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Our Combination resume templates have been designed to give you the edge when it comes to design.

10 Reasons To Use a Combination Resume

The combination resume template, also known as the hybrid resume, is an increasingly popular option for job seekers.

The hybrid of the title comes from its hybridization of the two most popular resume formats: the chronological resume and the functional. Whereas the chronological resume format displays your work experience in reverse chronological order, the functional resume emphasizes skills and accomplishments over actual years hitting the pavement.

The combination resume brings the functional and chronological resumes together in one beautiful, well-beloved option. Typically, your skills show up at the top of this resume, followed by work history, followed by education.

The combination resume format is extremely popular today. Here are 10 reasons why you should use this format.

Shows Off What Sets You Apart

A combination resume takes everything that makes a functional resume so popular and removes all of its flaws.

Just like in a functional resume template, the combination resume template places your accomplishments and skills prominently at the top of your resume. This tells potential employers that you’re someone with ambition and achievements. Moreover, the skills and accomplishments section tells your future employer why you’re different from the usual crowd.

A resume is all about telling a convincing story: why you’re the only person who should be hired for the job at hand. Leading with skills and accomplishments is about revealing the X-factor that will make hiring you a decision your future employer won’t regret.

Appeals to Traditionalists

There are still many traditionalists in the world of hiring who believe that if you’re not showing your work experience, you’re hiding something. The functional resume format, which sprung up in response to the somewhat rigid demands of the chronological resume (which is good for consistent workers with lengthy work experience), was immediately met with scorn by the traditional hiring managers of the world.

The combination resume template splits the difference: you still show work experience, allowing everyone at the top who still remembers the good old days to take a breath and examine what kind of worker you really are.

Appeals to Hiring Managers With Modern Tastes

If the traditionalists among us demand work history, the modernists are looking for something more. They’re saying, “okay, you’ve worked for many years, but why? What does it mean to you?” Having a skills and accomplishments section at the top of your resume allows you to answer this question in style, while still appealing to the traditionalists.

Flexible Format

Unlike the somewhat rigid structure of the chronological resume template or the functional resume template, the combination resume allows for a good deal of flexibility in accordance with your work experience and accomplishments.

If you are a recent graduate or dropout currently seeking work, amp up your skills and accomplishments in a way that’s not possible with the chronological format while still showing off what little work experience you do have.

If you are someone with a long work history, it can still be to your advantage to use the combination resume. The combination resume can still show off your extensive work experience, but it allows you to also emphasize those things about you that rise above the number of years you’ve held a job.

In short, whether you’re old, young, or in-between, a combination resume is adapted to fit your experience.

Takes Pressure Off Work History

If you’re someone with a small amount of work experience or gaps in your work history, the combination resume template can be an excellent choice. Hiring managers often turn their noses up at resumes that seem to overtly hide the applicant’s work experience, and the combination resume puts your work history in shotgun next to your accomplishments without trying to hide them.

Most Important Info Comes First

The most important things about you can be put first in the combination resume. Your work experience, though important, typically only tells a part of the story. Awards that you’ve been given for outstanding work or, depending on your field, work outside of work can be even more important to some employers than your work history. The combination resume allows you to put what matters first.

Hides Your Flaws Without Hiding Them

Most job seekers have one or two areas of their professional experience they might consider flaws. Maybe they haven’t worked for a long time. Maybe they have very few accomplishments or extra awards. Using the combination resume format is flexible enough to allow you to put your flaws in second place. Have a lot of work experience but little else? You can put your skills and accomplishments section at the end of your resume.

Great For All Job Seekers, New and Seasoned

This goes along with what we’ve already said about the flexible format of the combination resume. All job seekers, whether new or seasoned, can benefit from the combination resume. This resume type adapts itself to future employees with any kind of background.

Hiring Managers Like This Format

More and more hiring managers are preferring this format, as it tends to give a picture of a full human being who is also a worker. Whereas the chronological resume format sometimes gives one the impression that the applicant is simply a work drone, the functional resume format can give the impression that the applicant is all puff and no pastry. The combination resume strikes the balance perfectly between the two.

Great For the Well-Rounded Worker

All in all, the combination resume format is a perfect format for the hard-working, earnest job seeker. Whether you’re someone with a good deal of experience in your field or a fresh face looking to break in, the combination resume is intended to give hiring managers the full picture of who you are.

If you want to show that you’re a person as well as a worker, the combination resume format is the format for you.

The Benefits of a Combination Resume

There are a lot of reasons to use a combination resume:

  • With your skills and accomplishments at the top, the combination resume shows off what sets you apart
  • Reduces, but doesn’t hide, the prominence of work history, especially if there are gaps
    This format isn’t too out there; it appeals to resume traditionalists as much as it does to those with more modern tastes

Who Should Use a Combination Resume Template?

All job seekers can benefit from the combination resume template. This format is highly adaptable: it’s good for the newbies and the traditionalists?

Combination Resume Template

In the end, a resume shows off who you are while appealing to the values of the hiring manager. In our humble estimation, the combination resume can do both of these in style. Whether you’ve never made a resume before or are looking for a new resume format to give some spice to the job search, the combination resume template is well worth your consideration.

Work hard, live well, and good luck!

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