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Our Basic resume templates have been designed to give you the edge when it comes to design.

10 Reasons To Use a Basic Resume

Whether you’re constructing your very first resume or you’re updating your current resume in preparation for applying to new job listings, you should consider using a basic resume template. Don’t just take our word for it; take these 10 reasons to use a basic resume template instead.

10 Reasons You Should Use a Basic Resume Template

From getting you through the initial application screening process to keeping things organized, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons to use a basic resume template below.

1. Less Distracting

A basic resume template keeps everything simple and straightforward, while others can create confusion and distract from the content. Taking your resume into your own hands to create fun, attractive fonts can actually take away from selling yourself, and that’s a main component of the resume.

You want the recruiter or hiring manager to see the resume and see your accomplishments. Seeing fun fonts or too many confusing columns can distract them from the actual content. That’s why using a basic resume template can help. It keeps things organized and directs the reader’s attention to what matters.

2. Aesthetics Won’t Get You the Job

While some creative resume templates look pretty, they don’t serve a specific purpose other than that. Yes, having your resume on colored paper or choosing bold, curly fonts might get recruiters or hiring managers to notice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll like what they see.

Ultimately, it’s better to play it safe–or basic in this case–when it comes to your resume. Odds are, a hiring manager doesn’t care about how the resume looks; they care about what it contains. Sticking to a basic resume template might be boring, but it’s probably the right choice because it gets straight to the information that the company wants to know.

3. It’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Friendly

Most companies, especially large-scale ones, typically use ATS when filtering through submitted resumes. The system can identify key words and phrases that the company wants to see when hiring a new employee.

Basic resumes are the key to success when considering this system. Other resumes, whether creative, colored, two-column or what have you, might throw the system for a loop because it’s not equipped to handle so many different template styles. Therefore, it cannot readily identify keywords even if you’ve included them.

4. It’s Less Likely to Get Tossed

A basic resume is especially desirable when applying to large-scale companies. Businesses that get tons of resumes look for any excuse to discard some. That reason might be your resume’s design. In this case, a varied resume template may come across as distasteful, distracting, or generally not the hiring manager’s preference; therefore, it will get tossed out.

Instead, a basic resume will keep you in the application process. It might look like an ordinary resume, similar to many others going through the process, but it doesn’t give the company an outright reason to dispose of it.

5. Companies Want Something Easy to Read

Companies do not want your latest masterpiece unless they explicitly ask for it in the application instructions. No, they want to see an outline of your achievements, and that’s it.

6. It’s Easy to Create on Your Own

Many companies will charge you over $100 at least to create a unique, eye-catching resume and even for a simple design. Instead, you can create an equally impressive resume on your own with a basic resume template. Tons of platforms offer basic resume templates without the high price and provide clearly stated headers for you to fill in your information.

7. Applying to Entry-Level Positions

It might be alright to switch up your resume format down the line once you have a few years of experience under your belt, but it’s a better idea to stick with something basic when you’re starting out.

Especially when choosing between a creative and a basic template, creativity might come across as inexperienced, and that’s the last thing you want when applying to your first job.

Sticking to a straightforward resume is the best way to go for beginners because it shows that you know what you’re doing. Plus, it’ll help you get through the ATS, which is crucial when searching for your first job.

8. It Provides the Essentials

The main focus of a resume should be your qualifications and experience; a basic resume template gives you that. A basic resume template gives you the format to follow to put in all your skills, education background information, experience, and contact information.

Some resume templates may add in additional sections that hiring managers don’t really need to know and don’t want to know. Since a resume is like an introduction of yourself to the company, you only want the important and desired information included.

9. It Keeps Things Professional

You might want to showcase your personality upfront and on paper with your resume, but that’s what the interview stages during the application process are for. Your resume is nothing more than a paper with your qualifications and relevant information. Yes, a resume is critical to get you through the door to an interview, but you don’t want to put all of your energy and personality into it.

Instead, use a basic resume template to give the company a taste of what you’re about, then wow them with your personality and experience in the interview stages after.

10. It Keeps Things Organized and Neat

Hiring managers, recruiters, and directors all scan for appropriate headings, leads, alignment, and other formatting specifics. Using a template that changes the format up or creates colored blocks of information will not pass the initial screening process, therefore not letting you continue through the application process.

With a basic resume template, you get everything you need format-wise, nothing more or less. Ultimately, this bolsters your chances of getting through that initial once-over.

Who Should Use a Basic Resume Template?

That depends on what kind of job you’re looking for, what the job application requirements are, and what position level you’re applying for. Using a basic resume template is always a good idea because it’s better to play it safe than be sorry later, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider your preferences either.

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