
  • Gained knowledge and proper implementation of different Cocoa Touch framework.
  • From Core Graphics, Core Data, Core Animation, APIs, Storyboards, Auto-Layout, UIKit and more.
  • Performed necessary tasks for debugging and profiling using Charles Proxy
  • Worked independently with minimum supervision with SDLC teams

7. Senior Software Developer Resume Example

  • Full-stack development of award-winning SaaS Platform.
  • Created Agnostic Data Pipelines to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) big-data.
  • Normalization and enrichment of heterogeneous data for data analysis and search.
  • Developed unique real-time candidate matching system using Elasticsearch, Redis & Neo4j.
  • Designed custom software for full-text search using Elasticsearch.
  • Lead overall scaling by integrating memory caching using Redis, database optimization techniques and optimizing legacy code.
  • Helped change platform from monolithic to microservice architecture.
  • Extracted textual content, normalized data, parsed content and loaded into datastores from over 12 million candidate resumes.
  • Used RabbitMQ for messaging and queuing of asynchronous processes.
  • Wrote various CRON scripts to execute scheduled software and tasks.
  • Created PHP Libraries and Framework using OOA/OOD/OOP.
  • Integration of third-party Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS) like Greenhouse, Jobvite, iCims and more.
  • Internal API Development and integration (REST & SOAP).
  • Worked with various Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, RDS, Elasticsearch and more.
  • LAMP Stack, NODE.js micro-services, Redis, RabbitMQ, Neo4j Graph Database using Cypher.
  • General Linux, Apache DevOps.
  • MySQL Schema Design and Optimization.
  • Used Grunt to compile deployable builds.
  • Created web graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Help lead team during full software development process.
  • Mentored and guided Junior Developers.

How To Write A Software Developer Resume

Let’s start with the basics – don’t fall for the trap of resume builders, where you’re completely dependent on their website to generate your resume each time.

Instead, download from one of our top software engineer resume templates that are 100% customizable in Microsoft Word.

Below are some tips that will help you craft an impactful resume that recruiters and hiring managers can’t ignore.

1. Keep it short – is that good advice?

There are always two sides to a coin. Most people and blogs advice to keep your resume short. But, the reality is that there is no right answer.

If you’re stuffing your resume with unnecessary words and details to make it seem longer and impressive, it’s likely going to land in trash.

Let your experience and skill sets define the length of the resume.

2. Write an impactful career summary

One of the first things that a recruiter or hiring manager will see is your career summary. Make sure it’s impactful and captures your experience and the value to bring to the job, well.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of skills in your resume

Your skills as a software engineer are your biggest assets. Choose them wisely and mention only those that you have proficiency in, listing out your areas of expertise and broad experience.

If you’d rather list more, make sure you segment them based on your proficiency level in each dev skill.

4. Achievements over tasks

The easiest is to list down what tasks you’ve done in your company and those that were assigned to you. But that’s just a laundry list.

Instead, to capture attention and make a real difference to your developer CV, list down what you achieved in the company rather than just the tasks you completed.

That will give the hiring manager more insight into your capabilities than just the list of tasks mentioned.

5. Is software engineer cover letter a thing?

I would say, it’s one of those advices similar to ‘keep it short’. There are software engineer cover letter templates after templates, but none address the market reality.

Do you think the recruiter or the hiring manager has so much time to read every single cover letter that reads like a thesis? You guessed it right, no.

Keep your cover letter short, which simply states you’ve enclosed your detailed CV and then in the next paragraph, just provide a short summary, something like the career summary.

Make a closing statement that states you’re looking forward to hearing from them or another actionable next step.

That’s all you need from a cover letter.

6. Get a resume template

Seriously, the easiest way to make your resume look good is via a resume template. Free resume templates don’t provide much value and they are all just 1-page templates. Most have issues in customization.

Why would their designer put so much effort in something they’re offering for free?

Instead, download from one of our premium, battle-tested software engineering resume templates that are fully customized in Microsoft Word or import it within Google Doc.

All the best in your job search!

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