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Find the Right Audio Engineering Resume Template for your Resume

This guide helps you update and create an impressive audio engineering resume through our featured resume templates and audio engineer resume samples.

Every resume sample is carefully chosen to highlight the key aspects of the role across types of organizations, functions and grades.

Use these audio engineering resume samples as inspiration to craft your own impactful resume and create a great first impression with the recruiters and hiring managers.

But, before we move forward, here are the premium audio engineering resume templates that you can download today.

When writing your resume, use the following audio engineer resume samples as inspiration and replace the content/text with your own experience in the company.

We’ve provided inspiration for the most important parts of an audio engineer’s resume: the resume objective, professional experience and skill sets.

Audio Engineer Resume Objective Example

1. As Senior Engineer I am responsible to bring my clients the best product and experience. My communications skills with producers and creative directors are excellent. Actors enjoy working with me because of my welcoming demeanor and quick editing skills. I have led numerous projects for large national campaigns on TV, radio, and web. I was the head engineer in a text to speech and voice recognition project for a high profile mobile company, in which high precision voice recordings and editing were a must.

2. Experienced Engineering Management and Design Professional experienced in Electro-Acoustics, High-End Audio, Consumer Audio, Automotive Audio and Racing simulator Companies in various capacities including Management, Design, R&D, Overseas and domestic Production Management, Product Redesign, Test Engineering Design.

3. My professional interests lay at the intersection of music, audio, computer programming, signal processing, and electronics. I hold a B.S. in electrical engineering. I’m a trained listener, and have a formal collegiate background in music theory. Past roles have involved audio production, music composition, sound design, mixing, software engineering, and rapid experience prototyping. Professionally, I have worked extensively with every major DAW, producing and mixing in a variety of formats including Ambisonics, binaural, 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos.

4. Experienced Hardware System Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the audio industry. Strong arts and design professional skilled in Operations Management, Audio Processing, SolidWorks, Sound, and Management.

5. An experienced sound engineer and operations officer with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry. Skilled in post production audio from sound design and editing to mastering and asset/file management. An expert in spectral repair fully endorsed with Izotope Software. A sound design professional specializing in all aspects of post production sound.

6. I am a master of audio/video technology and Information Technology Infrastructure on all platforms and have worked internships giving me the background of a TV Editorial Engineer, Audio Engineer & Broadcast Engineer. I have a deep passion for music and in that i learned how to record, mix, and master music professionally receiving my audio engineering certification at only 19 years old. I have recorded music for major label recording artist Solange Knowles, Fabolous, Jadakiss and PNB Rock. I recieved my CompTIA A+ certification through the training program NPower which is the industry standard certification for Information Technology Infrastructure.

7. I am an independent audio engineer building a career in the industry. I have been creating and producing original music for several years, and have a BSC in communications with a specialty in music-audio production from Ohio University. I have worked with recording bands, Foley sound, and have gained experience in live events and recording studios.

8. Principal Software Engineer with over 40 years of experience developing industry-leading interactive multimedia products. Experienced in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to push the limits of hardware, with dramatic marketing results.

9. Audio systems engineer experienced in call center and enterprise headset development. Lifelong passion of classical music ultimately culminated in the graduate thesis of modeling and digital sound synthesis of the harpsichord, thus combining facets of acoustics, digital signal processing, and music. Transferable quantitative and analytical skills have brought me to telecom headset development, where I have gained experience in headset design and testing, telephony standards, and audio DSP algorithms and parameter tuning.

Audio Engineer Skill Sets Examples

Voice Over recording, editing master, Foley / ADR / Sound Design / Sound FX, Sound Restoration (RX4 – iZotope), CALM Act compliance (Dolby Meter), Pro Tools 11 HDX / D-Control, Voxover – Voice Over Automation, System designer, Speaker calibration & acoustics, Foreign Language (Recording & Editing), Final Cut 7 & Media Composer, Engineering Management, Loudspeaker and Audio Equipment Design, R&D, PCB Layout, SMT, Prototype creation, Verification and Validation, Start-up infrastructure establishment, documentation, production training and support, production line setup, automated testing setup, test and measurement, test crew training, acoustic measurement room and listening room design and implementation.

