The Most Impactful Full Stack Developer Resume Samples

This guide equips you with the most impressive and impactful full stack developer resume samples for your inspiration to help you craft your own resume.

Whether you’ve recently acquired skills and experience to qualify you as a full stack developer or are updating your existing resume, this guide will be equally beneficial to you.

Our full stack developer resume samples are compiled from some of the most highly paid and experienced full stack developers working in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100.

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Full Stack Developer Resume Examples

These are some of the most impressive and impactful resume examples from full stack developers that are in key positions across the country, placed from unicorn startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Use these as an inspiration when updating your resume.

Here’s what to expect in terms of examples:

  • Resume Summary Examples
  • Key Skillset Examples
  • Professional Experience Examples
  • Achievements and Awards Examples

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Full Stack Developer Resume Summary Samples

  1. I am a full stack web developer with a strong background in JavaScript, Python, TypeScript and Rust. Comfortable with both front and back end technologies, I particularly enjoy working with server-side tools like Node.js, Express, Aiohttp, and RethinkDB. I am passionate about open source software and as a core maintainer on Hyperledger Sawtooth, I have had a chance to help shape the future of blockchain technology. I love functional programming, RESTful APIs, Agile, TDD/BDD, and mastering new challenges.
  2. Senior Java full stack developer with 10+ years of experience in various j2EE technologies including Microservices, AWS, Angular, PCF spring Springboot under different projects with domains like finance, insurance, healthcare.
  3. I am a software engineer with 7+ years of experience, passionate about developing fast, reliable, and easy to use client-oriented solutions that solve real-life problems. Certified Google Mobile Web Specialist. Great team member and can work as an individual contributor. I love what I do and am a fan of test-driven development. Open-source contributor.
  4. Full stack developer focusing on NLP of medical documents. Experience in front end development and automated testing. Working on developing a music web application called PowerPlaylist to create a platform for collaboration on musical selection at events. Ability to work in teams or independently; creative problem solver; willing to continue to work hard even when there is no obvious, immediate progress; ability to focus; honest and easy going with a passion for music, golf and science.
  5. Junior full stack engineer with experience supporting SaaS fintech, analytics, and identity platforms. Each of my roles in the past 6 years involved daily use of the logging and monitoring tools Splunk or Kibana. Familiar with Jira for task and issue tracking. Adept with Git, HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript. Also experienced with Python, Node.js, Express, EJS and MongoDB.
  6. Full stack software developer with years of experience building lightning-fast and massively scalable websites, web apps, REST APIs, socket servers, and databases with elegantly clear and succinct code, automated tests, and data-analysis.
  7. Senior full-stack JavaScript developer with experience in Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery and others. Founder and organizer of the JavaScript Meetup (with over 3,000 developers). Bitcoin aficionado. Currently a JavaScript fanatic, but previously over a decade of experience with the LAMP stack and other technologies.
  8. I’ve had the privilege of building web applications for over 14 years for companies from startups to firms with over 10 billion in revenue. Learned a thing or two converting systems with legacy code into state of the art modern enterprise web applications as well as building business applications from the ground up. Enjoy building scalable CloudNative products and e-commerce business. Extensive experience working with responsive design, restful web-services, containers and microservices architecture. Experience with React, Angular, javaScript, Bootstrap, mobX, redux, Node.js, SCALA, JAVA, .NET, SQL, noSQL, ColdFusion, Ruby and Python.
  9. Full-stack JavaScript developer with experience using PostgreSQL/Node/Express/React to build web apps. I have 5+ years of experience in sales and customer service that has helped me to excel in interacting with stakeholders and delivering on expectations. Looking forward to connecting and learning about new opportunities.
  10. I’m an ambitious full stack developer looking for new opportunities to work on leading-edge and exciting projects in an environment and culture where ownership of work is encouraged. Striving to apply my current skills and learn more about new technologies, continue to utilize new skills to produce cutting-edge software.

Key Full Stack Developer Skillset Examples

  • Front End: Javascript, React.js, React Native, Redux, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Back End: Ruby, Rails, Java, Node.js, Express.js
  • UI Frameworks: Semantic UI, Material-UI, Bootstrap, Ant Design,
  • Database: PostgreSQL, SQLite, NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB, Google Cloud Datastore)
  • BaaS/Serverless: AWS, Firebase
  • Data Analysis: Tableau, Excel (expert)
  • Deploy: Github Pages, Heroku
  • Audio: Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Production
  • Mobile: Android, Swift, Objective-C
  • Extensively worked on core technologies like Core Java, Collection framework, Concurrency Framework and design patterns.
  • Worked on Spring framework and its component like Spring core, Srping MVC, Spring data, Spring Boot etc.
  • Worked on J2EE and MVC framework like Struts 1.2
  • Good knowledge of ORM tools like Hibernate.
  • Worked on unit testing framework like Junit, Mockito, Test Driven Development, code coverage.
  • Knowledge of databases like Mysql, Sql Server, Oracle and MongoDB
  • Strong in User interface Design and implementation.
  • Used Python for API testing.
  • Good knowledge of event handling using Apache Kafka.
  • Experience in reverse proxy setup using Nginx.
  • Experience in writing API’s using Rest Webservices.
  • Experience in architecting microservices using Zuul Gateway and Eureka Discovery service.

