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Aerospace Engineer Resume Objective Samples

1. Aerospace Engineer with extensive experience creating test systems for aircraft engines/APUs. Applies advanced data analytics to improve air safety.

2. Aerospace engineer and innovator specializing in advanced prototype vehicles and efficient mobility technologies. Technical experience in design, analysis, and testing of advanced aerospace structures for commercial and defense vehicles operating in environments ranging from cryogenic to atmospheric re-entry.

3. Currently an Aerospace Engineer. I’ve graduated majoring in Mechanical Engineering and specializing in Automotive and Aircraft Aerodynamics, Mechanical Design and Product Innovation. Through the 6 years of my professional education, I have gained experience with Aircraft Design, SAE Aero-Design, FSAE and product development processes from conceptualization to manufacturing. My projects, research studies and academic background have stemmed from this undying passion. I look forward to working on complex problems and projects solved through simulation driven product development in a fast-paced, result oriented environment.

4. Over 25 years of experience in the Aerospace, Defense, Power Instruments, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, and Temperature Control fields of mechanical engineering. My areas of expertise include mechanical design, analysis (finite element, computational fluid dynamics), test, program and project management of highly complex equipment.

5. Aerospace test engineer trying to help push humanity’s footprint out into the stars, expand our scientific knowledge, and create innovations that can better quality of life on Earth (and one day even other planets).

6. I am a Production Engineer and now an Aerospace Engineer. I am an active researcher and an aviation enthusiast, especially in the fields of new technologies being developed, Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, and Control Systems for aircraft and spacecraft.

7. Experienced Senior Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aerospace and defense industry. Skilled in Aircraft Structural Stress Analysis, Stress Engineering, Finite Element Analysis, and Structural Engineering. Strong engineering professional with a PhD focused in Engineering from Wayne State University.

8. I am an Aerospace Engineer, with more than 9 years of experience in project management and team leadership. I help management and stake holders to create business strategies and execute operational plans. I enjoy design, analysis, and building aerodynamic & mechanical systems. In general, I’m interested in any work that advances the state of technology and humanity. One of my key strengths is the ability to straddle the line between theory and pragmatism.

9. Aerospace Manufacturing Business professional with over 30 years’ experience. The roles that I have achieved success are in Sales, Quality Assurance, Lean Mfg., Operations management, supplier surveillance, R&D, subcontract management, contract negotiations, Project management, leading teams, inventory management, planning and scheduling, proposal support, cost/price analysis, and market intelligence.

10. Aerospace Engineer with an interest in Computer Engineering and a love for hands-on work and problem solving, with experience working alone and as part of a team. Excellent communication skills developed through a history of teaching others and a background in audience-driven and goal-oriented presentation. Education and experience in design, manufacturing, and testing of UAS for commercial and military applications.

11. Versatile and Data-driven Aerospace Engineer with a passion for aviation and aircraft. Energized concentration on aeronautical engineering skills cultivated through a couple years of experience with practical and hands-on exposure. Contributed to dynamic and intensive work environment. Developed quick problem-solving skills, achieving results and meeting deadlines. Reliable asset even under pressure. Well-rounded engineer who collaborates on teams.

12. A experienced Aircraft Structures engineer with hands on industry experience of researching, designing and maintaining commercial aircrafts. Successfully worked on different engineering projects ranging from STC, Major, Minor modification on variety of different fleet with FAA 8110 approval by controlling in terms of cost and quality , ensuring on time delivery of design drawing to maintenance floor for production and Airworthiness of the Aircraft.

Key Skills

  • Data Analysis
  • Statistics/Probability
  • C/C++
  • Fortran
  • VBA/Excel
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • Aerothermodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Engine Condition
  • Monitoring
  • Prognostics /Troubleshooting
  • Aircraft engine controls
  • Aircraft electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems
  • Technology and Business Integration
  • Technical Management
  • Project Management
  • MDO
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeroelasticity
  • Loads & Dynamics
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Stress, Fatigue, Damage Tolerance
  • Generative Design
  • Advanced Composites Design & Manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Professional Experience Samples for Aerospace Engineers

1. Aerospace Engineer Resume Sample

  • Create engine test system that entails specifying hardware, software, and instrumentation requirements for engines and APUs installed on 747, 757, 767, 777, A320, and C17.
  • Write engine test software in C/C++, Fortran, and Unix shell scripts. Software acquires, stores, graphically displays, and reduces real time data from test.
  • Create health monitoring software for on-wing engines using Machine Learning algorithms including Neural Networks, Genetic Programming, Principal Components, Decision Trees
  • Provide engineering support for flight test on 737, 757, and A320 aircraft.

