5 seo resume examples

5 seo resume examples

If you’re a Search Engine Optimization expert and looking for a job, you know how hard it can be to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips on what employers are looking for in an SEO professional so that you can tailor your resume accordingly.

1. Make sure your Resume is easy to read.

If you’re sending an email or uploading your resume online, you want to make sure that it’s easy to read. Make sure the text is big enough and the paragraphs are short with plenty of white space.

2. Specialize in B2B companies.

If you’re looking for a job in SEO, specializing in B2B companies is very important. More than half of SEO jobs are for B2B companies. You’ll also be able to charge more for your service if you specialize in this area since you’ll have more experience in dealing with businesses than someone who’s just starting out their career.

3. Make sure the content makes sense to non-technical people.

This is especially important when you’re attaching a resume to an email. You want to make sure that the person who’s receiving your resume for consideration for a job understands what you do, even if they have no technical background whatsoever. Make it easy to understand and highlighting keywords for key positions in resumes will increase the chances of getting hired by potential employers.

4. Use SEO-specific keywords.

This is important when you’re completing an application form or resume over email. Make sure you highlight the keywords related to the position like SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), PPC (pay per click), and SMM (social media marketing). These keywords will make it easier for both parties to understand your area of expertise.

5. Write about what you’ve done, not just your job description.

Along with highlighting key positions in your resume, be sure to highlight the tasks that you do in each position. You want to make it clear that you’re capable of doing more than just managing social media accounts or updating blogs so employers will get a better idea of the specific skills that you have. Also, if you have any clients, be sure to highlight them as well.

6. Highlight any awards or recognition you’ve received lately.

If there are any new awards or accolades on your resume, make sure they’re mentioned first thing in it to make it stand out. When employers are looking through resumes, they often don’t put in the extra effort to read every word so highlighting these awards will surely grab their attention.

7. Include a link back to your website or blog.

If you have an online profile related to SEO, be sure to include a link back to this site so it can be easily found by potential employers. If you don’t, your site will probably be buried and forgotten about – and that’s far from the impression you want to give.

8. The detail speaks louder than words; show evidence of success.

SEO is all about showing the results of your actions and not just telling people how great you are. Make sure that there’s proof of your success in the form of screenshots, testimonials, and links back to your website (mentioned above). These should be easily accessible online so employers won’t have a hard time finding them.

9. Be ready for technical questions.

There will always be some tough questions when it comes to interviewing for a job. But if you’re applying for an SEO job, there are some questions that are typically asked. These questions could be about HTML tags or the different algorithms that Google uses which is why it’s important to brush up on these topics before finding yourself in an interview.

10. Be ready to talk technical if necessary.

Because you’re applying for jobs in SEO, there’s always the possibility that it could require some technical know-how during an interview or negotiation stage. You don’t want to be caught by surprise so be sure to brush up on your contact skills and knowledge of HTML tags before moving forward .




Company A – SEO Analyst

  • Responsible for evaluating client websites and developing a plan filled with action items.
  • Monitored scheduled and unscheduled algorithm changes to the major search engines.
  • Represented the company at a variety of Internet marketing seminars and symposiums.

Company B – SEO Analyst

  • Created comprehensive metrics and generated web traffic reports based on those metrics.
  • Worked closely with marketing partners to develop link-building programs for clients.
  • Responsible for maintaining SEO guidelines and integrity on each customer website.

Company C – SEO Analyst

  • Developed an initial introduction package for new customers that explained the benefits of good SEO.
  • Responsible for regular customer training sessions on how to properly update and utilize their websites.
  • Worked with IT group to monitor web services and make them more efficient.


ABC University – Bachelor of Science, Internet Marketing

Yr. 2000


  • Knowledgeable on every Google algorithm update
  • Adept at utilizing several types of analytical software
  • Develops custom metrics to measure website performance
  • Able to establish good working relationships with reliable online content providers
  • Proficient in several website programming languages
  • Efficient at interviewing clients to determine goals and needs
  • Creates comprehensive presentations and reports for client benefit



Company A – SEO Consultant

  • Optimize old web pages for high page range using SEO methods.
  • Ensure that all web page designs contain on-page SEO coding
  • Create fully optimized web pages for e-commerce websites and personal websites of politicians and celebrities.
  • Confirm and approve all SEO billings before being sent to the client.
  • Work with web designers and programmers to ensure that final web pages are search engine optimized.
  • Develop strategies for maintaining brand reputation online.

