FINANCIAL ANALYST cover letter Template

FINANCIAL ANALYST cover letter Template


Financial analyst cover letter examples

When you apply as a financial analyst, you need to be ready with a cover letter highlighting your finance skills and knowledge. In addition, recruiters need to know why you are the one they should hire, so make sure you have all of this information included when writing your cover letter.

A successful financial analyst must possess specific qualities such as being innovative, detail-oriented, and goal-driven. The cover letter should highlight how you meet these requirements so recruiters can see why they should hire you.

If you are unsure what to include in your financial analyst cover letter or want some tips on where to start when writing this document, we’ll provide some examples to help you out.


Financial analyst cover letter examples should be written in a business format and include the following sections:


  • An introduction.
  • Career summary or objective.
  • Professional experience (education is not required).
  • Skills gained from each position held.
  • List of closing remarks to end the letter on a positive note.


The letters can be anywhere between half to one page long, depending on what information you want to share with recruiters about yourself. Once complete, send it through email as a PDF attachment instead of a hard copy since this will allow for more effortless transfer if needed at some point down the road. If your contact information changes, then make sure that you update recruiter records so they have access to correct details, including phone number and email address.


Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example 1



[Hiring Manager]

[Company Address]

[Email Address]


Dear [Hiring Manager],


I am writing to express my interest in the financial analyst position currently available at your company. As a result of working with several different companies over the past 15 years, I have gained experience in many aspects of finance, including budgeting/planning, forecasting, reporting, and analysis.


Additionally, through academic course work, while obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I developed skills that are valuable when it comes to problem-solving and troubleshooting, which is something your employees will need should issues arise during their day-to-day activities.


It would be an honor for me if you took some time to review my qualifications, so please feel free to contact me anytime via email or phone at 555-555-5555. Thank you again for your consideration.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,


Jane Doe | Financial Analyst Candidate

555-555-5555 |


Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example 2



[Hiring Manager]

[Company Address]

[Email Address]


Dear Mr./Mrs. [Hiring Manager],


I am writing to express my interest in the financial analyst position for your company, as I have been searching for a long-term career opportunity with a stable organization. After reviewing your job description and qualifications listed on your website, including those essential requirements you are looking for from candidates, it is clear that you could benefit from hiring me because of my unique set of skills and abilities that closely match what’s needed at this time.


My resume highlights several examples where I was responsible for increasing revenue by over 40% within less than one year through making changes to processes before implementing new technology tools which allowed us to improve customer satisfaction rates while maintaining quality control/assurance protocols. In addition to increasing revenue, I was also able to reduce costs by more than 20% within just three months of joining the department.


I am confident that you will find my experience and qualifications relevant for this position.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications on either my resume or LinkedIn profile. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Best regards, [Your Name]


Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example 3



[Hiring Manager]

[Company Address]

[Email Address]


Dear [Hiring Manager],


My name is [your name], and I am applying for your company’s open financial analyst position. As a recent graduate of [university or college], my coursework has familiarized me with many different finance roles, though my primary focus has been accounting.


My ability to apply critical thinking skills to both theoretical concepts and practical situations makes me stand out from other candidates. However, along with this capability comes an eagerness to learn that I think will make working under you very rewarding! This includes learning about new ways optimization procedures can benefit business performance and getting exposure to how these are used by industry professionals every day so they can understand their impact more clearly.


These were all things I took away from my coursework, and I am eager to begin using them in a professional environment such as your company.


I would love the opportunity to speak with you further about how my qualifications can benefit your organization. My attached resume includes more details on how I meet all of the requirements for this position, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything else I can provide at any time.


Thank you again for considering me and giving me an interview! You can reply or call (123) 555-5555 x2332. Please email directly instead of applying online so that we have better chances of hearing from each other!

[your name]




Thank you for your time and consideration.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best, [your name]


Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example 4



[Hiring Manager]

[Company Address]

[Email Address]


Dear Hiring Manager,


I am writing to apply for the financial analyst position that I saw on your website. As per my research, this job belongs in Finance – Financial Management with a specialization in Financial Analysis. After reviewing your listing carefully, it is clear that you are looking for an individual who has strong problem-solving abilities and can work well individually and as part of a team.


These skills match up nicely with what I have developed throughout my education and experience. I have a B.S in Finance and an MBA with specializations in both Financial Analysis and Corporate Strategy. As you can see from my attached resume, I also have three years of experience working at [Employer].


I am very interested in learning more about this opportunity that your company is offering and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding my qualifications or anything else related to the financial analyst position. Thank you so much for being so considerate!



[Your Name]

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