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Computer Engineering Resume Objective Samples

1. I have over 30 years of R&D experience in computer science and engineering. I’m passionate about the theory and application of probabilistic graph models, Bayesian machine learning methods, neural networks, and deep learning. Other research interests and expertise include dataflow graphs, queuing networks, Petri nets, hierarchical Bayesian networks, Markov chains, hierarchical mixture models, hidden Markov models, and Kalman filters.

2. A quick, analytical learner, detail-oriented applications developer with 1+ YoE in Deep Learning, Data Science and Python, 1+ YoE in C++, C# and Unity3D, 3+ YoE in Data Analytics.

3. Experienced Algorithm Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in several industries ranging from semiconductors to banking. Skilled in Windows, Embedded Software, Matlab, Critical Thinking. Strong engineering professional with extensive part time graduate level studies in Algorithms/Math/EE Computer Vision/Machine Learning.

4. I’ve spent my 11 year career collecting a set of skills that I am particularly proud of. These skills include, machine learning, product design, simulated testing, biomechanics, product geometry optimization, software development, soft goods manufacturing and wearable technology development.

5. Experienced Computer Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in SOAP, Hibernate, Java, XSLT, and .NET Framework. Strong engineering professional with a Master of Science in Computer Science focused in Ms in Computer Science from Maharishi University of Management.

6. Creative and hands-on machine learning and computer vision researcher. Developed advanced real-time 2D/3D object detection/segmentation systems based on KITTI and SUN-RGBD datasets. Build several machine learning models to address challenge problems in video understanding. Publications in top-tier computer vision conference. Hands-on experience in building highly available distributed systems to process large video data sets (millions of frames). Hands-on experience in deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch. Hands-on experience in training deep learning models by using both Google and AWS’s GPU cloud instances.

7. 4-year experience as an algorithm engineer and 6-year machine learning and computer vision research experience. Passionate about stochastic optimization, ML/DL/GAN, and Coding. Strong collaboration and communication skills. I am open to software engineering, machine learning engineer and computer vision engineer positions.

8. Computer Vision Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in industry. Skilled in deep learning, like object detection, semantic segmentation. Also classical 2D/3D perception, e.g SLAM, pointcloud processing, etc. Strong engineering professional with a Master’s degree focused in Robotics from Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

9. I am a computer vision enthusiast. Presently, I work at Rivian Automotives on solving perception problems for cars. In the past I have worked at Digimarc corporation as a Research engineer. I have worked on projects related to Digital Watermarking, Image Recognition systems, and Biometric Recognition Systems.

10. Most of my career was spent bringing AI to the edge devices using edge computing. Currently, I am working on the “Performance Optimization of Deep Learning Algorithms”. I have developed Deep Learning algorithms which can work reliably and efficiently on edge devices. My expertise includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision. I have worked on Object Detection and Recognition, Classical Machine Learning Techniques, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analysis and OCR.

11. I am a forward-thinking, and goal-oriented professional with an extensive background in leading computer system validation programs and initiatives. I have consistently leveraged my skills in analysis of computer systems to identify gaps in compliance and requirements and providing sustainable resolution as well as my talent for developing and implementing critical validation and compliance documents to positions myself as a strategic alliance with the organization. I am accomplished as a transformational leader with the proven ability to build and guide teams to the achievement of operational excellence.

Key Skills for Computer Engineers

Machine learning, Pattern recognition, Artificial Intelligence, graph models, graph processing, statistical data modeling, probability theory and practice, stochastic process models, statistical signal processing, Bayesian networks, Markov networks, Markov chains, Markov logic networks, MCMC methods, Variational Bayes methods, ensemble methods, stochastic optimization, neural networks, deep learning, reinforcement learning, knowledge-gradient optimal learning, semi-supervised learning, recurrent neural network learning (expert with LSTM and GRU), time-series prediction, symbolic dynamic analysis, anomaly detection, PyMC3, Spark, ND4J/S, Deeplearning4j, Matlab, VHDL, SystemC, OpenCL, algorithm design, analysis and optimization, queuing networks, dataflow graph model of computation, discrete-event simulation development, multiprocessing system development, wireless sensor networks, Industrial IoT, network protocol technologies, telemetry data transport, space technology, lidar imaging (3D) data processing, lidar altimetry (airborne & spaceborne), image processing, everything Python, PyTorch, Torch, MXNet, TensorFlow, Keras, Julia, Flux.jl, Turing.jl, Caffe, Scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, decision trees, random forest and XGBoost, latent topic modeling, NLTK, spaCy, fastText, adept at AWS EC2, SageMaker, S3, Redshift, Athena, MS Azure, GCP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Neo4j, ArangoDB.

