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Find the Right Biomedical Engineering Resume Temaplate

Updating your biomedical engineering resume isn’t an upheaval task, but it does require you to focus on two core aspects: the content of the resume and how it’s presented.

The latter is easily taken care of. How? Just take a look at some of our featured biomedical engineer resume templates below and download the one that reflects your personality best.

And for the former, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most effective resume samples from biomedical engineers that are employed across the country at various levels and roles.

Create a great first impression on the hiring manager and/or the recruiter with these resume templates and then writing an impactful resume, inspired by our biomedical engineering resume samples.

Biomedical Engineering Resume Objective Samples

1. I am a Biomedical Engineer with 10 years of research experience in designing, executing and troubleshooting experimental research in plastics and biomaterials. I enjoy learning about industry and research trends which facilitate my technical innovation skills to thrive and be productive.

2. Experienced Biomedical Engineer and Research Assistant with a demonstrated history of laboratory, technical-design work, and technical advising. Skilled in Programming, Data Analysis, Public Speaking, and Product Design. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor’s focused in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics & Statistics from Stony Brook University.

3. Dedicated and results-oriented with 8+ years of experience in analytical development and research. I am an accomplished analytical scientist with a passion for early and late-stage product development and team building, multidisciplinary research, and providing innovative solutions for technical challenges with demonstrated resource allocation and cost reduction skills.

4. I’m passionate about understanding the details – from how biomaterials such as collagen and silicated ceramic interact with the body, to the mechanisms of differentitation of different cell types – I love to dive in to these fascinating processes. Through my research in academic and industry labs, I’ve had lots of hands-on experience characterizing biomaterials and biological products to understand how they’ll affect the body.

5. As a highly innovative and motivated Biomedical Engineer with a strong background in biopharmaceuticals and product design, I am excited to use my highly transferable skills in the medical technology and laboratory science sector. With extensive experience in biological research, product development and design, teaching/instruction, and familiarity with laboratory environments, I feel confident in my ability to perform at the highest level and make an impact.

6. Experienced Biomedical Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry and research setting. Skilled in Fusion360, Statistical Data Analysis, SolidWorks, Arduino, and Research and Development (R&D). Strong research professional with a Master’s degree focused in Translational Medicine from The City College of New York.

7. Graduating in Biomedical Engineering this year. Passionate about designing and working in a team. My motivation is to be a part of the fact where everything comes from an idea and we make it into reality. My experience is less quantitatively but the qualitative learning that I have gained is very valuable for me.

8. Biomedical engineer with additional background in medical science. Experienced with machine learning, programming languages and data analytics software. Additional knowledge in device design, testing and validation. Strong interpersonal skills and effective interaction with all levels of staff and external contacts, including successful communication of relevant concepts to multidisciplinary personnel. Supplementary work with biological research involving field data collection and human subjects coordination. Open to positions in healthcare, software, and data analysis.

9. My research focuses on the development of innovative brain imaging technologies and devices. I am an engineer and physicist by training with experience developing medical devices. The nature of my work centers on the combination of multiple engineering disciplines, namely biomedical and mechanical. I enjoy integrating the skills from a variety of fields, such as mechanical design, physics, system controls, or physiology to devise state-of-the-art solutions to engineering problems.

10. Motivated, results-oriented professional with diverse experience working in biomedical device development, global health research, and implementation of value-based care models. Passionate about cross cultural ideation, improving global healthcare delivery, and access to affordable health services. Spanish and French language skills.

11. I am a trained Biomedical engineer who adopts Microfabrication, MEMS and Nanotechnology approaches into Biomedical fields for a better understanding of human physiology and discovering novel methods for diagnosis and cure.

12. Creative and Innovative Biomedical Engineer with 10+ years of scientific (academic and industrial) research in the field of Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, Biointerfaces, 3D Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering and Medical Devices. Described as driven, persistent, detailed-oriented, collaborative and resourceful.

