As a sales professional, you know the importance of a good first impression, aka your sales resume. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sales manager, sales associate or a sales representative, your resume is the first point of contact and the one deciding factor standing between you and your next big dream job.

Make that first impression count with a solid sales resume template that gets the foot in the door. And then, I’m pretty confident you can handle the rest with much ease. You’re a sales professional after all!

You know what the best thing is? You only need ONE sales resume template to make that lasting impression. Select anyone from one of our battle-tested resume templates, based on the one that best reflects your personality, and you’d be on your way to landing that much coveted sales job.

And be sure to follow up on important tips through this article, for writing a sales resume that showcases the best version of yourself.

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1/ Sales Resume Writing Service

Don’t worry about hiring a resume writing service. If you want to build your sales manager resume or a sales associate resume, refer to some of the job postings by top companies and check the skills, roles and responsibilities they’ve outlined.

Put those against your own experience and add to your sales resume. In this manner, you’d be delivering a resume that hiring managers want to read, by using their own terms from their job postings.

2/ Create An Impact

Create a high impact with your sales representative resume or a sales manager resume. While everyone knows that resumes must create an impactful first impression, in reality, very few actually do. If you’ve been in the hiring manager’s shoes, you’ll see most look just the same. The moment you send a battle-tested sales resume template, you’re bound to grab attention.

3/ Get Rid Of Writing Errors

The mark of a great sales resume template is not just in the design, but also how well the content is written. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or unnecessary punctuation marks. Do a manual and software driven spell and grammar check to be double sure. When writing your cover email to the employer, make sure you spell their name and the company’s name correctly.

4/ Include All Sales Resume Skills

Include all your skills as a sales representative or a sales manager or a sales associate. Your sales resume template should not necessarily be a skills-based resume, but ensure skills such as Meeting sales goals, Negotiation, Motivation, Sales Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Manage Processes, Market knowledge, Staffing and Sell to customer needs are duly mentioned in the sales resume template.

5/ Highlight Sales Tools’ Expertise

In today’s day and age, technology is deep rooted in everyone’s lives. A sales associate’s life is no different. Not only do you use technology in your personal life, but also in your professional life.

So be sure to mention all those that you’ve mastered, such as the use of a Sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software or excel modelling, managing sales pipelines through a pipeline management software, etc.

Your sales resume template should shed a light on your technology prowess. And don’t forget to check out our most common interview questions guide to tide you through the next step in your job search.

6/ Keep Your Sales Resume Updated

Even when you’re not currently searching for employment, keeping your sales resume template updated at all times. It makes it simpler to locate another job if you opt to leave the current one, or are unexpectedly dismissed or encounter a work opportunity too great to pass up. Download one of our battle-tested sales resume templates and update your sales resume today.

7/ Include Sales Leadership Skills

Leadership skills ought to be included only in the event you have sound work experience to prove them. You may also mention certain skills, in your sales resume template, you didn’t already highlight in regard to your previous employment. The absolute most relevant sales job skills should be put toward the peak of your sales resume and the least relevant toward the bottom. To apply, you’re going to want a sales resume with certain abilities and experience highlighted.

Sales Resume Samples and Examples

While you look for sales resume samples and examples, remember that no amount of random resume samples or examples are going to work. The reason is just that – those are random.

What you need is something that’s specific to your situation. Check out the Number 1 sales resume template that sales professionals across the United States are downloading and landing their dream job interview.