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Below are examples of industrial engineering resume objectives, professional experience and industrial engineering skills you can use as an inspiration.

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Industrial Engineering Resume Objective Examples

1. Experienced Industrial Engineer who can add value to your organization through the use of my industrial engineering experience doing time studies, sales and operations capacity planning, continuous improvement projects to improve productivity and operational effectiveness.

2. I am an enthusiastic Industrial Engineer who untangles complex challenges by strategically prioritizing work and researching new methodologies to tackle the problem and come up with an optimum and effective solution for both personal and professional career advancement.

3. I currently work at GHD as an engineering consultant helping clients around the world with their Industrial Water challenges. I am an MIT Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. graduate and a former entrepreneur. I have 9 years of experience developing energy-water systems across the full process life-cycle: rigorous fundamental research, initial concept-development (business case, feasibility, fundraising, initial patents etc.), engineering, piloting, operations & maintenance, and overall project management.

4. I’m an Industrial Engineering Masters student seeking full-time opportunities in Supply chain and Industrial Engineering roles. I specialize in Statistical Data Analysis (Excel, SAS), Simulation modeling (ARENA), Project management, ERP systems configuration (SAP S/4 HANA), Data Visualization (Tableau, PowerBI).

5. An Industrial Engineer seeking a full-time opportunity in Supply Chain/Quality Engineering with an established, goal- oriented, purpose-driven organization with scope for career advancement and professional development. I am a self-driven and straight-forward person who enjoys working in a fast-paced team environment. I possess great passion towards continuous improvement, data driven problem solving and learning new tools/technologies.

6. I currently work as an Industrial Engineer for 12 Regional Distribution Centers spread over 8 Million Square Feet of space. I am a graduate engineer with relevant years of professional experience in manufacturing, supply chain, Business Process Engineering, purchase & inventory management. I am a Six Sigma Green Belt with exposure to lean manufacturing & operations including JIT, Kanban, Kaizen, 5S, SPC, FMEA, DOE, VSM, TOC, RCA, TPM, 3P, AIW, demand forecasting, production planning & scheduling, facility layout & design.

7. Industrial Engineer with 4 plus years experience in Process Improvement, Logistics, Lean manufacturing, Industrial Engineering, warehouse management and Manufacturing execution systems. I’m a passionate individual who would go an extra mile to come up with creative solutions to problems which employ minimal resources. I strongly believe Lean and Six Sigma Principles will help enhance the productivity and efficiency of any organization.

8. As a result-driven mechanical and industrial engineer, I have accumulated over four years of professional experience in operations management, maintenance and reliability, facility planning, safety and quality, inventory control, and project management using Six Sigma and TQM techniques. Over the years I have expressed my exceptional leadership and communication skills. In previous roles, I was selected to lead several cross-functional teams to investigation equipment failures, performed root-cause analysis and saved over $100,000 in operational cost, trained employees on the job and QHSE polices, and stepped up to fill for operation managers and supervisors when needed.

9. A highly accomplished and goal-driven industrial engineer with extensive experience in program management, continuous improvement, capacity/bottleneck analysis, line balancing, and cost reduction. Possesses a proven track record of success in producing significant cost savings by improving workforce productivity and machine efficiency. A resourceful and cost-conscious professional who enhances machine and assembly line configurations to prevent bottlenecks; achieves critical metrics in cost reduction, safety, and ergonomics; and decreases staffing needed through workflow optimization.

10. An Industrial Engineer and Oregon State Alum with a strong background in student leadership. Multiple experiences in both manufacturing and the food packing industries. Have a background in building community and relationships to foster the best possible results in a group setting.

11. As a highly-motivated and technically sophisticated engineering professional with industrial and academic research experience, I help companies by applying the most efficient technologies and processes to meet their needs and achieve their goals. I am committed to the highest standards of excellence in communication, team leadership, and business optimization.

Industrial Engineering Skill Set Examples

Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, Lean Six Sigma, Business Analyses (BA), Configuration Value Management, Motivation and Leadership / Management, Capacity Planning, Time & Motion Studies, Metric Development, Data & Workflow Analysis, Productivity Improvement, Labor Utilization Resources, Process Reengineering, Job & Cost Analysis, Training & Development, Change Management, Engineering Management, Instructional Design, SAP, Facilities Design, Gauge R&R, Lean Manufacturing / Continuous Improvement, FMEA, DMAIC, Plant Layout Improvement, 5S, Kanban.