Biomedical Engineering Skill Set Examples

  • Medical product development,
  • biocompatibility,
  • clinical engineering,
  • biomaterials,
  • regenerative medicine, artificial organ technologies,
  • pre-clinical product development,
  • project management,
  • clinical mechanical circulatory support,
  • medical device design and development with an emphasis on risk management,
  • systems engineering,
  • ISO and FDA standards,
  • design controls,
  • biocompatability testing,
  • usability engineering,
  • pre-clinical animal models,
  • biocompatibility 10993 testing,
  • packaging development,
  • cell culture,
  • sterilization protocol development,
  • biologic scaffold production,
  • immunolabeling,
  • histomorphometry,
  • fluorescent microscopy,
  • scanning electron microscopy,
  • ELISA,
  • uniaxial,
  • biomechanical testing,
  • SPSS (statistics), ImageJ,
  • Cell Profiler,
  • Matlab, SolidWorks,
  • AutoCAD, Neuroscience,
  • Machine learning,
  • pattern recognition,
  • statistical learning,
  • artificial intelligence,
  • Signal processing and modeling,
  • Multivariate signal analysis including multi-channel non-invasive and implanted EEG,
  • Experimental design and hardware implementation including customized circuitry and software,
  • Parallel-plate Rheology,
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Melt Flow Indexer,
  • Viscometers, Tensile Testing,
  • Flexural Testing, Compression Strength,
  • Impact Testing,
  • Tear Resistance, Scanning Electron Microscopy,
  • Optical Microscopy,
  • Atomic Force Microscopy,
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry,
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis,
  • Heat Deflection Temperature,
  • Gel Permeation Chromatography,
  • Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectroscopy,
  • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy,
  • Ultraviolet Visible Light Spectroscopy,
  • Lap Shear Testing,
  • Peel Strength Testing,
  • Ash Content,
  • Moisture Analysis,
  • Specific Gravity,
  • In-vitro Cytotoxicity,
  • In-vivo Biocompatibility.

Biomedical Engineering Professional Experience Samples

1. Biomedical Engineering Resume Sample

  • Develop biological risk assessments and toxicological profile analyses on extractable/leachable compounds, volatile organic compounds
  • Employ current state of the art toxicological risk assessment methodology in analyzing medical device biological risk
  • Design and interpret E/L experiments pertinent to clinical use cases of respiratory devices
  • Develop biological experimental plans to assess biocompatibility dependent upon patient contact type and duration
  • Advise on material selection for products, strategically analyzing chemical composition, toxicological profile, history of safe use, etc. in order to aid in preparing FDA 510k submissions
  • Assist in creation of documentation for 510(k) submissions
  • Manage biological testing at third-party labs including review of protocols, suggestions for modifications, analysis of the data
  • Advise on cleaning and disinfection (C/D) protocols to be used in our products per TIR 30 and TIR 12

2. Principal Biomedical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Commercialization of Class III medical devices for treatment of respiratory failure; including IDE and PMA application preparation
  • Lead project engineer in the development of medical devices including product design, sterilization validation, biocompatibility testing, performance analysis, and design verification and validation testing
  • Protocol development within a quality system, risk management (ISO 14971), and device testing according to ISO 13485 and FDA (21 CFR Part 820) standards
  • Management of technically complex projects from initial concept, benchtop testing, large animal GLP studies and commercialization
  • Clinical trial support, including engineering design changes, corrective and preventative actions, and used device analysis
  • Mentoring and supervising junior engineers with the aim of developing their technical ability, project management skills, and leadership capabilities

3. Biomedical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Developed device design testing methods and wrote 20 device design testing protocols.
  • Characterized heart valve performance with pulsatile flow, back static pressure and accelerated wear testing and created and preformed component function and fatigue tests.
  • Optimized porcine and bovine tissue processing methods by determining mechanical characteristics of treated tissue with digital image correlation.
  • Wrote Python programs for data extraction and analyzed results with JMP software.
  • Implemented and created first preliminary quality control system prior to design controls.

