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Find the Right Elementary Teacher Resume Template for your Resume

Are you at a cusp of exploring new job opportunities or just updating your elementary teacher resume? Either way, we’ve got you covered.

This guide has our most popular elementary teacher resume templates for you to download and customize today.

All our resume templates are fully customizable in Microsoft Word on a PC or a Mac. These resume templates are ATS friendly and will help you create that lasting first impression on the hiring manager or the recruiter.

Then if you read further along, you will find resume samples and examples that will help you craft your own impressive resume.

These samples are from real elementary teachers from across the country that are employed in their dream jobs. Use these featured resume samples as an inspiration.

Now that you’ve gone through our most popular elementary teacher resume templates and hopefully, downloaded one, below you’ll find all the inspiration you need to craft your impressive and impactful resume.

First off, we’ll highlight the elementary teacher resume objectives, key skills and thereafter professional experience examples.

Elementary Teacher Resume Objectives

1. Accomplished educator with exemplary leadership skills. Highly experienced in presenting, cultivating positive relationships, teacher mentoring, intervention and instructional strategies, analyzing student data, and organizing team projects.

2. Elementary school teacher and former learning consultant with a company that specialized in literacy and reading comprehension. Skilled in grammar, literacy, proofreading, teaching, and coaching. Education professional with two Masters of Education (M.Ed.) focused in Elementary Education and another in Teaching of Students with Moderate Disabilities, both from Lesley University.

3. Hard-working and accomplished professional with extensive experience implementing plans, delivering instruction, and managing multiple projects simultaneously. Possesses well- developed interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills. History of successful interaction and leadership within diverse groups. Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline- driven environment.

4. Adaptive educator seeking to apply expertise and extensive experience in the educational technology field. History of creating a lasting impact by implementing professional development and conducting data analysis to better serve teachers and students. Excellent communication skills that foster meaningful relationships. Passionate about education and providing a collaborative learning approach for both teachers and students. Eager to use my skill set to take on a new challenge and motivated for an opportunity to continue to support education.

5. Goal-orientated individual with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Highly committed and organized with experience designing exciting and hands-on learning activities with a multitude of teaching strategies. Self-starter with strong capabilities to perform individually or in as a value-added team player in ever-changing environments.

6. Teaching 3rd graders during a pandemic has taught me invaluable skills that I am eager to use in my future career. This role has truly taught me what it means to be adaptable and innovative when it comes to problem solving. I am often using critical thinking skills to figure out how I can best serve my students from diverse abilities. As an educator, I best understand what humans need to succeed. I understand what motivates humans and I use strong interpersonal skills to team up with my students and colleagues to produce success. I am currently looking for a position where I am able to exercise my problem solving and interpersonal skills in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

7. I am a third grade inclusion teacher in Public School in MA with experience working with students with IEPs and English Language Learners. My duties as teacher includes lesson planning, data-driven analyses on academic progression of my students, teaching content in Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop and Pearson Investigation. I also attend school-wide and district-wide professional development classes aimed in improving my teaching practice.

Key Skills for Elementary Teachers

  • Professional
  • Communication
  • Team Cooperation
  • Time and Behavior
  • Management
  • Training and
  • Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Data Analysis
  • Conflict-Resolution
  • Performance Optimization
    Well Organized

Professional Experience Samples for Elementary School Teachers

1. Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

  • Member of the PLC cadre
  • PLC facilitator for fourth grade team
  • Lead professional development
  • 40+ hours of after school, title-1 tutoring
  • Recruiter for Elementary School District
  • Member of Leadership Cohort

2. Elementary School Teacher Resume Example

  • Taught reading and math lessons for grades 3rd-5th after school for Catapult Learning Program
  • Taught during intervention programs
  • Taught ESL lessons for bilingual students
  • Created innovative lessons plans
  • Analyzed performance data
  • Tutored at-risk youth
  • Helped students achieve academic growth
  • Taught standardized testing prep classes

3. Elementary School Teacher Resume Sample

  • Collaborate with the first grade team to create developmentally appropriate lesson plans.
  • Implement lesson plans for all academic areas based on the South Carolina Teaching Standards.
  • Individualize lessons and differentiated instruction according to students’ interests, strengths and needs.
  • Conduct parent-teacher conferences.
  • Administer Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing.

4. Elementary Teacher Resume Sample

  • Selected from 44,000 applicants to serve in a national service corps committed to serving under-sourced communities.
  • Collect and analyze student data and use results to target academic needs in the classroom.
  • Collaborate with 3 other third grade teachers to create lesson plans and assignments for diverse skill levels in the classroom.
  • Engage in a full schedule of professional development on topics such as leadership, management, and diversity inclusiveness.

5. Elementary Teacher Resume Example

  • Teaching third-grade students in an inclusion classroom setting using data-informed instructional approach.
  • Developing and teaching lessons from Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Reading and Writing and Lexington’s Math Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Leading daily guided reading groups for struggling readers, grade level readers, and high-performing readers.
  • Collaborating with grade-level team to design data-driven lesson plans in literacy, writing, math, social studies that align with Common Core State Standards.
  • Engaging in school-wide and district-wide professional development aimed to improve teaching practices.
  • Participating in weekly common planning time designed to prepare cognitively-demanding lessons, assignments, and enrichment learning activities.
  • Preparing classroom space to be conducive to developmentally appropriate learning.
  • Evaluating student progression academically through use of formative and summative assessments.
  • Working with learning specialist in creating lessons that meets student’s individual needs through IEPs and 504 Plans.

6. Elementary School Teacher Resume Sample

  • Developed and implemented engaging creative arts and thematic unit lessons based on the Common Core Curriculum Standards.
  • Collaborated with four other first grade teachers to evaluate student data and create appropriate adjustments to instruction.
  • Maintained a classroom environment aimed at achieving maximum learning efficiency and personal safety.
  • Integrated technology in all lesson plans to engage and prepare for technology enriched future.
  • Developed age-appropriate lesson plans and directed classroom instruction in all subject areas.
  • Prepared weekly newsletters to encourage open communication with parents.

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