Computer Engineering Professional Experience Examples

Below are samples from across computer engineering roles with varying experience levels and those that have worked in different types of companies.

Use these only as inspiration, but these computer engineering resume samples will give you enough insights into how you should craft yours to make an impact on the recruiter or the hiring manager.

1. Senior Computer Vision Engineer Resume Sample

  • Developing and overseeing SMART metrics for hardware, software, and storage
  • Ensuring strategic capacity planning
  • Managing all or part of the IT department, including directly supervising some employees, hiring certain members, and handling employee concerns and performance
  • Communicating with the technology team and other departments as collaboration requires
  • Determining business requirements for IT systems
  • Coordinating IT activities to ensure data availability and network services with as little downtime as necessary
  • Overseeing departmental finances, including budgeting and forecasting
  • Implementing policies that are chosen by executives and reporting back to the C-suite level
  • Identifying security vulnerabilities and eliminating them with strategic solutions that increase data security
  • Directing and supporting the implementation of new software and hardware
  • Identifying and recommending new technology solutions
  • Managing the organization’s help desk
  • Working with various department personnel to find DevOps solutions to manage business activities
  • Supervising a team of workers, while working closely with management, external vendors and advisors
  • Preparing financial budgets and presenting IT forecasting and proposals for capital projects to senior executives
  • Researching and recommending new products, services, and/or solutions
  • Leading efforts to improve microservices IT processes

2. Computer Engineering Resume Example

  • Customer support call center, support of membership services enrollment business and financial applications.
  • Business partner account creation Xen Desktop Xen Servers/IIS 300+ users SAST Support and troubleshooting of Xen Desktop Windows XP, Windows 7, 10 Active Directory, Group Policies administration across multiple domains SCCM Administration of 70 Citrix-Xen servers and VMware ESXi/ESX 4.x and VMware VCenter Server virtual desktops Cots And remote support of WMS Kaiser Permanente San Diego, Ca. 3000+ users
  • Research application issues as they arise in the production system
  • Monitor Remedy7/BMC Remedy Help Desk tickets frequently and respond to users quickly
  • Perform application maintenance in a Windows and Citrix virtual based web stack environment
  • Partner with Software Development and Operations teams to diagnose Azure Production System issues
  • Monitor and report on projects and system health to upper level management
  • Support the business by managing the production environment to maintain uptime and stability
  • Document, analyze, and lead process improvements.
  • Coordinate and execute software rollout activities.
  • Participate actively in an Agile development oriented environment.
  • Set up and support users Infrastructure WMS Filenet.
  • Build and deploy network and desktop enterprise infrastructure.
  • Interface with the customers across multiple business units to manage expectations.
  • Participate in rotating on-call responsibilities.

3. Computer Engineer Resume Example

  • Implemented an Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox in Unity.
  • Terrain-mapping by depth sensing: Utilized depth sensors to create a height map for a terrain, achieved 22 fps
  • Projector-camera (Procam) calibration between Kinect and overhead display system in C++
  • Implemented 3D point cloud projection mapping for AR Sandbox for Celeria, an ocean-wave modelling system, in Unity3D using Kinect
  • Implemented native C++ DLLs and write C# Wrappers for making it Unity-compatible
  • Implement the method described in “Simple, Accurate, and Robust Projector-Camera Calibration”, authored by Daniel Moreno and Gabriel Taubin to achieve Procam calibration.

4. Computer Vision Engineering Resume Example

  • Performed image processing tasks including image segmentation and data denoising for hyperspectral imagery (HSI) from a high-throughput plant phenotyping system.
  • Developed data-driven models to identify important changes in plants in response to various stresses as a function of time, using HSI as input.
  • Developed deep-learning algorithms to characterize agriculture field conditions using geospatial imaging.
  • Designed a machine learning pipeline to predict early stages of stress in plants using HSI. UsedScikit-learn and TensorFlow for development and AWS SageMaker for deployment of the model.
  • Built interactive data visualization dashboards for scientists to understand physiological changes in plants.

