5 security officer resume examples

5 security officer resume examples

Are you interested in a career in security? Check out our resume tips and templates below! We’ll help you showcase your skills and experience in the best possible light. With these tools, you’re sure to make a strong impression on potential employers. So what are you waiting for? Start building your perfect resume today!

What is a security officer, and what are their duties?

They are the eyes and ears of your company, making sure that everything runs smoothly. A security officer’s role can be a very intimidating one – they’re responsible for keeping everyone in line with policy while also monitoring compliance from outside threats like loitering or tampering!

A security officer is typically responsible for:

– patrolling the premises

– monitoring surveillance cameras and other security equipment

– responding to emergencies

– checking identification and credentials

– enforcing safety and security regulations

– reporting any incidents or suspicious activity.

It’s a challenging and vital role and one that requires a lot of strength, stamina, and situational awareness. If you have experience in law enforcement or the military, this could be the perfect career!

The skills necessary for this position

The finest security professionals are very aware and alert. They must swiftly analyze a situation, whether it is an emergency or not, and respond appropriately. This necessitates both active listening skills and sound judgment. A good memory is also helpful in this job! If you want to be a successful security officer, you’ll need all of these traits.

Other vital talents to have are:

Communication: To be a successful security guard, you must communicate clearly and efficiently, both vocally and in writing. Your job may require you to utilize a two-way radio to communicate with other guards in a professional manner. Your work may also need you to answer phone calls during and after your shift; because many guards are expected to log in to their shift, both oral and written communication will be necessary before they can take over from you on the following shift.

Communication skills will also come in handy if you need to make a report about an accident that occurred during your shift, interview witnesses or victims, compile case reports, or testify in court. Having solid communication skills can also help you communicate successfully with your boss and colleagues.

Observation: As a security guard, your role is to notice problems that may arise while on duty or notify security dangers to the firm or the management of the property you are protecting.

To analyze body language and monitor crowds, you may need to employ circuit TV cameras. This will assist you in preventing crime before it occurs.

Honesty: You must be honest and trustworthy to be a good guard. You should not steal or endanger the firm for which you work. Do you maintain vigilance when working alone? Your sincerity will foster trust between you and the firm you work for. Check to see whether you have a criminal history or a record of dishonesty.

Endurance and Wellness: Security officers need to be physically fit so they can outrun a thief or break a fight. Security personnel who are not physically fit cannot confidently fulfill their duties. They must be in good physical condition to remain cognitively attentive since they may be required to stand or walk for extended periods.

A security guard is responsible for arresting or forcibly removing trespassers from a site. It may be necessary for you to restrain the perpetrator until the police come physically. Therefore you must be physically fit to do so.

Attention to Detail: The work of a security guard necessitates attention to detail and the full completion of assignments. When a car is parked incorrectly, or there are too many people on the sidewalk, the security officer must be able to recognize the slightest clues to determine whether something might warn them of potential concerns.

Alertness: A competent security guard is always aware of their surroundings and vigilant. If you enjoy your profession, you should try to stay concentrated and avoid distractions as much as possible. If you cannot focus, you may overlook anything that might endanger the lives of those you are protecting. You must remember what you observe, and you must also submit written reports.

Good Judgment and Excellent Reasoning: Security guards must have good judgment and excellent reasoning since they must deal with difficult circumstances. To maintain a professional quality, they must always follow the proper protocols, reacting and judging correctly.

Attitude: If you want to excel in your security guard employment, you must have a polite, responsive, and well-mannered demeanor that will assist you in all scenarios. To handle problems, you must have a calm and confident demeanor at all times. You must also show respect to people with whom you work.

Teamwork: In most circumstances, security personnel operates in groups to provide more effective results. Your ability to work well with coworkers and adhere to established security measures will aid in reducing potential risks to the firm. You must know when to defer to commands and ensure that you perform your part correctly so that your team may operate successfully.

Awareness: Your duty as a security guard entails being appropriately and fully equipped to deal with any circumstance that arises. You should be able to recognize any potential threat or distraction promptly and efficiently and analyze the situation, people, and surroundings as efficiently as feasible. You should dress in attire and shoes to allow you to cope with any criminal you may encounter.

Enthusiasm: Security guards should be driven by a desire to serve people at all times. They must become enthusiastic about their work and prioritize human life above everything else. Their enthusiasm for the guard job will drive them to be dedicated, steadfast, and diligent.

Problem-solving: As a security guard, you should gather information, assess the issue, seek answers, and apply them to address the problem. Some unanticipated situations may necessitate your immediate and effective management and resolution. Your firm will know that you are qualified for the position if you accomplish this.

Versatility: is a skill set that necessitates handling several projects and responsibilities. By assessing the relevance of all assignments, you should determine which work should be completed first.

Analytical Thinking: To make the best decision or adopt the best approach, you must apply logic and reasoning to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation. You should be able to determine the appropriate course of action to prevent or deal with risk factors affecting your company’s security.

Organize:: Your job as a security guard necessitates careful planning and control of your work schedule, as well as detailed project planning, estimating, and strategizing. You should be able to plan and complete an event on time. Your organizing abilities will enable you to perform more efficiently to accomplish the company’s objectives.