Audio Engineer Professional Experience Samples

1. Senior Audio Engineer Resume Sample

  • Designed Multi Microphone Measurement System
  • Designed Laboratory High Current Low Voltage DC-Coupled Amplifier with Adjustable DC-Offset
  • Designed Li-Ion Battery Powered 15W Class-D Headphone Amp with Signal Processing for Moving
  • Magnet Tactile/Audio Headphone Transducer
  • Designed Prototype Subwoofer Loudspeaker Drivers
  • Designed and Implemented Automotive Amplifier Production-Line, Trained Production-Line Crew
  • Managed Product Testing, Failure Analyzes and Product Rework
  • Created and Implemented Test and Service Procedures for new and existing products
  • Redesigned Circuits to Improve Reliability
  • Extensive experience using Differential Pairs for RF Noise Suppression
  • Programmed Automatic Test Programs using Audio Precision and SoundCheck
  • Created Manuals for conducting End-User Technical Support
  • Qualified Anechoic chambers after construction
  • Voiced Loudspeakers and Sound Systems for Consumer Audio and Pro-Audio Companies
  • Designed Acoustically Treated Listening and Measurement Spaces using a variety of Treatment Techniques, Enabling in-house Acoustic Testing and Evaluation Capacity
  • Proven Design and Development experience in Analog and Digital Circuits, Battery operated devices, Power Supplies, Signal Conditioning, Communications, ESD protection, EMI reduction, Power Budgets and Thermal Management.
  • Designed and Installed A/V, Home Automation

2. Senior Acoustics Engineer Resume Sample

  • Responsible for specifying, designing and managing acoustics labs, consisting of 150Hz and 250Hz ECKEL anechoic chambers, listening rooms and measurement spaces with background noise playback; B&K HATS 4128-D, Pulse LAN-XI; G.R.A.S KEMAR , Ear and Cheek simulator 43AG; SoundCheck test software and hardware.
  • Worked closely with DSP programmers to develop loudspeaker protection algorithm using KLIPPEL data
  • Designed acoustic cellphone mockups and test enclosures using SolidWorks mechanical CAD, Sourcing MEMS microphones, micro-speakers and receivers
  • Designed and built prototype micro transducer for use in noise canceling applications. Patent application filed.
  • Designed noise canceling in-ear headphones. Patent application filed.
  • Designed headphone test enclosures
  • Designed custom Pinna with controlled adjustable leak with integrated acoustically invisible cellphone holder for B&K HATS 4128-D, based on the 4195.

3. Senior Audio Engineering Manager Resume Example

  • Managed recruited and staffed the Audio Engineering Group a multi discipline group that designed powered loudspeaker systems and loudspeaker transducers, personally voiced and tuned the systems
  • Voiced active headphones using KEMAR measurements as well as critical listening
  • Managed Mechanical Enclosure Design Using Sheet-metal, Extrusion, Casting and Injection Molding
  • Developed Innovative Enabling Technologies for new Groundbreaking Acoustic Transducers
  • Directed material and adhesive R&D for non-conventional materials and transducer designs
  • Responsible for successfully putting in place the lab infrastructure of the company, including electronics and acoustics labs, 3D printer, model, machine and wood shops, enabling in-house prototype capabilities
  • Created Test Sequences using SoundCheck, a Labview based test system
  • Designed and Optimized Listening Rooms and Acoustic Test Rooms utilizing Acoustic Room Treatments
  • Designed and Managed the Building of Proof-Of-Concept Prototypes and R&D Test Fixtures
  • Designed Audio and Control Electronics for Audio and Test Equipment

4. Senior Audio Engineering Resume Sample

Recording, mixing, and mastering services. Includes scalable solutions for live, variable location recording as well as a selection of world class studio environments. Offering clients a carefully selected array of analogue equipment and digital technology culled from over a decade spent networking and working in the music technology marketplace. Strong focus on projects in classical, chamber music, jazz, blues, and acoustic genres. Other work includes post production for film and video, voiceovers, multimedia content generation, and theatrical sound design.

