As a sales professional, you know the importance of a good first impression, aka your sales resume. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sales manager, sales associate or a sales representative, your resume is the first point of contact and the one deciding factor standing between you and your next big dream job.

Make that first impression count with a solid sales resume template that gets the foot in the door. And then, I’m pretty confident you can handle the rest with much ease. You’re a sales professional after all!

You know what the best thing is? You only need ONE sales resume template to make that lasting impression. 

5 Sales Resume Templates That Make YOU Stand Out

These are the most popular sales resume templates preferred by job seekers like yourself and hiring managers alike. 

#1 Sales Resume Template


This template is great for sales manager resume, sales associate resume or sales representative resume. Be sure to read through the job description clearly and be sure to add your sales skills and LinkedIn profile link to this sales resume template.


modern resume template


#2 Sales Manager Resume Template

A fantastic resume template for a sales manager resume. Has dedicated sections to add your LinkedIn profile link, your sales skills and professional experience among others. Be sure to add a cover letter to provide a summary of your sales resume. 

This resume template is also good for sales representative resume, a retail sales associate resume or car sales resume, among other sales profiles.


product manager resume template stockton


#3 Sales Associate Resume Template

Bringing color and vibrancy to a sales associate resume, making your job application stand out when reviewed by the hiring manager. 

This resume template works just as well for other sales roles too: sales manager resume, sales representative resume or even a sales engineer resume.


product manager resume template bradford


#4 Download Sales Representative Resume Template

A sales representative resume template where you can highlight all your sales skills to the hiring manager for the all important dream sales job you’re applying to. Be sure to add a cover letter too. 


product manager resume template savannah


#5 Download Sales Resume Template

This sales resume template is clean, modern and highlights your sales skills very well. This resume template works for any type of sales job and will make your sales resume stand out. 


Product manager resume template glasgow


Bonus: Attractive Sales Resume Template

Here’s one of the popular sales resume templates that has gained considerable downloads in the recent times that we’d love for you to consider. 


sales manager resume aberdeen


Sales Resume Sample / Example

Below is a sales resume sample or a sales resume example, whatever you’d like to call it. This is just an example of what you can include in your sales resume. But here’s a strategy that you can apply to write a perfect sales resume:

Look through job descriptions posted by hiring managers for sales jobs that you’re interested in, then adapt those roles and responsibilities as well as sales skills that are mentioned in there to match your own experience and skill sets. Use some of those to highlight in your cover letter.

There you have it, a perfectly written sales resume that’s already in line with the hiring manager’s expectations. 

Sales Resume Objective / Summary

An accomplished sales and business development leader with over 10 years of increasing achievements within the specific industries. Proven track record of delivering results in high-growth environments, as well as Fortune 1,000 companies. Expert in identifying, building and leveraging key relationships, including C-suite decision-makers. 

Career Related Sales Skills

  • Business development
  • Solution-based and account-based selling
  • Sales territory management
  • Key account relationship management
  • Coaching, training and mentoring sales teams
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Target market penetration
  • Fortune 1,000 account growth

Professional Experience

Acme Co, City, MI
Senior Sales Manager – October 2017 – Present

  • Build and maintain relationships with clients based on trust and respect to provide new ideas and strategic approaches.
  • Communicate with clients to understand their situation and needs.
  • Collaborate with internal departments to facilitate the execution of client needs.
  • Serve as the first point of contact and provide product information to prospective customers.
  • Lead identification and qualification.
  • Partner with senior sales team to achieve new business quota.
  • Attend industry events to meet with prospective customers.
  • Drive traffic to event seminars and online demonstrations.
  • Assist marketing with campaign strategies.
  • Provide feedback for product enhancements.
  • Prospecting leads that will be passed to account executives to qualify and strengthen their sales pipeline.
  • Managing and prioritizing inbound leads through marketing and in house crash courses.

ABC Financial Systems, City, GA
Sales Associate – March 2015 – September 2017

  • 4-time Sales Achievement Award winner for quota attainment out of 7 quarters.
  • Managed the full deal cycle consisting of discovery, demo, integrations, strategy and close.
  • Won net-new business with strong execution of the sales process and complex deal navigation.
  • Executed effective sales presentations to executives of mid-market and large enterprises.
  • Delivered engaging platform demonstrations to differentiate ABC from competitors.
  • Conducted detailed discovery calls to clearly uncover needs, challenges, goals, and overall fit.
  • Negotiated annual and multi-year agreements with executives and procurement teams.
  • Generated net-new business opportunities by prospecting via telephone, Email and LinkedIn.
  • Contributed to training of new team members in the areas of prospecting, discovery, demo and proposals.

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