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Find the Right Two-Column Resume Template for Your Resume

Our Basic resume templates have been designed to give you the edge when it comes to design.

Ten Reasons to Use a Two-Column Resume Template

Perfection should be your main aim when creating a resume.

Unfortunately, with the many resume formats available, perfection is easier said than done. One of the most contradicting areas of a resume is the column. Some people prefer to use one-column templates, while others use two-column ones.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using the two-column templates in your next resume.

They are More Attractive

Since two-column resumes aren’t commonly used, your resume looks unique and attractive. Additionally, the resume looks modern and gives a better visual balance of the various parts of the resume.

Employers can easily spot the academic qualifications, skills, and accomplishments, among other areas of the resume. This resume raises your chances of getting a job, especially if the person making the decision needs to break a tie.

Direct to The Point

When you have a two-column resume, you have limited working space. For this reason, you are likely to make good use of the space available by entering only that which is completely necessary.

In addition, you eliminate all irrelevant information in the resume, such as irrelevant job experiences or unnecessary photos. This way, the resume reads better and is more convincing.

You also prove to the employers that you are professional. Some of the details that you can exclude from the resume and make good use of the space available are:

  • Dates of other events other than your work experience dates
  • Details that show your age
  • Photos of yourself; this creates room for either intentional or unintentional discrimination.
  • Irrelevant social media links
  • Your address
  • Large blocks of texts
  • They are Easier to Scan
  • When details are in two columns, it is easier for you to organize your work.

Remember that the recruiters will look at several resumes. For this reason, you need a resume that they can easily scan and spot all the details they need to determine whether you qualify for the job.

Therefore, organize the work in two columns and ensure that those hiring can quickly scan through the necessary parts of the resume without having to read the whole document.

You Have Improved Flexibility

In a one-column resume, all the information you include in the resume might look compressed.

In this case, it is tricky to have the necessary formats you may want to incorporate, such as bold, among others.

With a two-column resume template, your work is better organized, giving you room to add some of the formats you may need. It also makes the resume more attractive.

Here are some of the formats that you may consider adding inside your resume:

A font size of 10, 11, or 12.

Margins should be more than 0.5 inches all along.

Have consistent punctuation. For instance, if you use periods at the end of your bullets, ensure that this is consistent all around.
Use italic, bold, and underline to make the document easier to read.
It is Easier to Keep Your Resume on One Page
A lengthy resume is a disadvantage since it may appear too long to the employer. If they are already tired of reading other resumes, coming across one that is more than a page long may make them develop a negative attitude about it even without reading.

With a two-column resume, you will have the information on the same page, and the work will look neat and organized.

Gives You a Chance to Show Your Design Skills

When using a two-column resume, you need good design skills to look neat and organized. Suppose you are applying for a job where you need to use your design skills; having such a resume will be an added advantage.

In addition to the design experience you have mentioned in the resume, your employer will see that you are good at designing based on how your two-column resume looks.

Therefore, ensure that you prove your professionalism in design by designing a two-column resume that everyone will want to work with the person who designed it.

Have Shorter Reading Time

As mentioned earlier, since there is limited space in a two-column resume, you must be as concise as possible.

You only include the necessary information, meaning that the word count in a two-column resume is less than in a one-column resume. Employers are more likely to love a resume since they spend a short time on it, unlike others where they have to spend a lot of time grasping the information.

They are Up-To-Date and Unique

Generally, less than 3% of the applicants will use two-column resumes. For this reason, even before an employer starts looking at your resume, they can already anticipate that you have a one-column resume.

Therefore, coming across something unique such as a two-column resume will make them more interested in the resume since you give them what they least expected. Furthermore, if the recruiter was already tired of reading other resumes, they might develop some interest in reading your resume since it is something new.

Therefore, draw attention to your resume using a two-column resume and make it more appealing to the employer.

Some Employers Recommend It

In some cases, the choice of the column you use is not up to you. Instead, the employer has already instructed you on the kind of resume they expected.

If your recruiter expects you to have a two-column resume, you have no choice but to deliver exactly that. This is common if you are applying for a job as an IT expert or a graphic designer.

If you are not sure how to create a two-column resume, ask an expert to help you. The potential employer will most likely use the resume to disqualify you, especially if they specifically asked for a two-column resume.

Two-Column Resumes are Cleaner

When writing a one-column resume, it is tricky to format and space the resume as you would wish to. If you are not careful, you might end up with a resume that doesn’t catch the reader’s attention.

For this reason, some people prefer two-column resumes since they make it easier for you to present neat and clean information.

How Do You Write a Two-Column Resume?

When creating the two-column resume, focus more on the information you find most relevant and let it be near the top. After you write your name and contact information, determine which information shall go on which column.

You can highlight the most relevant details in the resume based on the job you’re applying for. Make sure that the first column is full before you move over to the next column. This will make the resume look neat and well organized without unnecessary gaps in between.


Sure, determining whether to write a one-column or two-column resume for you to secure a job is easier said than done.

There are many reasons why you may opt for a two-column resume, as mentioned above. However, before you consider this resume, determine whether your employer is against any resume so that you do not lose the chance because of not following instructions.

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