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Chemical Engineer Resume Objective Samples

1. Experienced Chemical Engineering Sales Account Manager in the Gulf Coast region with a demonstrated history of sustainable, profitable growth selling in the downstream chemicals industry. Skilled technically in Petroleum Refining, Fuel Additives, Water Treatment and Catalyst. 12+ years in sales. To date, on both year over year quarterly and yearly measurements of profit growth, I have been always delivered profitable growth.

2. Chemical Engineer with 10+ years of experience in project management, quality control and quality assurance (QA/QC), research projects. Skilled in the development and management of capital investment projects in the oil & gas industry. Experienced in alternative energy solutions, laboratory practices, and production infrastructure design. Seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills and experience. Passionate about challenges and determined to achieve the proposed objectives even under the hardest of circumstances.

3. Experienced professional in multiple engineering design areas in oil & gas, petrochemical, and automation industries. Results oriented team player, focused on executing quality work and on budget/time delivery. I strongly believe in loving what you do, learning from others, and sharing what I know with my team. I am driven by loyalty to my employer and client satisfaction. I am a “get my work done” fan, enjoy planning/tracking work, and problem solving to help the team meet project objectives.

4. Process engineering design as a supporting and lead engineer in the oil & gas industry within oil refineries, natural gas facilities, and utility sites. Experience includes system design and evaluation with emphasis on safety, simulations in multiple softwares, PFD and HMB generation, P&ID design from redline to IFC, numerous hydraulic studies, equipment design and evaluation (pumps, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks), PSV sizing and rating, vendor bid reviews, multidisciplinary support for numerous roles, report writing based on detailed calculations, and adequate field exposure.

5. I am a Chemical Engineer with a focus in process development. I have worked in various different types of chemical industry such as pharmaceutical, electroplating, and most recently in radiochemistry.
I have extensive use in many different types of instrumentation and analytical techniques such as alpha spectrometry, gamma spectrometry, mass spectrometry and HPLC.

6. I am a June 2020 Chemical Engineering graduate (B.S.) with interests in designing and optimizing chemical processes while minimizing environmental impacts. Currently, I am seeking exciting opportunities related to process engineering and design, with specific interests in the industries of pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemicals, and energy.

7. I am an early career Chemical Engineer seeking to transition from a research and development role to a process engineering role with a focus in process design. I wish to contribute to bigger projects and learn more about practical production processes. As an engineer, I am truly passionate about my work and always eager to find solutions to very complex problems. My favorite part of working on a project is collaborating with other engineers/scientists.

8. Chemical engineer currently in the data analytics and remote monitoring space. Previous background in the ethanol, biodiesel, soybean crush, and sugar refining industry with diverse plant engineering/operations roles.

9. Results oriented chemical engineer professional with 4+ years of experience in the medical device and diagnostics industry. Creative thinker adept at solving complex problems and driving projects to completion. My mission has always been to make a difference in healthcare by applying my experience and expertise and focus on advancing science to make life better for people around the world.

10. Chemical Engineer with demonstrated experience in the design of Mechanical and Chemical Systems in the Power Industry including experience as Mechanical/Chemical Engineer of Record in Michigan. Interests and expertise include Client Relationship Management, Engineering Management, Chemical and Industrial Systems Design, Equipment Specification Development, Contract Management, and Technical Bid Evaluation.

11. Bilingual Chemical Engineer with 7 years’ experience in oil & gas industry at upstream operation as a Solids’s Control Supervisor onshore and Knowledge of production of onshore oil and gas wells by stimulation and wellbore remediation on productivity, injectivity and profitability; experience in water treatment and waste management at the field conducted in a laboratory environment.

Chemical Engineering Skill Set Examples

Areas of Experience: battery materials, cobalt chemistry, aqueous metal recovery, inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, olefin polymerization, ethylene oligomerization, carbonylation, hydroformylation (oxo catalysis), metal carbonyls, metal isocyanides, coordination complexes, homogeneous catalysis, organic chemistry, cycloaddition catalysis, pressure chemistry, vapor phase chemistry, high-throughput experimentation.

Product & Materials of Direct Experience: hydrocarbons, high-energy fuels, chemical intermediates, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene, polyolefins, linear alpha olefins (LAO), poly alpha olefins (PAO), ethylene propylene rubbers (EPDM), polyketones, elastomers, oxo alcohols, oxo products, synthetic lubricants, functional polymers, surfactants, olefin oligomerization, fluorophosphines, degradable materials, polycarbonates, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), engineering thermoplastics, advanced resins.

