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10 Reasons to Use an ATS-friendly Resume Template

In today’s hiring world, approximately 75% of recruiters use some form of ATS, also referred to as an Applicant Tracking System. An applicant tracking system is software used by human resources departments to organize a high-volume resume pool successfully.

It is often impossible and impractical for an employee to read hundreds of resumes and decide who to bring in for an interview. To save time and errors, companies implement applicant tracking systems. These solutions help companies rank applicants based on keywords and skills, which gives critical insights on who to bring in for an interview.

As the applicant, there are things you can do to optimize your verbs, phrases, skills, and headers in your resume. There are also ATS-friendly templates to help your resume have a better chance of passing through the system. So, why should you use an ATS-friendly resume template? Below are ten of the top reasons why you need to use one in today’s recruiting landscape.

Your Chances of Getting Called by the Recruiter Increase

Any time a job is available, there will be hundreds of applicants flooding the company’s website. Your resume could slip through the cracks if it is deficient in the necessary keywords. When you optimize your resume with industry-relevant terms, the document has a higher chance of passing through the system.

An ATS-friendly resume template will move you closer to the interview, where you can have a meaningful conversation about your fit for the role. You do not want to disqualify yourself too early because your formatting is incorrect.

ATS-friendly Resumes Are Also Pleasing to the Eye

If your resume template is good enough to get past the system, it will also be pleasing for a human being to read it. ATS-friendly resume templates optimize the spacing, margins, and headers so that everything looks balanced and organized at a glance.

Are you feeling a little color too? Throwing in your favorite shade will not harm your resume against the ATS. Not only will it enhance the aesthetic of the document, but the color is also an extension of your personality.

ATS-friendly Resumes Are Easy to Edit

If an applicant tracking system can analyze your resume correctly through a database, it should also be easy to edit. As you progress through your career, you will need to update the document with promotions, awards, projects, and other relevant information. It is inconvenient to open the resume, and you must spend hours getting the right format.

An ATS-friendly resume will be in a format that is easy to continue editing. The spacing and margins will make it simple to add a bullet point, header, or new section. Instead of spending hours worrying about the spacing getting distorted, you can make the necessary changes in under five minutes.

The Resume Contents, Format, and Layout Will Look the Same on All Computers

If you send out a resume that is not ATS-friendly, the document is more likely to appear distorted and inconsistent on different computers. The resume may get passed around to multiple people at various companies, and each person may use a different computer brand. If the document is not formatted in a standard ATS-friendly format, your chances of getting the job will significantly decrease.

When your resume doesn’t format correctly, it can make you (and your experience) look unprofessional and amateurish. Instead of coming across as someone who would fit in well with the company, a poorly-formatted resume will make you seem as if you don’t know what you’re doing and can’t be bothered to create something professional for the place you’re applying.

With an ATS-friendly resume, you can have peace of mind knowing that the employer will see what you see on your computer. Because the formatting and layout are consistent, so will the orientation. ATS-friendly resumes will also print out on paper in a straightforward, clear format.

Your Resume Already Aligns With the Job

An ATS system checks your resume for keywords that align with the specific job description. You may win half the battle and have a resume with the optimal keywords. However, this means nothing if the format is not built to get past an ATS system. You could rule yourself out by not using an ATS-friendly resume template.

If you use an ATS-friendly resume template, it should already have the right keywords, verbs, phrases, and skills that the employer is looking for. An ATS-friendly resume template will make it easy for the system to flag these words. Since you already have what the company is looking for, an ATS-friendly resume template will push you to the finish line.

You Will Receive More Job Alternatives

Because your ATS-friendly resume will increase your chances of getting to the interview, it will also diversify the types of companies that reach out to you. It starts with being diligent about sending out the resume to a lot of employers. If you cast a wider net, an ATS-friendly resume template will raise the likelihood of getting quality looks.

You could be a marketing professional looking for a director-level role. With an ATS-friendly resume template, you could send the resume out to different industries like real estate, sports teams, software companies, and others. Because your resume is built to get past ATS, you can have a wider selection of business types knocking on your door.

The Employer Can Easily Refer to Your Resume

An applicant tracking system is a full-scale database that houses your resume and its important contents. Recruiters will tap into the company’s ATS by searching it for relevant keywords, skills, certifications, and experience levels. As you can imagine, there are probably thousands of documents just like yours in this database.

With an ATS-friendly resume, the system will be able to better flag your words when the recruiter searches for the term. An optimized format will make it easy for the human resources department to pull up your resume for the role you applied for. However, when future roles pop up at the company, it will be crucial to have an ATS-friendly resume template that will show quickly for reference.

It is Beneficial to Make a Resume Easy to Read for Robots and Humans

An ATS-friendly resume template is primarily designed for the AI-driven system. However, a resume in the optimal ATS format will also make it easy on the eyes of a human. The recruiter reads hundreds of resumes throughout the week. Therefore, your document needs to have critical information at the forefront, so that you can increase your chances of getting an interview.

An ATS-friendly resume can also make a good first impression on the recruiter. Since the format is pleasing to the eye and easy to read, the HR professional will likely have a positive experience while reading it. You start on the right foot by having it in an aesthetic format. Even though your experience and skills far outweigh whatever format you choose, it is a small detail that can increase your chances of getting a callback.

An ATS Resume Template Makes You Appear More Organized

The layout and organization of a resume speak volumes about your ability to perform the role well. An ATS-friendly resume will be laid out in a clear way, which shows that you value your work. If the resume is prepared diligently, it will indicate that any projects you work on for the company will reflect the same quality.

An ATS-friendly resume template will categorize your key accomplishments, experiences, education, and skills. When someone reads through an optimized resume design, they will be impressed with how well it flows and communicates the point. The more compelling you make your resume, the more favorable you will be in the eyes of the recruiter.

An ATS-friendly Resume Makes the Best Case for Yourself

An ATS-friendly resume template will not only be eye-catching but will also highlight your accomplishments tastefully and effectively. The most strategic ATS templates will have your “career highlights” in the forefront, which will catch the eye of the recruiter immediately. When the format puts the big career wins first, it will be more influential in the eyes of the human resources department.

The education and certifications sections are also critical in making sure your resume does not get rejected. ATS systems often scan resumes for certain experience levels, and the education section will indicate that the most. ATS-friendly resume templates do an excellent job of formatting this area so that the system can accurately dissect your level of training.

Final Wrap Up

The job market has never been more competitive than it is now. You cannot miss a beat when it comes to preparing your resume for the application process. You can rank yourself at the top automatically by inputting your information into a format that is easy to read by both computers and humans. To recap, here are the reasons why you need an ATS-friendly resume in today’s job landscape:

  • ATS-friendly resumes greatly increase your chances of making it to the interview
  • ATS-friendly resumes are pleasing to the eye
  • ATS-friendly resumes are easy to change and edit
  • ATS-friendly resumes appear the same on all computers
  • ATS-friendly resumes help propel your resume further when it already has the keywords
  • ATS-friendly resumes diversify your callbacks
  • ATS-friendly resumes are easy to find in the database
  • ATS-friendly resumes make it easier on robots and humans
  • ATS-friendly resumes are reflective of your work ethic
  • ATS-friendly resumes sell you the best

You deserve to have the job of your dreams, and your resume is your golden ticket to fulfilling your career goals. Start on the right foot by converting it into an optimal format. The most effective ATS-friendly resumes will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they will also do the best job of communicating your top skills, abilities, and motivations.

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