Company B – Commercial Brand Manager

  • Develop online brand strategies for online marketing of e-commerce sites
  • Coordinate with internet service providers to ensure web pages have high visibility.
  • Coordinate with the marketing department for pricing and promotional activities.


2005 – 2006


Accredited Internet Professional

Online SEO Certification Course from the Society of Internet Professionals website



Company A – Head of Search Marketing

  • Developing and managing all aspects of the department in an overseas office
  • Recruiting, training, and managing a team of SEO professionals
  • Planning and implementing powerful link building strategies to increase each client’s link popularity and gain visibility on major search engines
  • Develop and implement Social Media strategies for various clients
  • Conducting competitive market research for each client to identify opportunities for increasing their online visibility
  • Suggest additional content optimization strategies for clients in areas such as blogs, images, videos, etc.

Company B – Web Marketing Manager

  • On-page Optimization
  • Devising and implementing SEO strategies for large eCommerce websites with more than 10,000 products
  • Conducting regular optimization of on-page content on various product pages
  • Auditing title tags and metadata on a regular basis for search engine optimization compliance
  • Working with the development team to analyze site code and provide recommendations based on SEO best practices
  • Conducting on-page marketing activities to increase conversion rate such as identifying seasonal promotional opportunities; maintaining banners on the site and changing them periodically to promote different offers/products; and maintaining rebate, clearance, and special offers pages and updating them regularly
  • Conducting ongoing competitive market analysis


Driven, competitive, and dynamic individuals have been known for consistently exceeding expectations



Company A – Sr. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Optimizing the websites to increase the traffic.
  • Analysis of client’s Website, Competitor Analysis, and Top Keywords Analysis.
  • Keyword Researching.
  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.
  • Content Optimization: – Search engine-friendly content development.
  • Image and Video Optimization.
  • PDF and MS word File Optimization.
  • Dynamic Optimization and Promotion of E-Commerce Websites
  • PPC Campaign Management (PPC and PPM).
  • Configuring Google Webmaster Central Tool.
  • Monitoring the Website Traffic with Google Analytics and AWStats Tools.
  • Email Marketing: – Tracking of E-mail Campaign.
  • Viral Marketing, Affiliates Marketing.


Post Graduation in MBA (E-commerce)



SEO: Expert in all aspects of Natural/Organic Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In-depth knowledge of ethical/white-hat techniques accepted by major search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Keyword Research: – Researching the top keywords using tools such as Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, Google insights Search Tool, Good Keyword etc.

Web Analytics: – Extensive knowledge of website Monitoring through server logs and Page tagging tools such as Google Analytics, AWStats etc.

Sound Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central Tool.

SMO/SMM: – Extensive background in Social Media/Networking and its use in Online Marketing. Digg, MySpace, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Delicious, Reddit, Twitter, Diggo, Technorati, Social Book Marking etc.

Excellent Knowledge of PPC Campaign Management.



Company A – SEO Analyst

  • Managed and monitored rankings and engine results for certain search engines
  • Conducted SEO research and optimized existing web content in accordance with research
  • Developed marketing content and assisted in link building

Company B – SEO Analyst

  • Created online SEO marketing content and plans
  • Developed and implemented SEO strategies including creating SEO optimized content, and researching keywords and search engine rankings
  • Coordinated with social communities to optimize networking and marketing

Company C – SEO Analyst

  • Completed search engine keyword research in accordance with SEO strategic content plans to optimize pages
  • Assisted in completing link building and cross-platform optimization for web pages
  • Created original SEO content for a website, designed pages, and layout


ABC University – Bachelor of Science in Business



  • Page optimization
  • SEO keyword research
  • Search engine administration
  • Site layout
  • Link building
  • Marketing content
  • Detail focused
  • Creative

Marissa Letendre, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Marissa Letendre is a senior HR leader and resume expert with over 12 years of experience. She has worked for both startups and Fortune 50 corporations and has helped thousands land jobs at top companies. Marissa has written on a wide range of topics, including employee engagement, career development, resumes, job searching, recruiting, and organizational effectiveness and has been featured on sites such as Slack and The Undercover Recruiter.

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