You don’t need 10+ sales resume templates or any other number of sales manager resume templates or sales associate templates.

That’s a bold statement. But there’s a reason for it. And a simple one at that.

You only need ONE sales resume template to get hired!

That’s the truth. And let that be the most impactful sales resume template, whether you’re a sales manager, sales representative or sales associate.

So how do you know for sure what sales resume template would work? There are a few ways, but not all are reliable (yet most sales professionals make the mistake over and over again and wonder why they don’t get called for interviews).

  1. You can scout the Internet for a gazillion templates, keep searching and wasting precious time that can be utilized in applying for a job instead.
  2. You download a number of sales resume templates and create your resume on all, send different ones to different hiring managers and hope they call you for an interview.
  3. You come across the 1 sales resume template that’s already been battle-tested by hiring managers, recruiters and even sales professionals themselves who vouch for it.

It’s a no-brainer then, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you choose option 3? I know I would if I were to apply to any kind of a sales job.

So then, without much ado, here’s that #1 sales resume template that sales professionals and hiring managers prefer. Remember, you only need ONE resume template to get hired!

#1 Sales Resume Template


modern resume template


While you’re mulling whether to download this sales resume template or not, there are sales associates, sales managers, sales representatives, just about all sales professionals who are currently using this resume template to get ahead in the game.

Take the plunge, after all, it’s just equal to a a few coffees that you buy! Once you’ve downloaded the sales resume template, go over our sales resume tips + samples on how to write an impactful sales resume.

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