Top (Effective) Product Manager Resume Templates and Samples

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Product managers ranked as one of the top 10 in-demand jobs for 2018 with a medium base salary of $113,000, according to Glassdoor’s best jobs in America report.

But if you want to secure this in-demand position, your resume needs to maximize its impact.

Are you looking for a product manager resume template for a product management role? These are some of the most popular resume templates that are used from senior product managers, technical product managers to associate product managers.

There’s fierce competition among product managers to land an ideal job, as the market matures. The more the number of startups scale up their product development, the more the need for product management. That’s where your role as a product manager becomes crucial.

While you’re going about your job search, do not forget to focus on some of the most important product manager skills that are required to make a lasting impressing on the hiring manager. Below are the details from a solid product manager resume sample or a product manager resume example.

Top Product Manager Resume Templates You Can Download

1. Leadership Skills

Help your resume standout by showcasing your leadership skills. For instance, if you have had experience leading a design team or coordinating between engineers, developers and other important stakeholders, make sure you include this information in your summary.

You can start your professional summary off by explaining your current role as a senior product manager coordinating a team of 15 associate product managers and leading cross-functional teams.

You can also mention the previous roles that lead you to that position, such as a junior product manager and associate product manager. You can also show your understanding of running design sprints by listing the task in your resume and briefly explaining what your design sprint involved.

2. Coding Knowledge

Indicating your programming expertise on your resume is a marketable skill that demonstrates your enhanced capability to lead a development team in building products better than a candidate who doesn’t understand coding.

For example, if you worked on side projects for various clients or successfully completed projects during a coding boot camp, ensure you include these projects on your resume.

List any coding languages that you have experience using on a regular basis or that may be relevant to the position or company, such as Python, Javascript, Ruby, Node.js or Java.

Also, make sure to highlight any unique coding and concept skills that are in-demand, such as machine learning or natural language process (NPL). Also, mention the product development processes that you’re skilled at, such as Agile or Agile-SCRUM, etc.

3. Market Research Skills

Product managers must understand consumers’ preferences and needs to identify products that drive value for their customers. So, it’s important to highlight your market research skills to demonstrate this ability, such as analyzing consumer demographics and forecasting by.

Even if you lack the experience in a professional role as a product manager, you can display your experience in other relevant projects, such as helping a non-profit organization research market trends.

4. Brand Positioning Proficiencies

Standing out among competing candidates for a product manager role calls for highlighting your ability to position a brand and projects. Showcase this by highlight your product marketing skills.

For example, display your creative expertise by naming relevant products you helped to execute and your strategy for accomplishing it, such as conceptualizing the content for advertising the copy on social media or on product packaging and coordinating with copywriters to drive the brand message correctly.

You can also demonstrate your brand positioning expertise by highlighting your career progression in seeing a project through from concept to launch, including defining and promoting the product and implementing the product strategy.

5. Project Management Skills

Product managers must lead teams and projects, so it’s critical to highlight your project management skills. For example, you can demonstrate how you collaborate with different teams to develop new ways to create innovative products.

Also, highlight how you manage the deadlines for project deliverables, ensure product requirements are being met and identifying failures in the project and assigning tasks to key stakeholders to fix to ensure the project meets its deadlines.

6. UX Experience

It’s essential to consider the end user when creating and designing a software product or app. That’s why it is critical to demonstrate your User Experience (UX) skills on your product manager resume template.

For instance, you can list tasks that showcase your UX background, including tasks that involve mapping out schematics for customer interactions or road mapping solutions to enhance the user’s experience.

Also, provide a link to your portfolio of work to prove your skills in a visual format.

7. Emotional Intelligence

According to research from McKinsey, external activities, such as partner and customer engagement, is expected to account for 30 percent of future product managers’ time. So, it’s also key to highlight your ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ).

Product managers must be able to demonstrate EQ, such as social awareness, relationship management, self-management and self-awareness, on their resume to drive impact.

For example, you can demonstrate social awareness and relationship management by sharing your success of persuading users to test a product, coordinating the beta testing process and creating a viable solution based on user concerns to enhance the product on your associate product manager resume.

8. Quantitative Skills

If you want to maximize the impact of your technical product manager resume, then it’s essential to include quantitative skills on your resume.

For instance, you can list how you define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) and industry benchmarks or your strategies for evaluating and allocating resources to ensure there is enough financial backing to support the development of the product you are overseeing.

Also, mention any experience in forecasting consumer behavior for buying products.

Product Manager Resume Samples and Examples

It’s not always easy to come up with inspiration to write a resume that’s effective and impactful. And so, below are a few samples from across the different sections of the resume to help you write an effective resume.

Career Summary Examples

1/ I build products for enterprises, emerging technologies and creative industries. I love establishing approaches that emphasize inclusiveness and team enablement. My experience in software engineering, product, design and academia helps me work with diverse teams, partners, stakeholders and customers.

2/ Sales and marketing solution strategy lead. 20+ years of advocating the voice the customer via digital medium, including CRM, account-based engagement, content marketing, sales enablement and e-commerce. I have held various roles in marketing and consulting. My passion is using technology to enable both sales and marketing to connect with and engage with a customer to create a positive connected experience.

