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Ministry Career Objective or Summary

The first thing that a hiring manager would notice on your resume is your career summary. While you may be engaged in a full time job elsewhere, it’s important that you mention in your career summary about your role as a minister.

The career summary essentially provides the hiring manager a snapshot of your achievements, skills and what value do you bring to the table should you be hired for the job.

Here are some resume samples of a Clergy Career Summary you can use as an inspiration in your own resume:

1. Licensed (MN) and ordained non-denominational Christian Pastor. Significant experience in workplace ministries, discipleship, Christian education, and missions. An energetic and engaging teacher and facilitator for Bible study and topical courses, workshops, and seminars. Background includes a variety of leadership roles in liturgical and non-denominational church bodies.

2. I have pastored 3 churches with the latest being a church that my wife and I started. During this time, I have developed the leadership skills to take people to new and higher levels. Along with that, we have seen many people saved and reach their full potential.

3. As the founding Pastor of Central Baptist Church, I preach the Bible four times a week; oversee our church’s ministerial, administrative, financial, and facilities management functions; and minister to the members and families of our church. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, my Saviour. I love His word and cherish the opportunity to passionately preach and teach the Bible.

4. Ordained pastor with a vision to equip individuals in the knowledge of God’s truth, specifically the person of Jesus Christ, by leveraging technology as an accelerator for teaching and disseminating God’s truth to all people.

Skill sets of a Pastor or a Clergy

It’s extremely important to list your skill sets on your Clergy resume to ensure that the recruiter gets a clear picture of your capabilities and the skills with which you can perform your job well.

Here are some examples of skill-sets that you can use as inspiration to quote in your own resume.

  • Christian leadership
  • Christian education
  • Church administration
  • Community outreach
  • Youth ministry
  • Manugistics
  • Preaching
  • Bible teaching
  • Church events
  • Thoelogy
  • Church consulting
  • Ministry development
  • Gospel
  • Exegesis
  • Student ministry
  • Spiritual direction
  • Youth mentoring
  • Systematic theology
  • Spiritual formation
  • Practical theology
  • Religious studies
  • Christian theology
  • Church history
  • Hermeneutics
  • Spiritual counceling
  • Pastoral care
  • Conflict resolution
  • Family coaching
  • Marriage coaching
  • Homiletics
  • Political theology
  • Spiritual Direction
  • Christian Apologetics

Clergy Resume Samples

These some samples of job description or professional experience as laid out in resumes depending on the level of experience and/or the tasks performed during the tenure as a Clergy.

1. Senior Pastor / Clergyman

  • Providing strategic and operational leadership for the staff and ministries of the church.
  • Oversee the pastoral and support staff of the church, drive strategic planning and implementation, and provide pastoral ministry to the church.
  • Provide day-to-day leadership, strategy, vision, and development for Spiritual Maturity Purpose.
  • Provide spiritual growth, personal reflection, prayer, and fellowship through 1-day and overnight retreats, workshops, Journey with Jesus trail, for individuals and groups.

2. Associate Clergy / Pastor

  • Manage and oversee ministry staff.
  • Established, developed and revitalized programming for the discipleship and care continuums to ensure healthy assimilation for new believers and members.
  • Oversee all Adult ministries.
  • Developed sustainable system for small groups.
  • Pastoral duties including premarital counseling, wedding ceremonies, pastoral care, leading worship services, regular preaching and teaching.
  • Provide support to the Senior Pastor in the leadership of church ministries and manage special projects on assignment.
  • Led search process for Student Ministries Pastor in collaboration with Senior Pastor and search team.

3. Assistant Pastor / Clergy

  • Co-lead 6 month ordination process for young pastors.
  • Teach a marrieds Bible Study class every other weekend.
  • Perform funerals and weddings.
  • Wrote and edited various Bible Study curriculum.
  • Supervised New Church Member Orientation Process.
  • Wrote Curriculum and Taught Classes for New Church Members.
  • Taught Young Married Adults.
  • Data Analysis of Attendance and Growth Trends of Adult Bible Study Classes.
  • Implemented Online Discussion Forum for Adult Bible Study Teachers.

4. Associate Clergyman

  • Linked people and strategy with finance, facility, equipment, policy, calendar and communications resources and functions.
  • Performed ministerial functions which included counseling, pastoral care, administering the sacraments, and leadership equipping and development.
  • Initiated, led and encouraged purposeful change.
  • Initiated strategic and long range planning processes.
  • Challenged staff and ministries to new levels of excellence, innovation and effectiveness.
  • Managed the day-to-day operations of the church which included finances, capital equipment, information systems, communications, food services, facilities, furnishings, grounds, transportation, calendaring, legal and insurance matters, etc.
  • Developed and Implemented Christian Education programming for Children and Adults.

5. Pastor of Student Ministries

  • Provided leadership, oversight and support to Middle School and High School Ministries across all campuses.
  • Led the collaboration efforts to develop a strategic and congruent ministry model across all campuses which includes curriculum, programming, policies, and staffing.
  • Providing organizational leadership to ministry of one-hundred fifty students, two paid staff, interns, and over twenty-five volunteers.
  • Led the recruitment and development of volunteers for small groups, to provide care & shepherding for students.
  • Established a strategic, long-range plan for youth ministry, and developed creative programs to achieve ministry goals.
  • Recruited and trained a dynamic volunteer team. Developed student ministry internship position.
  • Developed administrative systems for communication, budget, tracking student data, and overall organizational structure.
  • Provided supporting leadership during several transitional stages of the church including growth barriers, implementation of ministry strategy, church conflict, and building program.

6. Executive Clergy / Pastor

  • Provide effective management over the human and capital resources of the church family and to assist the pastor in achieving the strategic plans of the church.
  • Assist/facilitate development of strategic plans.
  • Monitor the progress of our entire staff on achieving strategic goals and plans.
  • Update our overall plan as circumstances change, keeping our plans relevant and on-target.
  • Work with the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Finance Team to monitor revenue/expenses.
  • Maintain appropriate models for revenue and expense projections as we plan for future growth.
  • Coordinate the Personnel Team’s work to maintain appropriate policies and practices that maximize the effectiveness of the church staff.
  • Assist Lead Pastor in overseeing all human resource operations, evaluating, training, and directing staff, as well as developing needed staff positions and hiring.
  • Oversight of facility strategy and Site Development Team, providing necessary information and resources for that team to function well.
  • Coordinate logistics of adding new space to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Provide the necessary equipment to furnish additional space in coordination with educational staff in light of the needs of the church at the time the new space becomes available.
  • Supervision of Facilities Director, assisting in appropriate budget proposals for facility needs.
  • Monitoring transportation resources and planning for replacement and acquisition as needed.

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