Java Developer Resume: Samples, Templates and Examples

Java developers still remain very much in demand by many companies across the country and internationally. And so, it's important to keep your resume updated.

Now, whether you're searching for a new job or just want to update your resume, presentation matters. It's important for the resume template to reflect your personality. 

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How To Write A Java Developer Resume

Are you just starting out in your career as a Java developer, a junior Java developer or are you a full-stack Java developer looking for a change?

Whatever be your current status, we've compiled samples and many examples for you to get inspired and take a cue about writing your own resume, once you've downloaded one of our popular resume templates.

Career / Professional Summary

  1. I have been working with Java for more than eight years, I have two years doing architecture functions and I have 4 years as Java Technical Leader. In my all experience I have worked with different Java Web Frameworks and I have strong experience with J2EE (JPA, EJB, JDBC, Servlets, Spring, Struts, Java Server Faces).
  2. Software Development experience working on Object Oriented Analysis and Design in the areas of Designing, Implementing and Testing Enterprise in Java/J2EE and Web Services based Large Scale Distributed Applications.
  3. A Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in design and development of Java applications with an expertise in leading modules from design phase to development cycle and carrying it over to deployment phase. Experienced in developing application frameworks, establishing foundations and standards for code development. Experienced in designing and developing web services and micro services. Experienced in various process methodologies and pro agile.
  4. I am a full-stack developer with experience in Java, Spring, Glassfish, Angular JS, and many other client side technologies. I have enjoyed tinkering with other technologies such as Android, Node JS and Bash.
  5. 7+ years of experience in analysis, design and development of various multi-tiered architecture based enterprise applications using Java and J2EE technologies. Developed Java programs to interact with logic apps, function apps, app service and web jobs in Azure. Experience in developing Microservices following architecture principles. Taken complete ownership from Design to Delivering high quality, scalable, resilient and secure container based Microservices using Docker.
  6. Experienced information technology (IT) professional who helps organizations dissolve their problems. Accomplished software developer with years of hands-on experience of the full software development life cycle. A self-starter who enjoys working with dynamic software development teams (agile and traditional), as well as heads down coding to software specifications.

Key Skills' Examples

  • Java EE
  • Java FX
  • EJB
  • JPA
  • Java Swing
  • Java AWT
  • Javascript
  • Ice Faces
  • Ext JS
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • PL/SQL
  • Webservices
  • Hibernate
  • Spring Framework
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Boot
  • Amazon S3
  • Angular JS
  • Java8
  • JavaServer Pages

Professional Experience / Employment History Samples

  • Defined vision, goals, strategy and execution of test automation process.
  • Planned, designed and created a brand new maven project (from the ground up) for back-end tests using TestNG, Rest-Assured and Hamcrest by implementing the builder pattern. Using these libraries and the builder pattern reduced the number of lines of test code enormously.
  • Worked on the development and testing of the infotainment module using Agile (SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC including requirements gathering, design and analysis of the software specifications, development and customization of the application.
  • Involving in requirements gathering, analysis, design, and documentation of the application.
  • Worked on back-end web development and design using Java/J2EE applications (Java 1.8, REST Services, Spring Boot, API/Microservices, Maven, Jenkins, Web Services, JIRA, Docker).
  • Design and development of Microservices using Spring Boot, REST API and document it using swagger.
  • Used version control Git and JIRA for tracking work in agile workplace.
  • Responsible for developing Microservices using Test Driven Development and Pair Programming in a DevOps environment using Spring Boot.
  • Used Spring Webflux and migrated applications from servlet to reactive API.
  • Used Annotations for Spring DI, Auto wiring and Spring MVC for REST API s and Spring Boot for Microservices.
  • Production deployments on AWS cloud using services like Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, EC2, S3.
  • Implemented Text notifications feature for urgent pending actions for the user.
  • Developed CRUD REST API using POST, GET, PUT and DELETE methods.
  • Deployed Spring Boot based micro services into Docker container using Amazon EC2 container services.
  • Developed API for using AWS Lambda to manage the servers and run the code in the AWS.
  • Responsible for the analysis, documenting the requirements and architecture of the application based on J2EE standards.
  • Developed server side application to interact with database using Spring Boot, Hibernate framework and micro service architecture.
  • Used Hibernate Criteria API to query the database and perform other CRUD operations.
  • Used Rest Controller in spring framework to create RESTful Web services and JSON objects for communication.
  • Interacted with Kafka using spring kafka, spring cloud and created Topics, ACLS and Consumer Groups.
  • Used Spring Cloud and Schema registry to create and register schemas.
  • OAUTH is used to secure the communication between the applications interacted using REST web services.
  • Designed and developed OAuth2.0 Single Sign-On using Spring Security.
  • Developed test classes in JUnit and used Mockito for unit testing.
  • Used GIT for version control tool for merging branches and used Source tree to solve conflicts.

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