3/ Product Manager with seven years of experience in building customer focused products and site experiences. I have been responsible for expanding the SaaS and e-commerce product suites. In addition, I have guided development teams in designing and implementing new ways to help increase members’ productivity and customer interactions across various platforms.

4/ Committed, creative and collaborative product leader with a successful track record of developing and deploying on-premise, SaaS and mobile software applications and learning resources that deliver results. I have a passion for working with customers to understand their needs and for developing solutions and products to solve them.

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Sample Skills

  • Product development
  • Product management
  • Program management
  • Strategic planning
  • Design research
  • Interaction design
  • User experience design
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Agile methodology
  • Product strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Product marketing
  • Requirements gathering and analysis

Professional Experience / Employment History Samples

1. Product manager sample

  • Working with the executive leadership teams to evaluate potential product line extensions and appropriate technology solutions based on a deep analysis of market opportunity and industry research, internal and external interviews, and product requirements analysis.
  • Lead cross-functional team responsible for rapidly designing and implementing new and improved customer site experiences.
  • Collaborate with design team to formulate the strategy and vision of a UI design system containing over 50 reusable components.
  • Organize and participate in customer feedback sessions to gather rapid feedback on prototypes and wireframes.
  • Manage the process from product development to product launch, ensuring execution is in line with project plan for complex product initiatives.
  • Manage the product’s P&L to ensure profitability for product initiatives.
  • Develop comprehensive business cases requiring analytical skills to assimilate complex data and concepts for new product functionality to serve as inputs to decision-making, prioritization, pricing and client value proposition.
  • Established team structure for the governing R&D program and grew from a single balanced team to four. Coached product managers and designers.
  • Built relationships with enterprise customers around product direction and feedback, served as R&D representative for the product line in sales pitches and customer support, etc.

2. Principal product manager sample

  • Developed and defined innovation initiatives for new services – from product strategy, customer and market research, technical specifications, acceptance criteria, wireframes, and high-fidelity mockups for functional prototypes.
  • Led development of an internal tool that combines Social mentions, App Store Reviews, and Customer Care metrics into Amazon Comprehend to deliver real-time insights into customer feedback, patterns, and trends via sentiment analysis and machine learning.
  • Championed customer-forward initiatives within Engineering, Product Management, Marketing, and Customer Support teams using qualitative and quantitative data for roadmap prioritization, strategic guidance, and go-to-market feature planning.
  • Created process framework and scoring model to audit innovation opportunities, while providing resource allocation recommendations for product and platform development.
  • Wrote white papers accompanied with primary research, quantitative market data, and product forecasts to shape technical concepts, trade-offs, and evaluate opportunities with internal and external partners.
  • Co-Authored patent for use within Advertising & Video business units and submitted approach to U.S. Patent Office.

3. Associate product manager sample

  • Lead cross-functional team responsible for rapidly designing and implementing new and improved customer site experiences.
  • Collaborate with design team to formulate the strategy and vision of a company-wide UI design system containing over 45 reusable components.
  • Organize and participate in customer feedback sessions to gather rapid feedback on prototypes and wireframes.
  • Partner with analytics to gather and evaluate data KPIs to help influence future site improvements.
  • Rapidly created and released 3 new product pages to help inform customers of inaccurate sizing costing the company $1MM+ annually.

4. Software product manager sample

  • Create a strategy and process to prioritize projects in the backlog and pipeline.
  • Define the product strategy by separating product lines based on company goals.
  • Define and maintain a product growth roadmap.
  • Discover and validate user needs.
  • Prioritize projects and tasks in the backlog and pipeline.
  • Increase the revenue by 24% YoY by implementing product improvements and new features.
  • Scope the projects with stakeholders by considering the business impacts including acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral.
  • Coordinate with different departments both on-site and offshore.
  • Deliver clear Jira requirement tickets by providing user flows, data maps, use cases, and other needed information.
  • Manage stakeholders’ expectations by following up with the team about the product development status.
  • Update the product backlog by hosting business reviews and collecting feedbacks when the features are ready.
  • Improve the internal project request flow to minimize the missing requests and smooth the communication among different departments by creating a project request and evaluation process.
  • Create a process and requirement template for A/B testing.
  • Proactively working with teams with different backgrounds in different time zones.
  • Build healthy communication channels to ensure efficient collaboration cross-functional.
  • Analyze the growth funnel and find out the key leverage.

5. Senior product manager sample

  • Fully revamped the company website using Agile methodology, wireframes, user stories, and iteration process of web development.
  • Managed ongoing website enhancement workstreams, from defining the vision to gathering business requirements, planning the roadmap, and prioritizing the product backlog.
  • Carried out custom integration with Hubspot, progressive profiling, lead routing, scoring model.
  • Built and delivered dashboards enabling near real-time view of digital business performance, and democratizing access for partners and leadership to key performance indicators.
  • Led a geographically distributed work team of web developers, designers and copywriters delivering the website as the entire product on time, on budget and with quality.
  • Partnered with stakeholders across Engineering, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales and Legal to support global product launches.

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