Companies and startups that want to improve their products, processes and services often call on the help of a business analyst, and this role is in demand. And so, your business analyst resume should be way ahead of the competition from other candidates.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the growth rate of management analysts, such as business analysts, in the job market between 2016 and 2026 is faster than average at 14 percent.

However, resume templates that drive the most impact require effective strategies to set it apart from the rest. Upgrade your business analyst resume with these six “must-haves” to maximize impact:

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1. Outstanding Communications Skills

Showcase your excellent communication skills by highlighting your strategies for communicating between different departments in your current business analyst role or at a previous position. For example, you can describe your responsibilities for liaising between your product development department and a transportation client.

Discuss your approaches for solving a conflict through written and verbal communication, such as providing informative reports to your executive team of alternative solutions for meeting client requirements by their deadlines.

Also, mention the achievements that came from these tasks. For example, you can explain how communicating these recommendations effectively to your board and clients helped secure five-year contracts with multiple clients.

Download Business Analyst Resume Template: Savannah

business analyst resume template savannah


2. Effective Leadership Skills

Business analysts need to demonstrate their ability to oversee the performance of a company, so it’s critical to highlight your leadership skills to stand out in front of the crowd. Use a professional summary to outline your career progression as a leader and use keywords to illustrate how you are a fit for the role of a business analyst.

For example, you can demonstrate your leadership skills by highlighting your role in leading a team of 10 business analysts to help the organization achieve its sales goals of $30 million in quarterly revenue.

If you lack a robust work history as a business analyst, make sure to emphasize your leadership skills in your previous roles even if it were a volunteer or freelance project so that recruiters can identify how these skills can be used in the company.

3. Key Project Management Skills

Business analysts often manage different projects simultaneously. Thus, listing key project management skills can prove beneficial in displaying your strength as a potential candidate for the role.

You can demonstrate this by highlighting your ability to manage project timelines, the daily management of key projects and overseeing the regulation and design of a project.

You can also list certifications you’ve completed that are well-known in your industry or that demonstrate project management competence and strategic planning skills, such as PMP, CAPM and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certifications.

Download Business Analyst Resume Template: Brisbane

Business Analyst Resume Template brisbane


4. Analytical Thinking Skills

Justify your candidacy strength for the role of a business analyst by highlighting your analytical skills. For instance, list your tasks involved in analyzing the financial strength of a line of business for the company or client you worked with, including using business intelligence (BI) software to conduct an extensive evaluation of the business’ performance to ensure it aligns with the business goals.

Highlight changes you created in the process, such as modifying the documentation of your company’s training program to ensure enhanced productivity.

Also, share your involvement with other programs outside of the workplace that help you to continue to use and develop your skills. This may include volunteer projects, conferences, or other activities you may lead or direct. For example, you can highlight a BI incubator group you’ve led or display consulting services for clients who require skills in SQL Server reporting or data mining skills.

5. Ability to Identify and Solve Problems

Ensure you highlight problem-solving skills that showcase your ability to identify problems, resolve conflicts and provide solutions. Highlight your problem-solving skills in your profile or professional summary and share how you use it to gain an understanding of the company’s issues and the steps you take to solve the problem.

For instance, you can briefly share your role in identifying areas of opportunities to improve the product development process for your company’s principle retail product, including identifying a downward trend in productivity, assessing the financial impact and investigating the current steps in the development process that may hinder progress, such as manually inputting data instead of automating redundant tasks. Then share your documentation process and recommendations.

For example, you can mention your responsibilities and methods for outlining the problem statement, business goals and recommendations in business cases. Also, describe your strategies for modelling new processes and provide suggestions for enhancing productivity by implementing these new processes to demonstrate your problem-solving skills.

Download Business Analyst Resume Template: Brunswick

Business Analyst Resume Template brunswick


6. Advanced Technical Proficiencies

Business analysts continually are data-driven and often bridge the gaps between different departments or client. Demonstrate your technical skills by listing and explaining any specializations you may have. For example, you can list and describe your role in providing business intelligence (BI) for a client, such as explaining how you analyzed revenue for each opportunity using Hadoop.

Also, describe the different business intelligence tools you have experience using, such as SAS, Cognos and Oracle’s Business Intelligence Suite. Consider sharing software you may use to discover different types of data as well, such as Tableau and Spotfire. These tools help recruiters determine if you require additional training in the tools they use on the job.

Mention any programming languages you know well or have an understanding in, such as SQL, Python and Java, to help you stand out among other business analyst candidates. You may also want to list the types of operating systems or environments you have experience working in, such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

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