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10 Reasons To Use a Minimalist Resume

Your resume is a chance to show off your career experience and skills with the best possible result. That being the case, it can be tempting to throw every fact about yourself into a resume to prove the breadth of your skills and qualifications.

But the person reading your resume is likely reading them by the dozen and can’t, or won’t always read everything. In that scenario, less is often more, and that’s when a well-constructed minimalist resume works in your favor.

Ready to learn more? Here are the top 10 reasons to choose a minimalist resume to show off your abilities.

1. Minimalist Resumes Avoid the Problems of Applicant Tracking Software

One of the best arguments for using a minimalist resume is Applicant Tracking Software or ATS. This is electronic software designed to save human resources from the onerous task of reading resumes by the hundreds.

It’s great for the person in HR, but it’s less than ideal if your resume relies on fancy graphics or a downloaded resume template.

The problem is that ATS can’t read anything in a text box, and downloaded templates are full of them. It can’t read graphics either, and the result is that the system skips over what it can’t read and interprets what it can as the jumbled word salad the software has reduced it to.

Columns only work effectively, as scanned by ATS software, when the columns make sense. And they do, provided you’ve kept the information concise and to the point. Since that’s exactly what a minimalist resume demands, you have an advantage over more informative resumes running through the same system.

2. Minimalist Resumes Avoid the Perils of Invisible Headers

If columns only work when ATS can see them, the same is true of headers. ATS can’t interpret the information included in headers. That can lead to the software losing vital information, like your email address or telephone number.

If you’ve used your name as a header, you risk HR having an excellent application for an anonymous candidate. Since minimalist resumes don’t require the fuss of headers, you avoid this problem.

3. Hiring Managers Prefer Clean, Concise Copy

What’s more, once you’ve got past the robotic software, there’s still a human reader to contend with. Even with the resume pile significantly reduced, they still don’t have time to read everything.

Consequently, a resume designed to let the eye quickly scan and process the information comes out ahead of one that demands thoughtful reading and interpretation. Since a minimalist resume is concise by nature, that gives you an advantage over other applicants.

4. Minimalist Resumes Work Well In Black and White

This may not seem an immediate priority when you’re constructing your resume. But the fact is that as and when your resume gets printed out, it probably won’t be in color.

With that in mind, even if you get a resume with elaborate and eye-catching graphics past ATS software, it’s unlikely to be seen as intended. That matters because what works in color can be difficult to read in black and white.

Dark colors become darker and can obscure text, while lighter colors can get completely lost in translation. That leads to a messy-looking resume.

The sparseness of a minimalist resume ensures none of those complications ensue. It gives the information you intended, as you intended it.

5. Minimalist Resumes Accommodate Limited Experience

One of the greatest benefits of the minimalist resume is its ability to gloss over limited experience. This makes it the ideal resume for the first-time job seeker.

Because a minimalist resume only gives the edited highlights of your skills and career, it effectively de-emphasizes your limited experience. Instead, it plays to your strengths, highlighting your skills and qualifications you do have.

6. Minimalist Resumes Condense a Wealth of Experience

At the other end of the spectrum, minimalist resumes make an excellent way to give the highlighted real of an expansive career. A chronological resume that spans 20 years of work experience quickly becomes unwieldy.

Using a minimalist resume helps focus the resume on the experiences accrued over those 20 years that directly relate to the job you’re applying for.

7. Minimalist Resumes Showcase Relevant Experience

Not every job is one you want on your resume. Your university stint as a cleaner might have provided welcome income, but it’s also not relevant if you’re now applying to work at a bank.

On another resume, the gap in your resume created by failing to mention that university work would pose problems because you then have to explain the gap in your work experience.

But because minimalist resumes gravitate towards pertinent skills and experience, that gap becomes irrelevant. The natural inference of the reader is that any lacuna in your resume owes to irrelevance rather than inexperience.

8. Minimalist Resumes Are Easy to Navigate

A well-designed minimalist resume prioritizes Information Architecture. It’s not just about how quickly you can read it, but how easy it is to find what you’re looking for.

The simplistic structure of a minimalist resume helps your headlines stand out, while bullet points and columns distinguish the ensuing text. That, in turn, adds to the readability.

It also means if your recruiter needs to double-check any information, they know where to look.

9. Minimalist Resumes Demonstrate An Ability to Distil Information

Certain skills have to be proved to be believed. A minimalist resume doesn’t only highlight your existing skills, it also demonstrates your ability to condense information into readily digestible material.

That’s a valuable skill wherever you’re applying, and your resume vouches for your ability to do exactly that.

10. Minimalist Resumes Showcase your Skills

Finally, the picture a minimalist resume paints is of you at your best. Its brevity spotlights your talents in a way that is quick and easy to process.

The impression it leaves is of a consummate, capable professional. There’s no need for extraneous details or embellishment. And if there is, you have your cover letter for that.

Final Thoughts

Before you try to showcase all your skills and experiences on one page, remember: sometimes, less is more!

A minimalist resume will help you impress your next employer and land that dream job.

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