Resume Writing Service For Executives

Your resume is an investment for your future, and if you want a bright future, you will definitely need to stop playing with things you don’t know about, especially the job resume.

That is where the question pops up;

Should I let writing services handle my resume? Will they really help me land a job interview, even if it sounds impossible?

Well, yes!

Fortunately, you have landed on the list of the 12 best executive resume writing services, which will help you land your interview in no time.

However, let me tell you that these writing services are the most experienced and best ones out there.

In exchange for their time and sweat, you will have to pay higher amounts.

So, without any delay, let’s quickly move onto the list of the 12 best resume services and why you should opt for them.

Why Should We Choose Executive Resume Services?

Because they are worth so…

And let’s be honest here.

Most super cheap or budget-friendly resume services that make high promises are just practicing their professionalism on the first client.

Whereas experienced executive resumes, writers don’t need to do so. They know what needs to be done to get you that interview opportunity.

They can add important achievements, add your qualifications and even remove some if needed to make the resume more reader-friendly.

And finally, with all the hard work and expertise for writing such a resume, I think the cost of these services is also justified, especially regarding big job posts.

When paying for such services, you will find high-caliber, senior resume writers instead of inexperienced newbies who might ruin everything for you.

How Do We Filter The Best Resume Services

I know it can be confusing to pick someone from hundreds of others and hand them out the responsibility to get you hired or fired.

However, before these services are presented to you, I consider checking them firsthand so there would be minimal chances of disappointment.

The pricing, services, user reviews, and especially the online presence, everything about these writing services are compared carefully and only then presented to you.

That said, here is the list of the 12 best executive resume writing services to help you achieve your dream.

12 Best Executive Resume Writing Services

Find My Profession

Well, the first and amazing option is Find My Profession, which is much more than an ordinary executive resume writing service.

Founded by Mike Podesto in 2015, you must have seen the company’s name displayed on Forbes, Zety, Inc., and others. It is simply because their resumes have always been a symbol of success.

Thanks to their experienced and skillful writers, their resumes have helped people land jobs at Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, and even Tesla.

If we discuss the ratings, the company has more than 600 5-star reviews, ensuring that the services would surpass expectations. The premium resume writing package only costs $995.

And finally, their resumes are ATS friendly, and they also offer you a 60-day return interview guarantee just in case things don’t go as expected.


ResumeZest is a professional resume-writing service that was founded in 2018 by CEO Matthew Warzel, a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) with over 15 years of experience in the career services industry.

Since its inception, ResumeZest has quickly established itself as a top choice for people looking to stand out in a competitive job market.

I mean, anyone can craft a resume but making it look unique among hundreds of others is the real deal.

Moreover, the company loves providing resume writing services as the opportunity to help clients articulate their value proposition and present themselves in the best possible light.

You can find their executive resume packages listed at $479, which sounds decent compared to its competitors.

Let’s Eat Grandma!

Moving onto the list, Let’s Eat Grandma! was always about providing people with top-notch resumes as they were experienced in this field.

Jessica and Brittany both had backgrounds in human resources and recruiting, they noticed that many resumes were poorly written, and they wanted to change that.

Just to help you with the humor, the company was named after a common grammar mistake – the misplaced comma in the sentence “Let’s eat, Grandma” – as a nod to their focus on helping clients perfect their written communication skills.

The company offers various services, including resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, cover letter writing, and interview coaching, designed to help job seekers stand out in a competitive job market.

What I love about Let’s Eat Grandma is their personalized approach to every client.

They take the time to get to know each client’s unique career goals, strengths, and experiences and then craft a customized resume tailored to their needs.

The executive writing service will cost you around $1899.

Though it might sound expensive to some people but remember that you are dealing with a company which is absolutely best at what it does.

The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru was founded in 2010 by Wendi Weiner, a former attorney turned career expert.

With no exaggeration whatsoever, The Writing Guru has grown into one of the top executive resume writing and career coaching services in the industry.

They offer executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, career coaching, and interview preparation, all for the sake of helping their users achieve their desired goals.

Moreover, the brand understands the problems many people face in their job search, and they know how to position them effectively for success.

Their team of expert writers and career coaches has extensive experience working with clients in various industries.

And finally, I would like to discuss the personalized approach of Wendi to every client.

She likes getting to know their unique skills, experiences, and career goals and crafting a customized resume and career coaching plan tailored to their specific needs.

Even if none of this works, the executive package of Writing Guru, for which you paid $2695, will have an interview guarantee anyway.

Top Resume

We have probably gone a little too high with prices. To settle the score, allow us to mention Top Resume.

The company is determined to help you with your executive resumes that too under a reasonable price tag.

What I love about Top Resume is that they offer you the chance to choose from 10 percent of the best writers from their network. This helps the customer know that they are getting the best of services.

Moreover, TopResume also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so clients can be confident they will receive a high-quality product that meets their needs.

Also, you will get all the basic perks like all the other main companies under the price tag of $350.

Briefcase Coach

Briefcase Coach is a highly respected executive career consulting firm founded by Sarah in 2017.

Being a former employer, Sarah knows all about hiring techniques, making her highly experienced in getting other people their dream job.

She started this company to help professionals get their dream jobs without stressing over them.

Sarah and her team specialize in providing resume writing, executive coaching, career coaching, LinkedIn optimization, and leadership development in order to help clients achieve their goals.

