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10 Reasons To Use A Corporate Resume Template

Job hunting can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re unsure what employers are looking for. If you find that you’re not getting any responses from the companies you’re applying to, consider revamping your resume. Resume writing is an art form, and making sure you have a strong resume is the number one way to ensure your application stands out from the rest.

Why You Should Use a Corporate Resume Template

Employers see hundreds of applications per hiring period and will often have to make snap decisions on who gets called in for an interview-based solely on what their resume looks like. Using a corporate resume template will make your resume writing much more accessible and help boost your chances of getting that initial call back.

Here are a few of the critical benefits of using a corporate resume template.

When you have a guideline to follow, creating your resume will be faster and easier than starting from scratch. There are plenty of corporate resume templates available online to easily substitute your information into the template to create your resume.

Your education and accolades are paramount; many employers and corporations are more interested in your practical work experience. According to employers, having the most critical information in the top portion or “above the fold” of your resume will increase your chances of your application getting pushed forward to the next stage of the hiring process.


Using a template catered towards corporate roles will ensure that you prioritize the information that employers are most interested in seeing.

Catering your resume to the experience level required for the position can be tricky. If your resume shows you’re too experienced for an entry-level position, that may turn employers away from you. Using a template can help you cater your resumes to the position to give you the best chance at getting the job.

If you’re looking at an entry-level position, you can prioritize listing your education and academic achievements to give the employer an idea of where you excel.

If a corporation is looking to hire people with expertise in their industry, you will need to highlight and emphasize your work experience as early in your resume as possible to stand out amongst the other candidates.

Templates are designed to give you a base to build off of to create a solid foundation. You don’t want your resume to look like you’ve copy and pasted your information onto a generic resume template. Take the time to personalize the template so that employers can see that you’re willing to put in the effort to get the job.

While having a generic resume that you can send out to multiple companies can seem convenient, it can also hinder your chances during the hiring process. Creating a resume catered to the company and position you are applying to shows care and attention to detail to make a good impression with prospective employers. 


Going the extra mile to cater your resume to the role you’re applying to will make your resume stand out against the list of generic resumes that the company has received and make you look better. Using a template makes it easy to switch around information and make changes to cater your resume for the company and role that you are applying to.

When submitting your application to a company, you want to show the employers the absolute best version of yourself. Taking the extra time to highlight your knowledge of the company and the role you’re applying for will help demonstrate your dedication and determination in the earliest stages of the hiring process.

Having a template or guideline established for your resume means that you can focus on the more critical details of your job application.


One of the major mistakes many people make when creating their resumes is relying too heavily on buzzwords that they think will impress employers. Phrases like “demonstrated experience with” and “proven ability to” are often overused and do not give employers a fundamental idea of what you have to offer.


When talking about your work experience or listing your achievements in other roles, you need to understand showing versus telling. This concept can be difficult to grasp on paper, but it all lies in one simple rule: be specific. Instead of claiming that you have proven sales experience, give a particular—and verifiable—example of how you’ve demonstrated that you have sales experience. 


For example, you could point to your sales record, whether that be as a top performer on commissioned sales or any other sales-related accolade you’ve received. Just make sure that you can back up these claims, as employers will check to verify the claims you make on your resume and in interviews.

A good resume can go a long way in helping make you look like a better candidate. Using a corporate resume template and looking at examples of good versus bad resumes can help you avoid common mistakes many applicants make.


Remember, to get the job; you will need to market yourself as an asset to the company. Use your resume as an offer to employers and let them know what you can bring to the role if you are selected. Employers will be much more responsive to candidates that can clearly and specifically point to the assets they have that will benefit the company.

Another common mistake many people make is when they get too elaborate with their resumes. You want your resume to stand out for the right reasons. Unless you are applying for a design-specific position, having an elaborately designed overview can toe the line between being eye-catching and gaudy. When using a large corporation, you should focus on keeping your resume looking clean and professional.

Using a template can help you decide what to include and what your resume should look like.

Using a corporate resume template, you can make sure that you include relevant, specific examples of your assets and what you can offer to the company, and your position will help give companies insight on why they should hire you.

Corporate Resume Templates: In Conclusion

Applying for jobs can be a daunting experience, especially when you’re struggling to get responses from employers. Ensuring that you have a resume that is catered to the job and qualities that your employer is looking for will help you get the attention of employers and push your applications closer to the front of the line. 

Now that you have a better idea of what to include and avoid when creating your resume, you will be one step closer to securing the job of your dreams.

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