The role of product managers is increasingly becoming in-demand. And so, your product manager resume better stand out, to increase your chances of getting hired quickly.

Product managers ranked as one of the top 10 in-demand jobs for 2018 with a medium base salary of $113,000, according to Glassdoor’s best jobs in America report.

But if you want to secure this in-demand position, your resume templates need to maximize its impact. Here are eight critical aspects your product manager resume needs to have:

1. Product Manager Resume Template: Belfast

This template is #1 for a reason, it’s our most downloaded and popular modern resume template.

product manager resume belfast


Pro Tip: Leadership Skills

Help your resume standout by showcasing your leadership skills. For instance, if you have had experience leading a design team or coordinating between engineers, developers and other important stakeholders, make sure you include this information in your summary. Check out our engineering resume templates and tips.

You can start your professional summary off by explaining your current role as a lead product manager coordinating a team of 15 junior product managers. You can also mention the previous roles that lead you to that position, such as a junior product manager and associate product manager. You can also show your understanding of running design sprints by listing the task in your resume and briefly explaining what your design sprint involved.

2. Product Manager Resume Template: Aberdeen

product manager resume aberdeen


Pro Tip: Coding Knowledge

Indicating your programming expertise on your resume is a marketable skill that demonstrates your enhanced capability to lead a development team in building products better than a candidate who doesn’t understand coding. For example, if you worked on side projects for various clients or successfully completed projects during a coding boot camp, ensure you include these projects on your resume.

List any coding languages that you have experience using on a regular basis or that may be relevant to the position or company, such as Python, Javascript, Ruby, Node.js or Java. Also, make sure to highlight any unique coding and concept skills that are in-demand, such as machine learning or natural language process (NPL).

3. Product Manager Resume Template: Stockton

product manager resume template stockton


Pro Tip: Market Research Skills

Product managers must understand consumers’ preferences and needs to identify products that drive value for their customers. So, it’s important to highlight your market research skills to demonstrate this ability, such as analyzing consumer demographics and forecasting by.

Even if you lack the experience in a professional role as a product manager, you can display your experience in other relevant projects, such as helping a non-profit organization research market trends.

4. Product Manager Resume Template: Bradford

product manager resume template bradford


Pro Tip: Brand Positioning Proficiencies

Standing out among competing candidates for a product manager role calls for highlighting your ability to position a brand and projects. Showcase this by highlight your product marketing skills.

For example, display your creative expertise by naming relevant products you helped to execute and your strategy for accomplishing it, such as conceptualizing the content for advertising the copy on social media or on product packaging and coordinating with copywriters to drive the brand message correctly.

You can also demonstrate your brand positioning expertise by highlighting your career progression in seeing a project through from concept to launch, including defining and promoting the product and implementing the product strategy. Check out our sales resume templates plus pro tips.

5. Product Manager Resume Template: Savannah

product manager resume template savannah


Pro Tip: Project Management Skills

Product managers must lead teams and projects, so it’s critical to highlight your project management skills. For example, you can demonstrate how you collaborate with different teams to develop new ways to create innovative products.

Also, highlight how you manage the deadlines for project deliverables, ensure product requirements are being met and identifying failures in the project and assigning tasks to key stakeholders to fix to ensure the project meets its deadlines.

6. Product Manager Resume Template: Bristol

product manager resume bristol


Pro Tip: UX Experience

It’s essential to consider the end user when creating and designing a software product or app. That’s why it is critical to demonstrate your User Experience (UX) skills on your resume. For instance, you can list tasks that showcase your UX background, including tasks that involve mapping out schematics for customer interactions or road mapping solutions to enhance the user’s experience. Also, provide a link to your portfolio of work to prove your skills in a visual format.

7. Product Manager Resume Template: Glasgow

Product manager resume template glasgow


Pro Tip: Emotional Intelligence

According to research from McKinsey, external activities, such as partner and customer engagement, is expected to account for 30 percent of future product managers’ time. So, it’s also key to highlight your ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ). Product managers must be able to demonstrate EQ, such as social awareness, relationship management, self-management and self-awareness, on their resume to drive impact.

For example, you can demonstrate social awareness and relationship management by sharing your success of persuading users to test a product, coordinating the beta testing process and creating a viable solution based on user concerns to enhance the product.

8. Product Manager Resume Template: Ashfield

product manager resume template ashfield


Pro Tip: Quantitative Skills

If you want to maximize the impact of your resume, then it’s essential to include quantitative skills on your resume.

For instance, you can list how you define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry benchmarks or your strategies for evaluating and allocating resources to ensure there is enough financial backing to support the development of the product you are overseeing. Also, mention any experience in forecasting consumer behavior for buying products.