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Our Modern resume templates have been designed to give you the edge when it comes to design.

10 Reasons To Use a Modern Resume

The modern resume is concise, simple, but it isn’t black and white. While you might have some design capabilities, it’s not easy to see the fine line between a design that stands out and a design that puts employers off.

With a template, you benefit from a guide that has design choices balanced on that fine line. It’s also handy to have a reference for the best aspects of a modern resume. If you’re unsure if the modern resume template is suitable for you, consider our ten reasons you should use a modern resume template.

1. Saves Time

The number one reason for using a resume template is that it saves time. Rather than going back and forth consulting multiple websites, advice articles, or rearranging your format, you have a simple instruction manual.

A template helps you send out resumes faster and in greater quantity. If you’re applying to different jobs, you don’t need to start from scratch for each one. If you’re trying to meet deadlines, you can have an optimized resume ready in minutes or less.

2. Acts like a Checklist

A modern resume format has specifics, and it can be time-consuming to get it right. It can also be stressful deciding which elements matter more.

With a modern resume template, you don’t need to consult a checklist. The template already includes a step-by-step process.

3. Format

The average employer looks at a resume for 7.4 seconds. If you have too many pages, an employer is likely to lose interest or have difficulty absorbing the most relevant content.

While two pages is a recommended length, if you only have enough strong content for one page, don’t force it. Enlarging fonts or adding irrelevant information won’t impress an employer. Let the modern resume template guide you. It already has a font size that suits the design and is easier for readers.

Another benefit of the modern resume template formatting is that you don’t need to stress over space and readability. White space has a powerful impact. It allows your resume to look professional and is easier on the eyes.

Now let’s go over the sections:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Career Summary
  • Areas of Expertise
  • Work History
  • Education and Credentials

Career Summary should be 2-4 lines. Areas of Expertise highlights your skills with 6-9 bullet points. Experience or Work History includes employment history up to 15 years. The Education and Credentials section lists relevant education, credentials, or certificates.

4. The Elevator Pitch

The Career Summary or Professional Summary is similar to an elevator pitch.

What is an elevator pitch? Imagine getting into an elevator with someone you need to convince. They’ve agreed to let you speak until you reach their floor. The strategy requires you to be convincing but brief.

For your modern resume summary, you need to describe your professional accomplishments with optimized language.

5. Emphasizes Work Experience

Employers want job seekers with work experience. But it’s not the job titles that matters; it’s the achievements. Your work history section needs to showcase past responsibilities and capabilities.

For example, a help desk position is more than answering calls. With a modern resume template, the format encourages you to share how you answered those calls. If there are specifics, such as awards, sales numbers, or customer retention rates, you can use them as evidence.

6. Updates Sections

For the modern resume, it’s out with the old, in with the most relevant. The template drops the objective statement or references and puts skills first. We’ve also covered some of the other section updates under format.

It’s also a good idea to consider modernizing your contact information. You should include your relevant social media or website.

7. Skimmable

The modern resume template is skimmable. While you want your potential employer to take a second look, it’s that first skim that is the most crucial in compelling interest. Both length and design contribute to how easily an employer can find what matters.

8. Easy Optimization

The Areas of Expertise section optimizes your resume by putting keywords upfront. Job postings often have a list of necessary skills, and it’s those skills that an employer needs to spot easily on your resume.

Optimizing language ensures your resume reaches the most eyes, which ups the odds in your favor. It allows your resume to be more skimmable. It also makes it easier for application software to understand.

9. Designs That Hold Interest

The modern resume is minimalist. Templates help you narrow the barrage of fonts, colors, and styles. The contemporary approach uses sleek fonts with attention to spacing. The background is light or white with black or dark text.

Minimalism doesn’t mean zero colors but limited, often a few or less. A template makes choosing complementary colors and improving readability simple.

Your resume will look appealing without distracting clutter with a modern resume template.

10. Online Friendly

Even with the dominance of online applications, a resume needs to look good printed and on-screen. Templates are fantastic for making cohesive resumes, which benefit print readers and application software.

When creating a resume, you might make design choices that are dynamic in print form but are unreadable to application software. With a modern resume template, you can create a beautiful resume while retaining online readability.

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