Specialties: People leader, Personnel Development, Technical leadership, Project management, Technology assessment, Process development and optimization, Innovative experimental approaches, Statistics and experimental design, Modeling and reactor design, Variety of industrial chemistries, Oral and written communication, Taking chemistry from the laboratory to commercial-scale production. Laboratory design and construction, Process safety, Reaction, Extraction, Distillation, Drying, Algae farming.

Chemical Engineer Professional Experience Examples

1. Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Designed numerous hydraulic systems and preformed numerous hydraulic studies in AFT Fathom, Hysys, and Excel; including sizing/rating hydrocarbon process pumps, storm water and oily water systems design, 2-phase evaluations to determine fluid flowing profile, relief system hydraulics that comply with API 521, and control valve sizing.
  • Development of hundreds of P&IDs from a blank sheet to an IFC P&ID for numerous projects. Field walk downs to verify tie-in and demolition P&IDs. Responsible for P&ID coordination with drafting team and MOC management.
  • Design of many horizontal and vertical vessels for 2-phase and 3-phase separation (gas-HC-water). Development of vessel datasheets and sketches to list key deliverables including dimensions, instrumentation, and unique internals.
  • Interdisciplinary work with mechanical team for equipment handoffs and bid evaluations, I&C team for instrumentation and control narratives, and India team for P&ID coordination and drafting efforts.
  • Application of API 521 for PSV sizing and rating for many projects. Application of API 2000 for tank venting and design of pressure control system on tanks.
  • Developed a Promax TEG natural gas dehydration simulation, PFD, and HMB for 550 MMSCFD plant.

2. Chemical Engineering Resume Example

  • Conducted research and experiments with electrochemical and membrane separation technologies for bioprocess and water purification applications.
  • Developed process flow diagrams (PFDs) and cell schematics for capacitive deionization using Microsoft Visio.
  • Designed and optimized a data acquisition program in Python to monitor membrane flux of ultrafiltration membranes, and subsequently export performance data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Analyzed samples using High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Ion chromatography, and interpreted results to make critical research decisions.

3. Assistant Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Worked on a sustainability report to uncover projects to reduce waste & carbon footprint for current and future sustainability goals.
  • Constructed a vital report on the most effective technology for leak detection through pH analysis.
  • Maintained reliable continuous operations of a multi-unit process pilot plant including plug flow reactors, distillation columns, condensers and heat exchangers and strippers.
  • Identified any problems in the execution of experimental processes through accurate interpretation of results.
  • Performed hands-on maintenance (through use of Swagelok) and troubleshooting to ensure efficient operation.
  • Utilized analytical techniques like GC and Karl Fischer titration to determine process performance and to make the necessary adjustments to reach desired operating conditions.
  • Troubleshot GC equipment to allow for on time data acquirement.
  • Created a solution guide for common issues occurring on GCs for other engineers. This guide allowed for increased productivity as engineers were able to solve simple challenges without needing further guidance.
  • Ensured effective communication between operation team and project leads through proper documentation, detailed operating notes, and appropriate data logging.
  • Created and edited P&ID diagrams using Microsoft Visio any process changes.
  • Developed and revised SOPs for pilot plant operations.
  • Trained new team members in the safe operation and data analysis for the pilot plant process.
  • Monitored individual process units, using LabVIEW software, to ensure safe and reliable operations.

4. Senior Chemical Engineering Resume Example

  • Characterizing enrichment devices and conversion processes
  • Assessments for optimal processing parameters
  • Development and analysis of approaches to mitigate chemical and physical impediments to processes and the implementation of material and design goals.
  • Development and execution of complex test plans involving significant data collection and interpretation, assessment of results, and incorporation of steps for continuous improvement of processes.

5. Chemical Engineer Resume Sample

  • Characterized fluidic parameters for disposable microfluidic cartridge and collection device for the diagnostic system
  • Designed and performed design verification studies for cartridge and collection device
  • Developed and optimized processes for resist stripping, surface functionalization and biomolecule printing on biosensor silicon chip for assay
  • Supported process and equipment development for scale up of biosensor chip processing
  • Generated IO/OQ/PQ protocols and successfully commissioned, qualified and validated equipments
  • Interfaced between external vendors and internal operations team to scale up in house process and tools for automated cartridge assembly
  • Created design documentation including FMEA analysis for the current design of cartridge and collection device
  • Led documentation of design, study plans, test reports in Greenlight Guru under design control environment
  • Successfully ported assays on the biochip in the cartridge in collaboration with the assay team
  • Successfully planned and executed clinical studies with the assay team. Analysed data, identified problems, engaged in root cause analysis and implemented solutions.

