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Front End Web Developer Resume Samples and Examples

1. Frontend Developer

  • Convert PSD into Bootstrap 4 based Responsive WordPress themes.
  • Use Slick carousel, Layer slider, Contact form 7, Google fonts, Font-awesome, VeeValidate, minified files, semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for best results and fast loading.
  • Add https and plugins to increase security website.
  • Provide quickly understandable, easily maintainable and user-friendly WordPress solutions.
  • Working with a multi-disciplinary team to convert business needs into technical specifications.
  • Thorough Unit Testing, Integration Testing, QA and Browser compatibility of the work.
  • Use Owl carousel, Layer slider, Google fonts, Font-awesome, Semantic HTML5 and CSS3 for best results & fast loading.
  • Thorough QA and browser compatibility of the work.
  • Observing traffic, page views, and users’ behavior on a website and improving content.
  • Implementing best SEO practices to improve website’s presence on Google Search Engine’s Pages on competitive keywords
  • Technical Writing (Customer Focused and Technician Focused Manuals).
  • Using Content Management Systems Including Rise360, Articulate, Story Line, WordPress CMS, Camtasia, Adobe Illustrator, RoboHelp, Photoshop CS6, and more.

2. Lead Front End Developer

  • Ownership of our SPA codebase built with React and Nivo.
  • Development of all static client-side content using NextJS.
  • Designing technical specs and requirements used across the engineering team.
  • Developing our user authentication system using Context API.
  • Developing responsive interfaces using Flexbox, Styled Components, and CSS Grid.
  • Manage the work and projects of two frontend developers.
  • Review other developers code for best practices, code standardization and design patterns.
  • Ensure projects are completed in a timely manner, as we are working on revenue-sensitive tasks that need to be completed quickly.

3. Junior Front End Web Developer

  • Engineered new tools and features for multiple apps.
  • Created mockups and prototypes with user-centered design.
  • Front end development with HTML, SCSS, & Angular 2+.
  • Created internal merchandising app which included integrating 3rd party package (AG-Grid Enterprise).
  • Manipulated JSON data supplied from APIs and microservices.
  • Researched solutions, debugged and creatively problem solved.
  • Collaborated with a remote team and attended daily scrum.

4. UI-Focused Front End Software Engineer

  • Gathered requirements, participated in conversations, prepared MVP Dashboard mocks and deliverables with Dashboard Director of Operations with weekly feedback loops.
  • Agreed on and enforced coding practices via both coding standards documents and editor configs.
  • Fully developed numerous reusable Redux subscribed isolated components, allowing for testing in both isolation and composed.
  • Proposed and implemented branching, CI, release environments, tag release and deployment strategies.
  • Recommended and assisted in conversion of custom components to Material UI Framework, correctly containing and composing all framework components, providing mobile-readiness at all phases.
  • Isolated and fixed previously unknown, unreproducible, production-specific issues with WebPack production build optimization.
  • Transformed API datasets to structured consumable JSON data for individual components’ library use.
  • Integrated custom solutions for new feature toggles and dark releasing.
  • Full configuration of Jest, Jest Dom with React Testing Library.
  • Incorporated React Hooks with gradual adoption / migration strategy.
  • Migrated major class-based containers to Redux connected functional component containers, allowing for compatibility with newer functional component libraries, while introducing react-redux hooks into newer containers to maintain React Redux global state management.
  • Performed full codebase code-mod upgrade to latest version of Material UI, debugging and fixing all non-standard MUI theme-provider HOC and compositional usages.
  • Executed several regular and late phase performance tuning and audit checks.

5. Senior Front End Developer

  • Converted legacy and Angular 1.X applications to Angular 6 by rewriting the business logic.
  • Leveraged AEM for content and also to communicate with backend systems through servlets.
  • Developed common/shared modules that could be used by all payment flow modules across the application.
  • Performed unit testing using Jasmine and Karma test runner to ensure maximum code coverage.
  • Developed flag based features to mitigate prod crisis. Flags are authorable and served from AEM.
  • Worked on legacy applications by rewriting logic to improve performance.
  • Fixed functional and cosmetic issues.
  • Involved in identifying dependencies and prioritizing deliverables. Participated in quarterly planning and weekly grooming sessions.

6. Junior Front End Web Developer

  • Built the new dashboards page for analytics purposes. Users were able to pin charts, create/edit/delete dashboards, favorite a board, etc.
  • Enhanced the already existing relative and absolute time period support for time selection for charts in the product.
  • Added product wide timezone support using libraries like momentjs and moment-timezone.
  • Introduced permissions and sharing mechanisms on the frontend, as a part of the Role-Based Access Control security feature, to control what users can see on the application.
  • Designed and developed a feature to schedule emails for boards. Users can now schedule emails for boards to go out to recipients at a fixed time.
  • Developed the ability to filter parameters on Dashboards so different users with access to dashboards can view results for the same queries using different parameters.
  • Worked on Charting functionality involving time series charts, bar charts, etc, developed in house.

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