Industrial Engineering Professional Experience Samples

1. Industrial Engineer Resume Sample

  • Currently in charge of improving the reporting of ANDON reasons, following up on the Continuous Improvement Board that drives employees recommendations, assigned to support the Pick & Pack and Warehouse Value Streams as their Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer, providing data analysis and reporting metrics on takt times for each product line.
  • Assisting IE Team member in implementing use of shadow boards to better define tools needed and 6S.
  • Prepared weekly and monthly manpower/capacity/forecast reports for executive team, managers, and aircraft manufacturers to relay the company’s production capability to manage future commitments.

2. Industrial Engineering Resume Example

  • Develop most efficient ways to use people, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or service.
  • Help companies increase productivity.
  • Optimize methods of business organization.
  • Study product requirements and design manufacturing and information systems to meet requirements.
  • Develop management control systems.
  • Perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes.
  • Assist in financial planning and cost analysis.
  • Design production planning and control systems.
  • Design methods to ensure product quality.
  • Improve ways to distribute goods and services.
  • Resolve production problems.
  • Design layout of equipment and workspace.
  • Estimate production costs.
  • Create sampling procedures and designs.
  • Evaluate accuracy of production and testing equipment.
  • Study and rearrange org charts, material flow, and operations sequence.
  • Evaluate effects of product design changes.
  • Review production information to understand methods and activities in manufacturing and services. This includes, but is not limited to, production schedules, process flows and engineering specs.
  • Design control systems to minimize and resolve production issues and project costs.
  • Create systems and plan production to ensure all products meet quality control standards.
  • Develop standards for production and design by working with clients and management.

3. Industrial Process Engineer Resume Sample

  • Works on Automotive interiors products Door panels, Instrument panels, Cockpit systems, Floor & Overhead consoles.
  • Drives activities to achieve continuous improvement by maintaining overall quality, efficiency, and reliability of manufacturing procedure. Troubleshoot failure and inconsistencies throughout the plant then implement corrective action to resolve issues.
  • Lead engineer for an Industry 4.0 automation project, the goal is to autonomously collect as much as possible during the manufacturing process and analysis that data to reduce downtime, reduce scrap rate and waste.
  • Developing work assignments based on predetermined time standards (MODAPTS)
  • Works with the production management team, quality control, manufacturing, operation, maintenance teams for reports and statistics to improvise control plans, PFEMA and modify process activities (ODS) to support customer requirements on floor.
  • Maintained standard operating procedures (SOP), Work Instruction (WI), Error-proofing form, Process Flow Diagram and studied sequence operation cycle times (Time study).
  • Coordinated and lead investigations to resolve internal, customer issues through KPI trend chart, Q-Loop & 8D techniques.
  • Continuously trained production worker in the process to ensure safe, efficient operation, proper shot monitoring, and understanding of the process. Execute LPA audit, TS 16949 internal audit and Process audit for IP line and door assembly area.
  • Operating Laser Welding (ABB) robot, also responsible for its troubleshooting and audit manufacturing process checklist.

4. Industrial Engineer Resume Sample

  • Assisted in successful implementation of Priority ERP system and performed inventory management
  • Identified and maintained inventory levels for raw materials using ABC inventory method and managed material handlers & improved efficiency in material movement inside the firm.
  • Maintained raw material stock level at an economically optimal level and introduced Kanban System for Stock room inventory.
  • Acted as a member of material review board along with project managers determining material requirement for ongoing projects and used Cutlist plus-fx program to determine efficient usage of materials.
  • Created and Maintained daily work orders for shipping of finished goods and receiving of raw materials using FIFO inventory method and worked along with quality manager for inspection of raw materials.

5. Industrial Engineering Intern Resume Sample

  • Designed and Implemented a Pnumatic Automation Design for paint expulsion from Products thereby increasing throughput by 30%.
  • Utilized Statistical Process Control (SPC) by using Minitab and Excel to monitor the current production process by performing Capability studies (Cp and Cpk)
  • Effective Implementation of 5S and Kaizen standards to improve work space utilization and production.
  • Prepared and revised quality plans, inspection checklists, work instructions and other documents.
  • Assisted in training associates on quality related subjects, procedures and work instructions.