6. Lead Chemical Engineer Resume Example

  • Chemical review of procurements
  • Ammonia system design and procurement
  • Cycle chemical feed system design
  • Potable water system design
  • Steam cycle sampling and analysis design and procurement
  • Water storage tank design and procurement
  • Development of project water mass balance

7. Chemical Process Engineer Resume Sample

  • Performed equipment analysis, calibration & engineering calculations for analyzing Process & Quality Deviation, tracking the performance of projects
  • Communicated with vendors/customers/suppliers and other engineers to resolve technical issues, equipment availability & costs.
  • Prepared SWIs at FGD Lab and tested the gypsum quality for its purity, moisture & halide contents according to ASTM Standards.
  • Developed Automated Efficiency Calculation tool to optimize Ball Mill operations – 99.95% accuracy.
  • Optimized Waste Water & Plant Water Systems treatment to resolve problems associated with sludge thickening & chemical usage by 8%.
  • Developed automated PRT metrics chart, automated work scheduling tracker using VBA in MS Excel & SPC.
  • Continuous Improvement projects at FGD to monitor, maintain & enhance the system performance and plant facility reliability.
  • Updated managers scorecard based on performance on safety, reliability, human performance and financial performance.
  • Used Unit operations (evaporation, filtration, pulverization & material sizing, mass transfer, heat transfer) to solve problems at the plant
  • Troubleshooting Hydroclones, pumps, motors & conducted a full failure analysis & spare parts assembly & availability tracking tool on Excel.
  • Developed Cost metrics to estimate the total cost of water purged incorrectly at wastewater plant for cost-benefit analysis
  • Generating Work Orders & Work Requests for scheduling corrective maintenance on key equipment.
  • Minimizing & supporting the disruption of normal plant operations using Predictive maintenance techniques: Oil testing & vibration analysis.
  • Reviewed DCS diagnostics related to both hardware & software.
  • Installed Density meter at Wastewater plant to prevent losses (chemicals usage) in Filtered service water usage by 62%.

8. Chemical Engineering Resume Example

  • Developing general approach to perform techno-economic uncertainty quantification based on rigorous process models for risk assessment
  • Developing process model for post-combustion carbon capture using chemical solvents with various configurations
  • Providing TEA support to various hydrogen production process with valuable by-products
  • Developing refinery planning model to analyze the effect of new blend components or feedstocks on individual refinery or fuel market.

9. Assistant Chemical Engineer Resume Example

  • Perform and strategize sampling plans for the Nitrogen series on the Aeration & Centrate Treatment tanks to determine best course of action for the Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) scope
  • Managed a BioWin process modelling project for the SHARON (i.e. Single Reactor System for High Activity Ammonium Removal Over Nitrite) process in Ward’s Island WRRF and provided data insight into other plants’ BioWin models
  • Work with performance analysts, senior engineers, and environmental consultants on the BNR project in the East River wastewater resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) in order to help meet DEC State Pollution Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permits and help prepare monthly meetings as well as conference calls with the plant operations staff
  • Prepared a BNR biweekly conference package that is to be disseminated among the 4 UER WRRFs
  • Review and verify the accuracy of Discharge monitoring reports (DMR) and accuracy of the Monthly Operating Summary of Newton Creek and Rockaway WRRFs for DEC approval and perform weekly data analysis on the current & historical Nitrogen performance for all of the BNR Plants
  • Manage and analyze dissolved oxygen (DO) & total suspended solids (TSS) profiles in the East River plants for continuous monitoring of the nitrification levels in the aeration basins
  • Manage and coordinate monthly meetings with plant operations and biweekly site visits to ensure smooth operation of the SHARON process; prepare and attain diffuser test analysis (i.e. SOTE, DWP, fouling factors, etc.) for various types of diffusion membranes to evaluate their performance in SHARON as well as conventional aeration processes; train several Engineers on the SHARON process
  • Lead of the Ammonia Based Aeration Control design project within the Wards Island WRRF: prepare business proposal, scope of work, vendor meetings, budget appropriations, technical presentations/drawings to ensure smooth and efficient implementation of the new technology.

10. Chemical Engineering Intern Resume Sample

  • Tracked, evaluated, and determined any root causes for pretreatment systems within industries that have flows from 25 to 100,000 gallons per day including their analytical wastewater data
  • Negotiated compliance schedules and draft Environmental Control Board (ECB) Orders/Commissioner’s Orders
  • Performed unannounced on-going spot and initial inspections to ascertain that their Process Flow Diagrams and Maintenance plans are executed as stated
  • Maintained files and status of 100 active pretreatment cases
  • Lead and managed archive projects of all inactive pretreatment and scavenger (including active) case files; initiated and organized a networked database for 1000+ companies
  • Help coordinated enforcement strategies with the enforcement specialist and the Compliance Monitoring Section for all water (MS4 and any wastewater) local and federal regulations
  • Managed and initiated inspections in various NYC dental facilities to ensure compliance with amalgam separator regulations and promulgation of the Mercury Minimization Program.

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