Full Stack Developer Professional Experience Samples

1. Junior Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

  • Integrating automation technologies with the winemaking industry.
  • Real time data reporting and analysis with ELK and Chart.js.
  • Frontend development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React/Angular/Vue, Bootstrap, jQuery, Flask).
  • Backend development (Python, Elasticsearch, C, C++).
  • CI/CD for data reporting and dashboard (Trello, Bitbucket, Bamboo).
  • Advanced SaaS networking between on-premise server and AWS cloud (Route 53, Amazon VPC).

2. Full Stack Developer Resume Example

  • Architected and implemented new IoT data pipeline for organization using Amazon MSK (Kafka), wrote Terraform automation scripts to deploy necessary infrastructure for both the Kafka cluster and consumer ECS cluster.
  • Utilized Terraform to build new monitoring platform for organization, consisting of Prometheus and Grafana, hosted and deployed in AWS.
  • Enhanced and maintained multiple responsive web applications for home automation and smart security platform.
  • Designed, implemented, and tested conditional rendering pattern to facilitate higher application maintainability and scalability (Angular and React compatible).
  • Enhanced and maintained TypeScript library to provide reusable code for multiple applications.
  • Led security initiatives by planning, analyzing and architecting solutions across web and platform teams.
  • Worked with remote team to gain system knowledge and build proof of concept using Ruby on Rails.
  • Built out initial patterns and code base for consumer web application using React.js and Redux.
  • Migrated features to new smart security platform to retire old application. Enhanced CI/CD pipeline with automated deployments.
  • Implemented chat bot to facilitate QA processes using the Hubot framework.
  • Primary code utilization included React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Angular, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Puppeteer, Enzyme, Jest, and Terraform.
  • Amazon Web Services: ECS Fargate, MSK, ECR, EC2 (VPC, ALB, etc), S3, EFS, and CodePipeline.

3. Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

  • Tech used: JavaScript/TypeScript, MongoDB, React, GraphQL, Kibana, Serverless Framework, AWS, and Java.
  • Built retail store client (TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB, External API): customer profile, customer audit, employee audit, comment history.
  • Developed online client (TypeScript, GraphQL, MongoDB, External API) for online loan originations and legal compliance.
  • Expanded our core serverless micro-services as needed (JavaScript, TypeScript): core-user, core-verifications, core-loans.
  • Maintained our code base with regular Code Climate recommendations, refactoring for quality and readability.
  • Aided in transitioning our online team off of legacy Java applications using .jsp and Java 5.
  • Acquired AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.
  • Built loan management systems applications for Retail and Online customers nationwide on every layer of the stack.

4. .Net Full Stack Developer Resume Example

  • Full stack development with Angular, Typescript, Node JS, .Net Core, Microsoft Azure Services, C#, .Net Core Development with ServiceStack and Redis Server, Azure DevOps, Octopus Deployment, Git version control, Agile methodologies (Scrum) using Jira software.
  • DevOps task using Docker container and Kubernetes clusters.
  • Web Development with React framework.
  • Migrate APIs and MVC applications from .Net Framework to .Net Core framework.
  • Create Docker containers for each application and hosting using Kubernetes.
  • Create CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps connecting to Octopus Deploy tool.
  • Full Stack development using Angular JS and Angular 6 with Typescript.
  • Use SignalR for .Net Core technologies to create Real Time applications.
  • Maintain and create new features for website using React and Next Server.
  • Integration with 3rd party APIs across applications.
  • Create and maintain android service using Kotlin.
  • Bug tracking with Kibana tools and Elastic Search.

5. Senior Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

  • Currently rebuilding the infrastructure and tooling used to build and send messages by technical and non-technical users.
  • Built a customer segmentation product using React, Redux, Spring Boot, and Spark which allows engineers to write Presto/SparkSQL queries to send messages to customers. This product sends over 2 billion messages per week through 60+ recurring and 100+ ad hoc segment jobs.
  • Created the Messaging Partner program to support technical and non-technical teams from across the organization in carrying out Messaging feature requests.
  • Built an interactive SMS chatbot using Amazon Lex for Hack Day which can respond to questions with personalized recommendations.
  • Built and maintained WhatsApp Enterprise backend infrastructure to send and receive WhatsApp messages to engage customers in developing markets.

