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10 Reasons To Use a Professional Resume

During a job interview, the first impression you make sticks with the potential employer, so you want to put your best foot forward. 

To do this, you need to begin with a professional, creative, and compelling resume that stands out from the rest of the applicants. Your resume should tell a story about who you are, what talents and skills you possess, and why you would be a beneficial asset to the team. 

It can be quite daunting to build a resume, though. All of the information that needs to be included can become overwhelming. If you find this task a little too much, professional resume templates are a great way to build your resume in a unique yet organized way. Read on to learn more about how professional resume templates can help you land that dream job. 

Why Should I Use Professional Resume Templates?

If you are wondering how professional resume templates can help you build a better resume, we have some reasons that just might convince you. 

1. Organization

Every resume you send to a potential employer should be clear, organized, and appropriately filled out. Organized resumes make you appear professional and allow you to keep your thoughts organized. Resume templates help ensure that everything is where it should be and no important details are left out. 

2. First Impressions

The resume you send in is the first impression that a potential employer has of you. It highlights all of the important information that demonstrates why you can be a valuable addition to the team. Professional resume templates help you to showcase those talents and skills you possess to an employer.

3. Cast a Wide Net 

The majority of professional resume templates allow you to send out five resumes each day. You can update your resume quickly and add special customizations to each application you fill out. This gives you the ability to cast a wider net and get your resume out to more people in a shorter amount of time. 

4. No Special Experience Needed

Creating a resume with a professional template does not require any experience. They are easy to complete and generally offer step-by-step directions. If you happen to dislike the way it looks, the templates make modifications easy to do, making the process smoother for the average resume creator. 

5. Prioritize the Important Pieces

Every employer is different in terms of what they expect from potential employees. 

Accommodating these expectations is important, but understanding what matters to them most is critical. It’s crucial to highlight all of your important credentials and experiences. A template helps you figure out how to put these important pieces of information in the spotlight. 

6. Save Time

Creating a resume without a template takes a long time, and not everyone has a lot of time to spare. You can spend hours working on it, and end up with a final product that just will not cut it. 

Using a professional resume template helps you save time by providing everything you need. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and you are good to go with a solid resume. 

7. Employers Don’t Mind

Most of the time, employers do not mind if you use a resume template. You should tailor the template to make your resume a little more unique, though. 

Potential employers are aware that you are likely submitting resumes in more than one place. Templates are reliable and make sorting through resumes easier for hiring managers.  

8. It’s Free

Most of the time, you do not have to pay for a resume template. Many websites and services offer resume templates for free. This does not always mean that the template will look good, so make sure you look through it beforehand. 

9. Add Structure

Resume templates lay everything out in a structured manner. This structure takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and ensures that the resume you submit is the best that it can be. Employers appreciate a resume that follows a structured template. 

10. Get Creative

If you truly want your resume to stand out from the rest of the potential candidates, adding a bit of creativity in terms of appearance helps make yours memorable. Resume templates offer many different structures, fonts, colors, and layouts to help you make your resume unique. 

Remember where you are sending the resume, however, because too much creativity is not necessarily a good thing. Remain professional at all costs. 


Are you still trying to decide if you should use a resume template? That depends on your needs and abilities! A professional template is a great option if you are currently in the job market and are not well-versed in graphic design. 

Standing out and impressing hiring managers is the name of the game. Resume templates help you look professional and competent when applying for jobs.

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