6. Industrial Engineer Resume Example

  • Led cross functional team consisting of Quality, OEM, Production, PPC, Supply chain personnel to develop processes for new plant setup
  • Designed layouts, calculations, data collection techniques and analysed large sets of data for reporting of KPI for PPC, Quality, Supply Chain and Production departments
  • Setup production processes to maximize manufacturing processes and performance to improve throughput
  • Active liaison between program management and Manufacturing to configure and monitor BOM
  • Designed requirements for the implementation of manufacturing execution system to inculcate industry 4.0 principles
  • Created a Supplier Pool Matrix using excel to reduce risks associated with procurement of parts and save $60K
  • Developed gantt charts for resource planning and scheduling multiple projects across multiple organizations
  • Designed future layout using AutoCAD and process flow designs using MS Visio for defining the flow of manufacturing process
  • Automated the delivery method of supplier as a part of continuous improvement for Just in Time delivery saving $30K.

7. Industrial Engineer – Healthcare & Control Systems Resume Sample

  • Exceeded system control goals by an average of 20% by analyzing and improving existing clinical and operational systems and processes, identifying value-added and non-value-added activities to solve design challenges.
  • Identified areas of opportunities and solutions to minimize redundancies by 70% through data analysis of systems and synthesizing data quality resulting in time reduction of 70%.
  • Increased efficiency by 20% by streamlining processes and schedules to reduce waste in clinical and operational processes.
  • Directed employee training for value stream mapping, project management, and continuous quality improvement for teammates.
  • Researched and published tests design ideas to determine feasibility, utilizing Lean principles, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and root cause analysis to formulate/support innovation, corrective actions, and continuous improvement activities.
  • Defined, created and developed process key performance indicators to improve technical documentation, including process flow charts, capacity, utilization studies, time and motion studies, standard work, cycle time analysis to increase productivity by 30%.

8. Senior Industrial Engineering Resume Sample

  • Reengineered and maintained accurate AutoCAD drawings of machine placements. Increased the available space by 30%.
  • Lead the implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodologies though the facility using Kaizen, Kanban, Value Stream, Failure Mode Effective Analysis, Poka-yoke, Root Cause Analysis, 6S, Visual Management, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and DMAIC with focus to eliminate Waste in Production, increase Cost and Safety.
  • Reduced the inventory cost by $10,000 per quarter by implementing the Pull System for inventory replenishment using fixed location system and ABC analysis.
  • Managed and lead the implementation of material handling system that increased cost savings by 120,000.
  • Compared forward forecast results and historical actual results for analysis of material handling defects for analysis.
  • Training and Developing production procedures, work instructions, for establishing production.
  • Provided project specialist support by maintaining functional excellence of Project Management lifestyle function using MS Project.
  • Developed weekly management reports and documentation including project status report which summarized project status and presented it to senior management and other stakeholders.

Industrial Engineering Key Achievements Examples

  • Increase of 18% labor efficiency as a result of a 4 month project to update over 1500 fabrication part numbers.
  • Five consecutive years: Maintained highest supplier standing through improved capacity tracking required for Boeing Production Readiness Assessment (PRA), and Airbus IPCA
  • Identified over $1.3M customer chargebacks used to negotiate future contracts.
  • 14.3% Increased production lines: Created a new line for Business Class Seats including layout, purchase of tools and equipment and staffing requirements
  • Increased number of pieces shipped by 20%, decreased staffing by 15%, and promoted store growth with $3.8 M dollar pack-to-light order fulfillment system that improved processing productivity, increased building cube utilization, & amplified SKU velocity.
  • $682K savings by conducting time studies to develop performance standards and metrics in the processing department.
  • $125K savings through improved processes by developing Tuesday Morning, Inc, first Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) manual that standardized key activities.
  • Workflow Improvement: Increased the efficiency of automated dual axis solar tracking system by 28% than the single axis and static panels.
  • Analysis and testing: Analyzed car crash in LS-Dyna software to reduce the after effects of crash by improving and/or introducing material of the car parts making the car safe in each trial.
  • Process Improvement: Reduced the latch plate thickness by 25% in an automobile seat track locking mechanism for smooth operation of fore/aft movement of the rails.

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