Engineers are always in demand in the job market and for good reasons. Engineers have a variety of complex skills from testing prototypes of applications to developing thermal sensors. Their job outlook is often in a growth stage, too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is much faster than average at 24 percent.

However, impressive engineering resumes include some key details that set them apart from others. Whether your goal is to get hired as a software engineer or you’re opting to switch careers to mechanical engineering, there are some common attributes engineering candidates should include on their engineering resume templates. Consider these six must-have details to maximize the impact of your resume for an engineering role.

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1. Project Management Skills

As an engineer, you often have to work on multiple projects at a time. That’s why it’s important to showcase your project management skills to maximize the impact of your resume. Place your most relevant projects at the top of your resume so that recruiters and hiring managers can quickly view your technical ability and determine if the role is right for your expertise. For example, you can list relevant projects, such as your contributions to an open-source project on Github.

You may also want to describe how you assign, organize and manage project deliverables. For example, you can describe your responsibilities for coordinating and implementing the development and testing of prototypes for device modifications, including planning the timeline and scope of the project.

Download Engineering Resume Template: Brunswick

engineering Resume Template brunswick


2. Mathematical Skills

List your academic background and any other education relevant to your position and highlight your mathematical skills. For instance, if the software engineering position you are going for is in the finance industry, list your undergraduate degree in Finance along with any coding and engineering boot camps you have completed.

Also, list any relevant courses, certifications or licenses you may have as well, such as a Professional Engineer’s (PE) license for civil engineers. If you are just starting out in your field and are a recent graduate with little or no experience, consider listing your high grade point average on your resume and list relevant courses that showcase your mathematical proficiency, such as Linear Algebra, Calculus or Statistics.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Engineers must solve problems, so it’s key to demonstrate this on your resume to maximize its impact. Demonstrate your problem-solving skills by including keywords and phrases that show how you achieve your goals and analyze problems. For example, you can mention how you helped a manufacturing client assess supplies and materials based on the client’s budget and business goals.

Also, include any quantitative metrics that demonstrate your achievements while in your previous or current role. For example, if your efforts as a mechanical engineer led to improving the safety of elevators and escalators used in malls across your region by 20 percent, make sure to list the percentage as a numerical figure. This helps recruiters quickly identify your accomplishments.

Download Engineering Resume Template: Mercedes

engineering Resume Template mercedes


4. Communication Skills

One of the most sought-after skills business leaders and CEOs are in need of are soft skills. Yet, research from LinkedIn reveals that many candidates lack these skills, including verbal and written communications skills. Make your resume stand out by highlighting your communication skills. For example, demonstrate your expertise in verbal communication by describing your ability to liaise between departments to move a project forward or taking the lead on a design sprint.

You can also showcase your written communication skills by listing your technical writing skills and briefly describing how you improved a technical training process by updating manuals, blueprints and other technical documents for a project. Include any relevant freelance projects or volunteer work you may have completed if you lack the experience.

5. Effective Advanced Technical Skills

Include keywords that are also found in the description of the job posting your considering to optimize your resume for search and demonstrate your advanced technical skills. For example, if the job positing values experience with blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, then you can include these advanced technical skills as part of a bullet list of tasks you may have completed in a previous role. One way to express this is by stating the following:

“Lead a team of 15 blockchain developers in creating high-level applications for tracking Bitcoin variances in real-time.”

List any specific systems you have expertise in as well. For example, if you are adept in using a specific AutoCAD system that the company you are applying to uses, you can list these technical skills and systems in your resume to set you apart from other candidates who may lack these proficiencies.

Download Engineering Resume Template: Carnegie

engineering Resume Template cargenie


6. Design Skills

Engineers require a creative mindset, so it’s vital to communicate any design skills you possess to help you stand out as an engineer. For example, you can mention how you designed changes to improve the productivity of a crane in your role as a mechanical engineer and briefly describe the execution of this cost-effective modification. You can also demonstrate your creativity by highlighting how you conceptualize improvements to an IoT-enabled device by creating designs and models based on the intended functions and goals of the device.

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