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Our photo resume templates have been designed to give you the edge when it comes to design.

10 Reasons to Use a Resume Template with a Photo

In today’s online job search, it can be challenging to stand out no matter how qualified you are for a position. A poorly written and designed resume can quickly end up in the recycle bin. How do you get your resume to stand out?

Photos are easy to add to any resume. But should you use them? In this article, we’ve highlighted 10 reasons to use a resume template with a photo. We’ll also provide tips on taking a great resume photo and advice on when not to use a photo with your resume.

Best Practices When Taking a Resume Photo

If you’ve decided to add a photo, you should follow these simple steps to ensure your photo is professional. An unprofessional photo or poorly shot photo could cause employers to skip over your resume. Luckily, taking the perfect resume photo is easy and can be done with your smartphone.

Dress professionally. A suit is not required but won’t hurt.
Frame the photo from the waist up and face forward.
Minimize your hair and makeup style for the photo.
Keep facial gestures neutral. (Smiles are acceptable)
Don’t use a selfie. Use a camera tripod or have someone else take the photo.
Use the same photo for your resume, LinkedIn, and other professional networks.

Your resume photo should resemble a passport photo and not a Facebook selfie. Keeping your image professional will ensure more potential employers remember your resume.

10 Reasons to Use a Resume Template with a Photo

Now that you understand how to take the best photo for your resume template, let’s discuss why it is helpful. Resume photos can be used for a variety of jobs and careers. They can help you quickly grab a recruiter’s attention and help you stand out in the crowd.

A photo can make introductions and first impressions easier as well. Below, we’ve highlighted 10 reasons to use a resume template with a photo.

Get More Attention by Using a Photo

People are drawn to images. A professional photo can quickly grab attention and make your resume stand out. Use a professional image that is appropriate for the career you are applying to.

Photos Make Applying for Overseas Jobs Easier

Many countries encourage photos on resumes. Adding a photo to your overseas application can significantly improve your chances of employment. Feel free to add an image to any application for positions in Asia, Africa, The Middle East, South America, and Asia.

You should avoid adding a photo to applications for positions in The United States, Ireland, and The United Kingdom. These countries have strict anti-discrimination and labor laws.

Many corporations will ignore any resume with a photo to avoid breaking these laws. While there are exceptions, we advise avoiding using a photo on most resumes in these countries.

Photo Resumes Save Employers Time

Any employer will inevitably search online for your social media accounts in today’s market. Even if you don’t have a photo, your potential employer will spend time researching you online. A picture makes it easier to locate and verify you and your social media accounts.

Build Your Brand

Are you in a creative field? Adding a photo can be an excellent way to get your resume to stand out. From authors to musicians, people naturally attach a face to their work.

Over time, building a brand for your creativity can do wonders for your career. All types of creative positions can benefit from using a resume template with a photo.

Make First Impressions and Meetings Easier

First impressions and meetings are always stressful. A photo on your resume gives potential employers an instant first impression. Ensure your photo is professional, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Applying for Modeling, Acting, or Musician Jobs

Many jobs will require a photo. Most modeling or acting positions will require professional headshots. A photo shows your employer that your style and personality match the job.

While not necessary for musicians, adding a photo will give venue owners and promoters more info about your band. A great band photo can make or break your next gig.

Easy to Match a Face with a Name

A recruiter or hiring manager might interview hundreds of potential employees. A photo on your resume can make it easier for them to remember you after an interview.

When they see your photo on the resume, it will be easier for them to recall the interview. This can give you an edge over other applicants that didn’t make as good an impression.

A Good Photo Can Help You Stand Out

Humans naturally react to visuals. A well-done professional photo can make all the difference and help you stand out. Of course, a bad photo can do the opposite.

Stick to the best practices outlined above when taking a resume photo, and you’ll have no problem standing out when applying for any position.

Use a Photo that Matches the Job
Do you work in a specialized field? Feel free to use a photo of you in your area of expertise. From doctors to architects, you can use a resume with photos to show you active in your field of expertise.

Photos Build Trust

A photo resume can quickly build trust with a potential employer. If the photo on your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile match, you will gain trust with the hiring manager or recruiter.

In today’s world of fake accounts and spam email, trust can be hard to come by for any employer. Help them verify you’re a real candidate by using matching professional photos.

Cons to Adding a Photo to Your Resume

Unfortunately, there are many reasons you shouldn’t use a resume template with a photo. A photo can be used to discriminate. Whether intentional or not, hiring managers often have biases that can affect your chances of getting hired.

While illegal, unintentional bias based on your gender, age, race, religion, or other factors can occur. A photo can cause a recruiter to ignore your resume based on the photo.

Photos are discouraged when applying for most jobs in The United States, UK, and Ireland. As mentioned, these countries have strict labor laws. That being, many corporations will automatically avoid any resume with a photo to comply with these laws.

Most hiring managers spend about seven seconds looking at a resume. They may miss your qualifications while looking at your photo. Other recruiters may find a photo unprofessional, or the picture could distract from your skills.

Alternatives to Adding a Photo to Your Resume

What should you do if you don’t want to add a photo to your resume but still want to make an impact? There are many options to safely provide a photo of you that can highlight you and your personality.

Whether you are worried about discrimination or would prefer not to add a photo, these are some of our favorite alternatives.

Add a link to your personal LinkedIn profile.

  • Provide a link to your personal website or online portfolio.
  • Add your personalized logo to the resume.
  • Link to your profiles on industry-specific websites.
  • Links to professional or business social media accounts.
  • Final Thoughts on Resumes with Photos

Photos can be used to enhance any resume. They can effectively get you noticed and help a hiring manager remember you after an interview.

Photos can help you build trust with an employer as well. There are many reasons you should consider using a resume template with a photo.

Adding a photo to your resume has a wide range of benefits. However, it could also hurt your chances with some employers.

We hope our guide on resume templates with photos can help you make an educated decision. Good luck on your job hunt!

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