2. Aerospace Engineering Resume Example

  • Contributing to clean sheet, conceptual and preliminary aircraft design
  • Aerodynamic geometry optimization through low and high fidelity aerodynamic analysis tools (Vortex Lattice/Panel Method codes, commercial CFD codes)
  • Perform trade studies for aerodynamic configuration to optimize mission performance factoring in vehicle attributes, fuel, payload, stability & control characteristics and powertrain models
  • Lead detailed analysis of forward flight dynamics and generation of stability & control aerodynamic databases (aero tables) and dynamic modes estimation
  • Lead the development of mission segment and aircraft performance analysis software.

3. Staff Mechanical Engineer (Aerospace) Sample

  • Led new product introduction process from conceptual design to certification and entry into services of nacelle equipment for Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer commercial airplanes
  • Responsible of driving schedule and meeting technical requirements for supplier designed equipment. Worked across company organization to bridge technical and schedule gaps to meet the program’s milestones
  • Responsible of sustaining activities for A320neo Nacelle Anti-Ice System.
  • Led root cause investigation of fielded equipment events, worked with customers and suppliers to implement corrective actions
  • Led continuous improvement events to identify our organization recurrent roadblocks and apply effective solutions.
  • Implemented lean tools such as voice of the customer, quality clinics, standardization and automation of processes.

4. Principal Aerospace Engineer Resume Example

  • Performed component testing & screening for commercial semiconductors, microcircuits, memory chips and other EEE electronic parts.
  • Performed Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis (EDXA) and electron microscope inspection.
  • Performed failure analysis of Missile Guidance Sets as part of the Guidance Replacement Program.
  • Conducted tests on RF piece parts from 1Ghz-40Ghz which are placed into mission critical equipment for DoD & NASA Contractors.

5. Aerospace Systems Engineer Resume Sample

  • Support test development of test rigs for commercial aircraft.
  • Create Python scripts for rig quality testing.
  • Upgrade new features of test utilities for test authors.
  • Data integrity checking for F135 engine operation data.
  • Communicate with customer to develop specifications for data integrity tool.
  • Query fleet engine data from Hive table via Ambari or Spark SQL for integrity checking.
  • Perform data mining on integrity results and engine data using Jupyter Notebook for verification.
  • Create test cases using unittest tool to automate verification process.
  • Data analytics on commercial aircraft systems.
  • Establish system requirements to develop analytics algorithms.
  • Develop Python scripts to run analyses on local computer or Hadoop cluster.
  • Create analytics reports and documentation on Github.
  • GUI development of prognostic and health monitoring system of F135 engines.
  • Utilized wxPython to update analytics user interface.
  • Performed Matlab-to-Python code conversion for vibration trending analysis.
  • Refactored Python scripts to address time and memory issues when running analytics on Hadoop.
  • Verification of Full Authority Digital Engine Control and Flight Control Surfaces systems.
  • Created, updated, and managed systems requirements in DOORS and Jira.
  • Developed and executed test plans using Python.
  • Debugged a C program controlling Simple Network Management Protocol systems.

6. Principal Aerospace Engineer Resume Sample

  • Rapid Data Processing: Analyzed “Limit Exceedance” data; submitted recommendations for structural integrity and aircraft performance; maintained 75% of test aircraft operational.
  • Engineering Analysis: As Gap Analysis Structural Lead, submitted 500+ engineering structural modification reviews, updating manufacturing procedures; ensured on schedule manufacturing and airworthiness.
  • Event Operations: Organized 60W speaker and events for Corrosion Protection Advisory Board Agenda Lead for annual joint (HH-60G/60W) Conference; resulted in updated procedures preventing aircraft corrosion.
  • Risk Mitigation: Assisted in Swashplate spacer redesign review, saving countless hours of warfighter downtime and OEM financial burden, without increased risk acceptance on Air Force side.
  • Rapid Turnover Data Review: Reviewed and drafted structural proposal for Aircraft Flight Hour restriction increase in accordance with updated inspection reports; ensured continued flight testing of 6 aircraft for Operational Military Flight Release.
  • Requirement Assessment and Updating: Analyzed and updated new ammo can lid structural design for shock, drop, and crash loads, preventing existing and new flight safety hazards.
  • Airworthiness: Processed 10+ Airworthiness Determination Forms and Compliance Reports for structural risks associated with test and operational equipment; led to recommendations to maintain test flight schedule.
  • Aircrew Restraint System: Qualified and implemented Air Vehicle Acceleration of Universal Mobile Aircrew Restraint System; met Air Combat Command mission need.
  • Software Focus Group: Engaged in software usability focus group; resulted in more efficient CDRL/SOW tracking.