5. Junior Computer Engineer Resume Sample

  • Designed the solution for Inventory Level analysis using Depth sensors and Deep learning. The model was trained on 1080Ti GPU and can run on Jetson tx2 board. The module can be plugged into an AGV/Drone which will scan the bin area and update the backend with inventory details.
  • Came up with Augmented Reality solution to help members shop optical / glasses online. Designed an iOS application for iPhoneX where members can scan their face and glasses will be recommended to them based on their face measurements.
  • Created a face recognition module for identifying members. The module was designed for edge computing using TensorFlow Lite.

6. Computer Validation Engineer Resume Sample

  • Develop, implement and maintain compliance systems for IT Operations. Author, review and execute protocols for computerized system validation.
  • System Administrator for Waters Empower 3 Chromatography Data System and associated VMWare View Clients, StarLIMS, Ignition EMS, TrackWise, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager, WinSotax Plus Agilent and Distek Dissolution systems, eCTDXpress, SmartQC and many other laboratory systems. Department Training Coordinator for Compliance Wire and MasterControl.
  • Authored and revised SOPs for GMP Computerized Systems including Life Cycle, Validation Planning, Assessment, Specifications, Validation (IQ / OQ / PQ) Protocols, Trace Matrices, Periodic Review, Retirement Planning, Investigations and CAPAs.
  • Provide ongoing validation, remediation and system administration support for Empower 3, StarLIMS, TrackWise, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager, Ignition, WinSotax Plus, Agilent WinUV, Distek OPT-DISS as well as other laboratory systems.
  • Recently completed validation of Ignition EMS, Agilent WinUV, Thermo FT-IR Microscope, Phenom SEM, Malvern 3000 PSA, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager R3 FR5, as well as several laboratory systems.
  • Successfully completed migration of Tivoli Storage Manager to Symantec NetBackup, and an In-House SOP / LMS system to a NextDocs based Training Admin System and retirement of several legacy laboratory systems.
  • Current validation projects include Agilent and Distek Dissolution Systems, LabX, NIR and Natoli Tool Management II.
  • Upcoming projects include additional computerized laboratory instrumentation systems as well as computerized production equipment systems.

7. Data Scientist and Computer Engineering Resume Sample

  • Using machine learning and deep learning for computer vision problems to deliver artificial intelligent solutions.
  • Traffic Congestion System optimization of Neural Networks based algorithms
  • Developed a proprietary algorithm to improve the tracking of detected vehicles using base computer vision methods.
  • Worked on streamlining the end to end pipeline for the project.
  • Did kernel level optimizations on low cost embedded hardware to run the computer vision algorithm at real time fps.
  • Improved the stability issues of the system like memory leaks, crash due to excessive file writes, maximizing the CPU to GPU performance on the embedded device.
  • Implemented an algorithm in Yolov3 for pruning proprietary object detection neural network.
  • Developed Deep Learning algorithms which can run on low compute capability devices such as NVIDIA edge devices
  • Worked on Code Optimization for inference the Deep Learning Algorithms.
  • Leveraged Tensorrt (by NVIDIA) for faster inference of the existing Deep Learning Algorithms on platforms such as NVIDIA edge devices and improved the DL inference performance 40%
  • Leveraged C++/Python libraries for faster tracking of the existing algorithms on platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson devices.
  • Developed OpenCV image Multi-threading reading algorithm and improved the performance 30%

8. Computer Engineering Resume Example

  • Played a leading role in research and development of package singulation robot, side by side eliminator robot products which have sales potential over 2 Billion USD a year.
  • Proposed novel neural network designs, designed custom loss functions and novel annotation methods to optimize the robot’s operational efficiency to beat the state-of-the-art flow rates in the package handling industry.
  • Architected the Singulation Robot’s Artificial Intelligence module by increasing scalability, modularity and flexibility.
  • Conducted interviews, helped mentoring and recruiting efforts.

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