Moreover, you can easily trust this brand because of its success ratio. The 4.9/5 ratings make them stand out from other writing services.

However, I have noticed that Sarah, regardless of her experience and professionalism, has no certifications from any specific institute, which might raise trust issues.

To add up, the brand also doesn’t offer any special interview guarantee whatsoever while they are charging $1,500 for an executive resume.

Career Steering

Before explaining how career steering is another resume writing service, let’s learn a little about its origination.

Career Steering was founded by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, an award-winning executive resume writer back in early 2000’s.

She has been recognized as a Master Career Director (MCD) by Career Directors International, a distinction held by fewer than 30 career professionals worldwide.

With all these achievements, Rosa prepared a short team of writers to deliver the best services you could ever get your hands on.

Regardless of their expensive writing packages, people still purchase them knowing that Rosa can help them make their dream come true.

Finally, explaining the prices, the 360° Career Steering Executive Branding package costs $3,995.

I know the package might sound super expensive but remember that these packages are for high-end positions, not for daily or average job posts.

Storyline Resumes

When writing a resume, nothing can be better than contacting someone with experience in a similar field; that’s where Storyline resumes come in.

Found by Robynn Storey in 2000, Storyline Resume takes their customer’s resumes as a challenge, which is why many of their customers have successfully managed to secure decent positions at popular firms.

And Yes! Robynn herself has been an HR for almost 8 years until she thought about becoming a resume writer 22 years ago.

This makes her exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced about what employers need when they are looking for a worker.

However, before we move on, let me tell you that the brand is unwilling to provide any resume guarantee, which might be an issue for some people.

Overall, their $989 executive resume package has positive reviews and includes most PREMIUM features.

Resume Go

If you’ve seen the famous Hewlett Packard, you must’ve heard of the HR Peter Yang, who co-found Resume Go.

Founded in 2017, the company’s mission was to always provide top-notch services for all types of groups regardless of budget issues. Which is why you will find more basic and mid range packages than the premium ones.

Moreover, I like the data-driven strategies ResumeGo uses to create resumes optimized for success.

They use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence tools to analyze job postings and industry trends, which helps them come up with something unique.

Finally, ResumeGo also offer a 60-day interview guarantee, and customers can also get an on-demand one-on-one consultation with an expert resume writer, who will work with the client to understand their needs.

And for all of this, they only charge $600, which sounds reasonable compared with other brands.


As a sales marketing executive, Christian Moritz uses his skills to help people pinch employers with their resumes.

However, that’s not the best part.

What I loved about the brand was its storytelling skills. Klaxos has some serious combination of matching who you are and what you can do.

Moreover, their use of the unique storytelling framework, which constantly emphasizes the client’s achievements, results, and impact, has also impressed me.

The executive resume package costs $1,199 and has a 4-day turnaround which is decent compared to others.

Finally, since the brand offers a 60-day interview guarantee and has amazing reviews, I recommend it to everybody seeking expert writing services.


The job of a resume is to land an interview, and that’s where Zipjob comes in.

Since many employers use ATS, Zipjob focuses on providing the best keyword-optimized resumes you can find.

All their workers are highly experienced in what they do.

Moreover, Zipjob ensures that its customers feel satisfied. For this reason, they offer unlimited revisions within 7 days of receiving the first draft, so clients can feel confident that their resume is exactly what they need.

And finally, like many other brands, Zipjob offers a 60-day interview guarantee in case things go wrong, all for $299.

iCareer Solutions

The company was founded in 2007 by Arna Markus, who has more than 15 national and international writing services awards.

A good thing about this brand is that they offer online consultations with their clients to get to know them better and understand their career goals, skills, and experience.

This helps iCareer Solutions create resumes and other career documents tailored to each client’s unique strengths and qualifications.

Finally, the brand has average online reviews. This is mainly because of their long turnaround time.

And in most cases, you cannot meet with the writer in person even when you pay $1,295 for the executive resume package.

Final Words

Regardless of how expensive a package you can purchase for writing an exceptional resume, it won’t suffice because resumes have now become a form of need.

You might apply for one job today; another dream job post will open tomorrow.

This is why I advise you to always invest in writing packages and learn to create an eye-catching resume yourself.

Not only would this be an amazing future investment, but it would save thousands of your dollars which might have been spent for other executive writing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I look for in an executive writing service?

A: When choosing an executive writing service, look for a provider with experience working with senior-level professionals and a proven track record of success.

In detail, I would recommend looking for a service that offers personalized attention, a tailored approach to career development, and a commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Q: How long does completing an executive writing service package take?

A: The timeline for completing an executive writing service package can vary depending on the provider and the level of customization required.

However, you should expect the process to take a week or so, as it often involves one-on-one consultations, multiple rounds of revisions, and a thorough review process.

Q: Can writing services guarantee job offers or interviews?

A: No reputable writing service can guarantee job offers or interviews, as ultimately, the decision to hire a candidate is up to the employer.

However, a good writing service can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers.

Marissa Letendre, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Marissa Letendre is a senior HR leader and resume expert with over 12 years of experience. She has worked for both startups and Fortune 50 corporations and has helped thousands land jobs at top companies. Marissa has written on a wide range of topics, including employee engagement, career development, resumes, job searching, recruiting, and organizational effectiveness and has been featured on sites such as Slack and The Undercover Recruiter.

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