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  • Includes 1-page, 2-page and 3-page resume templates.
  • ATS Friendly
  • Includes Cover Letter and References Template
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Option for those who already possess a dynamic resume.

Specific details of your personal intangible assets and qualities are extracted from your Resume Clinic Interview Form as well as telephone consultation and eloquently translated on paper to provide dynamically focused cover letter sure to give the reader a clear picture of unique contributions you bring to the table.

Cover letter is provided as a personalized template so that you can edit the detail of each submission for each employer (which is a must!)

Next Business Day Service: additional 50% of the cost of the project.

Weekend Service: additional 75% of the cost of the project.

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2 reviews for Marketing Specialist Resume

  1. Abel Noble

    Good! Very easy to use and Classy

  2. Amery Thor

    I loved this clean layout and provided the perfect template for what I needed. More importantly, I got the job!

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