Provide beta testing and consultation to microphone manufacturers on new product releases. Specializing in the use of traditional stereo microphone techniqes. Industry sponsorships include Rupert Neve Designs, SE Electronics, and Telefunken USA microphones. Expert level user in multiple platforms including Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase and Wavelab, Apple Logic, and third party VST and plugin software. Currently providing recorded samples featuring their ribbon and small diaphragm condenser microphones designed, to be featured on their website and social media campaigns.

5. Audio Restoration Engineer Resume Example

  • Evaluate, restore, repair, edit, master, and synchronize audio for DVD, film, HD, broadcast, CD and other purposes.
  • Consult and establish company guidelines, training programs, and technical standards and documents related to such. Conduct first round interviews for potential entry-level staff and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Supervise staff and projects from acquisition through delivery, including transfers, restoration, mixes and digital asset management.

6. Audio Engineering Resume Sample

  • Create, produce, and engineer podcasts.
  • Sound design and Supervision for scripted and non-scripted television.
  • Mix, edit, process, restore, and master audio for television, film, advertising, podcasts, and other purposes including full restoration and sound packages, coordination and supervision of facilities, editors and mixers.
  • Manage Projects from start to finish including providing estimates, creating budgets, job planning and strategy, client relationships, execution, invoicing, and hiring.
  • Manage daily operations including facility maintenance, equipment upkeep, software licenses, business licenses, light bookkeeping, money management, and client relationships.
  • Maintain and build studio workspaces including computer software and hardware installations, wiring, speaker installations, and acoustic spaces.
  • Troubleshoot and repair any issues related to operations and workflow.
  • Consult and train individuals in Pro Tools, Izotope RX, and overall production and sound quality strategies.
  • Provide mentorship and career strategies for individuals starting in the industry.
  • Produce, record, and mix music.

7. Audio Engineering Resume Example

  • Engineered recording sessions and directed voice talent
  • Lead Surround Mixer and Sound Design Engineer, operating the studios 5.1 mix room that I put together.
  • Established and maintained open lines of communication with clients and anticipated their needs.
  • Adapted translated scripts for timing, and lip sync.
  • Creation and implementation of Project Workflows
  • Production Planning / Scheduling for numerous simultaneous projects.
  • Daily Management of junior audio engineers and interns.
  • Installed and maintained studio equipment. Kept up to date with new equipment and plugins for future studio purchases.
  • Co-wrote company best practices and training manual for new hires and interns joining the team.

8. Audio Systems Engineer Resume Sample

  • Design and develop audio systems architecture.
  • Manage product audio specifications and lead product development to meet key telecom standards, such as TIA920, Microsoft Lync, and Microsoft Skype for Business.
  • Institute audio DSP parameter tuning (EQ, echo canceller, AGC, compander, noise reduction) for next generation call center and enterprise headsets, successfully delivering enhanced performance in audio quality.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams (acoustical, firmware, DSP engineering, product management), providing audio systems level feedback and direction.
  • Recognized as subject matter expert on Plantronics SoundGuard Digital algorithms, establishing design and calibration processes on next generation headsets developed on new platforms.
  • Initiated major revisions and enhancements to in-house tuning tool, fixing many existing bugs and significantly improving usability and efficiency.
  • Own and maintain in-house filter design tool, providing enhancements and improvements for filter design processes.
  • Conduct audio systems headset testing and validation, implementing tests for advanced algorithms and ensuring products meet required specifications.
  • Resolve audio-related customer issues, including traveling on-site to understand reported problems, identify root cause, and provide fixes.

9. Audio Engineering Resume Sample

  • Produce 2-track mix to video and satellite venues of live worship services; spoken messages, and music.
  • Record 2-track and multi-track copies of services/special events for archiving and later reproduction post mixes.
  • Record, edit, and mix special releases for worship CD/DVD and children’s projects.
  • Record VO’s and additional elements for video, promotional, and song projects.
  • Record, edit, and sweetened on location audio for video elements.
  • Archive and file management of recorded media.
  • Produce reference music files for musicians for rehearsal applications.
  • Develop & train volunteers in basic skills required for support.

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