6. Full Stack Web Developer Resume Example

  • Collaborated with clients to determine project specifications and scope.
  • Led Design Driven Development initiatives as Subject Matter Expert and primary point-of-contact for project management staff.
  • Used various technologies, including React/Native, PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL and other libraries as needed.
  • Conducted unit and integration testing to deliver optimal functionality.
  • Planned and engineered RESTful web services to manipulate dynamic datasets.
  • Interfaced with cross-functional team of business analysts, developers and technical support professionals to determine comprehensive list of requirement specifications for new applications.
  • Kept abreast of emerging technologies, software and trends and project applications.

7. Full Stack Web Developer Resume Sample

  • Technical Scope: Node JS, Adonis JS, MySQL, Lucid ORM, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, Javascript, jQuery, Vue JS, Vuex.
  • Acquired requirements from the client’s(faculties/staff) for web application development.
  • Designed a database model (ER diagram) based on the requirements and written custom queries to develop the advanced reports.
  • Build RESTfull backend API services integrated with external web applications like Canvas LMS.
  • Implementation of OAuth2 and LDAP for internal authentication services based JWT.
  • Developed single page application(SPA) with state management to consume the API.
  • Managing a team of 6, by dividing the task and review code before merging into git master.
  • Maintaining and deploying applications and ensure they are running in the Linux server with zero downtime.

8. Entry Level Full Stack Developer Resume Example

  • Worked directly with the client stakeholder to determine both project requirements and constraints pre-development.
  • Developed a single-page application utilizing React, Redux, Postgres, Express, JavaScript, NPM, to allow for users to access the platform from anywhere they have internet access, not just their local machine like the prior method, as well as allowing for easily exportable data via .pdf as well as.csv where further analysis could be done.
  • Built accessible React components from designed mockups.
  • Collaborated with product managers to identify issues and improve products.
  • Focused on usability and accessibility of software products by implementing Material-UI styling.
  • Utilized HTML/CSS Flex and Grid to drive website front-end.
  • Integrated user accessibility with Google OAuth2.0/ salted and hashed local user authentication within the site.
  • Worked within GDPR/OWASP/NIST standards.
  • Managed ongoing hosting and deployment of the site.

9. Java Full Stack Developer Resume Sample

  • AngularJS as framework to create a Single Page Application.
  • Responsible for building RESTful APIs.
  • Integrated process into build system which auto-generates REST API documentation from source code improving API documentation quality and availability while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Designed and documented REST/HTTP APIs, including JSON data formats and API versioning strategy.
  • Spring MVC as framework and JavaScript for major data entry, which involved extreme level of data validation at client side using Ajax
  • Refactored and enhanced an existing AngularJS application to follow strict MVC patterns for improved source code maintenance which resulted in 40% code reduction, ease of upgrade, scalability, ease of developer spin up and enhanced performance.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 latest tags are used to design the web-pages and HTML local storage web applications are used to store data.
  • SOAP UI for web services testing.
  • Eclipse IDE for designing, coding and developing applications.
  • Maven tool to build, overlay and deploy the code.
  • Involved in an Agile based approach to UI Development.

Achievements and Awards’ Examples

  • Inspired 22 people to learn the touch typing skill (on by demonstrating the end result by myself (with an average of 380 characters/minute). 5 of them managed to fully complete the course.
  • Organized a set of internal workshops related to single-page app development in order to strengthen team skills in Angular.js as well as a unit and e2e testing. The majority of the participants successfully demonstrated gained skills by applying them to their primary projects.
  • [MCP] Implemented a tool for uploading UI labels translations on different languages for three environments, which simplifies the process from 5 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • [USF] Together with a team-lead (back-end dev) delivered 60% of the MVP during the January 2017 holidays and then performed a stunning demo to the client.
  • Within several weeks in spare time developed 5 initial screens which were launched in the production.
  • Developed and open-sourced a custom plugin for Grunt (grunt-ng-html-snapshot) which allows an Angular.js app to be indexed by search engine bots.
  • 85% UI coverage with unit-tests.
  • Optimized digest cycle in the app by reducing it by 1.5 times.
  • Contributed to the internal UI library (pnc-ui) that was being used for multiple apps across organization (Corporate Solutions).
  • Client was happy with the result and ordered a satellite project to support USF (underwriter’s summary form).
  • Implemented a single npm script allowing to build client/server side, launch Redis and lift node.js server in a debug mode. That reduced local launch time from 2 minutes to 40 seconds.
  • Fixed several production defects on average affecting 2500 users per hour.

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