4. Experienced Biomedical Engineering Resume Example

  • Applied Mechanical Engineering knowledge to the design and development of dry eye punctual plug applicator
  • Solved mechanical problems of the device at the component through system level
  • Supported early manufacturing process development
  • Implemented design for manufacturability improvements
  • Communicated with ophthalmologists, engineers to determine device usability, design feedback and risk analysis
  • Conducted both design feasibility and design verification on prototype devices
  • Identified root cause and develop solutions to issues identified during testing
  • Established engineering drawing requirements for device assembly and component parts
  • Developed validation test methods for both feasibility/research & for Design Verification
  • Drafted and updated quality system documents
  • Presented and communicated findings to influence team
  • Worked with vendors to improve vendor-supplied components and address issues as they arise
  • Designed and 3D printed test fixtures for both manufacturing and device/component testing in SolidWorks
  • Designed and created a device assembly showcase for demo purpose
  • Conducted all work in compliance with internal and external policies and procedures, QSR and FDA regulations and ISO standards

5. Biomedical Engineer Resume Example

  • Parsed and cleaned data to identify physiological precursors to heat illness using machine learning techniques
  • Parsed and cleaned data for statistical analysis of cognitive function during jet lag
  • Consolidated temperature data files from cold weather training and created coherent subject profiles with visualizations to identify onset of cold weather injuries, automated the profile creation process and authored a technical report detailing its use
  • Collaborated in development and testing of Fluid Intake Monitor prototype
  • Constructed metabolic chamber designed to analyze the link between stable isotopic CO2 and macronutrient metabolism in soldiers, and developed corresponding MATLAB model to simulate test scenarios
  • Served as division and institute point of contact in multi-organizational research study, and helped manage logistical efforts that resulted in successful collection of 10,000+ biological samples
  • Managed physiological sensor devices for load carriage protocol and collected, downloaded, and parsed data for 25 subjects. Journal manuscript submissions currently under review.
  • Helped plan and implement in-house solution for Doubly Labeled Water (DLW) analysis, including familiarization with isotopic analyzer, coordination with external vendors for sample preparation, and development of an application using MS Access to track sample data
  • Trained multidisciplinary personnel in operation and maintenance of weather stations during off-site data collection, and configured data telemetry network parameters on-site to provide real-time environmental data monitoring.

6. Senior Biomedical Engineering Resume Sample

  • Designs, develops and validates hardware and software systems for biomedical signal processing applications such as ECG monitoring and alarm processing, shockable ECG rhythm analysis, pulse detection, CPR monitoring, etc.
  • Plays a supporting role in the specification, design and validation of new and improved signal processing subsystems (including both hardware and software) for incorporation into ZOLL cardiac resuscitation systems.
  • Identifies, develops and/or acquires development tools (e.g. DSP design tools, physiological signal databases, and test systems) required to effectively develop and test biomedical signal processing systems.
  • Works closely with hardware/software Engineering teams to develop and validate complete physiological signal acquisition and processing subsystems and to integrate these subsystems into complete marketable products.
  • Assists Pre-production QA, Technical Service and/or Quality Assurance in the technical investigation and resolution of field complaints related to biomedical signal processing issues
  • Works with internal teams, clinical research, and outside clinicians and biomedical Engineers to specify and evaluate new and improved signal processing systems, physiological sensors, and medical devices.
  • Operates independently with weekly or biweekly supervision from Project Leader or Department Manager.

7. Junior Biomedical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Solely responsible for managing VSP Distraction Department from data receipt to OR deliverable’s.
  • Leading the recent launch of VSP Orthopedics following the 510K clearance in August 2019.
  • Manage multiple projects in a high pace environment.
  • Successfully directing a small team of engineers to develop guides for facial feminization surgery.
  • Assist with trade shows, FDA reviews, and surgeon/resident education at various cadaver labs.
  • Design innovative guides and other surgical tools based on patient specific anatomy.
  • Successfully review parts and take part in CAPA (corrective and preventative action) initiatives.
  • Currently sufficient in 7 different CAD platforms.
  • Assisted with published articles in U.S. and Denmark; Published author on paper in Australia.

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