Many security personnel will also require a valid driver’s license because they frequently travel between locations. Experience in law enforcement is generally advantageous, but it is not essential!

If you possess any of these abilities, be sure to emphasize them on your resume! They might set you apart from other candidates and make you the ideal candidate for a security officer position.

How to write your resume, including listing your qualifications, experience, and education?

When writing your resume, make sure to list your qualifications first. This includes any licenses or certifications you may have, such as a license to carry a weapon. If you have law enforcement experience, be sure to list it next. Finally, list your education last. Make sure to list the institution you attended, the degree you earned, and the graduation date. If you have any relevant security-related courses, be sure to list them as well.

Don’t worry if you’re applying for a security officer role and don’t have law enforcement experience! Many other skills can make you an excellent fit for the job. Make sure to highlight any skills that set you apart from other applicants, such as organizational skills, critical thinking skills, or problem-solving skills.

Templates for resumes in Word format so you can easily edit them yourself.


Michael Ford

mcf@email.com | Connecticut, CT | (123) 456-7891


Security Officer with three years of expertise creating safe, secure, and orderly environments for consumers and employees in corporate and retail settings. Patrols facilities using the most up-to-date security equipment and procedures, both in-person and remotely. By making all customers and visitors aware of the substantial security presence, this company excels in reducing hostile conduct, including theft. Thoroughly documents all occurrences and actively provides management with security improvement and modification ideas.


School Oahu Hawaii – 2008 – 2011


Security Officer at Sky Breeze Corporation

April 2020- Current

  • Disperses through five corporate office buildings with over 5,000 people, looking for disruptions, safety problems, and unlawful behavior.
  • In compliance with company security policies, responds to occurrences and crises.
  • At the end of the shift, complete all appropriate documentation, including activities and incident reports.
  • Verify employee identification cards and keep an accurate record of everyone entering and exiting the facility.

Security Officer at Simple Organization

October 15, 2017 – September 19, 2019

  • Ensured an excellent customer experience by welcoming customers, answering inquiries, and directing them to specific items within the shop.
  • Preemptively reduced shoplifting by patrolling the retail floor.
  • As Security Officer, we used nonviolent incident management tactics to approach consumers who were disruptive, improper, or unlawful.

Assistant Security Officers Crane and Jenkins

February 2013 until May 2015

  • Assisting the Chief Security Officer in keeping order at a building office.
  • Checked guests in and routed them to the relevant appointment area.
  • We informed employees and guests about planned initiatives and activities.


Level I S.A.F.E. Strategy Training


  • Public Safety and Protection
  • Government Service
  • Corrections
  • Nonviolent Conflict Resolution Techniques


Peter White

(008) 555-4444| ptw@ email.com| 2222 Daisy Road Mckinney, TX 42365

Security Officer

A proven track record of providing superior security services.

Specialist Summary: IAHSS certified security professional with 4+ years of hands-on experience protecting customers’ lives and property. Familiarity with fundamental security and civil law and shown ability to exert control over causes that cause a disturbance. A current driver’s license, dependable car, and a clean MVR are required. English, French, and Spanish are available.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Metal detecting device
  • Handling security alarms
  • Police patrol duties
  • Property safety
  • Permission to enter
  • Identifying threats
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Reporting of incidents
  • Video surveillance cameras


Colorado Children’s Medical center | 04/2016 TO THE PRESENT

  • Cut security breaches and property damage by 70% with effective monitoring and specific patrolling procedures.
  • Handle a supply theft issue quickly and identify the culprit by thoroughly studying CCTV recordings.
  • Action In response to security alarms and address disturbances and monitor and approve visitor and employee entry and exit.
  • Contact the police and fire agencies in an emergency, and keep the premises secure at all times.

Officer on patrol | American Guard Services, Colorado, CO | 2/2010 to 3/2016

  • Established a daily log-keeping system to guarantee complete documentation of all occurrences occurring during duty hours.
  • During the patrol, I discovered a damaged wall and took fast action to mitigate the security hazard within 12 hours of finding it.
  • Recognized anomalies, potential conflicts, and safety threats
  • Approached questionable individuals on the premises and contacted the police when needed
  • Performed regular emergency call box checks


Colorado, CO | St Joseph County and State University | 2012

Security Management Certificate II

Colorado City College, 2010

High School Certificate


• Colorado, CO Merchants Security License

• Willingness to work in inclement weather

• Certified in CPR and First Aid



1336 Cambridge Street, Richardson, AR 7262



Professional Security Officer with ten years of public and private professional experience. I am eager to use my great observation and communication abilities to improve Sunshine General Center’s security.


Centerville, Md Charlie Medical

From 2009 until the present, I have served as the Chief Security Officer.

  • Monitor the 500+ room facility premises for indicators of potential threats and guarantee the security of windows and doors.
  • Inspect and modify security systems, equipment, or machinery to guarantee proper operation and identify tampering.
  • As Chief Security Officer, I should educate all new security employees on hospital security standard operating procedures.
  • Keep a daily note of any anomalies, such as equipment or property damage, theft, the presence of unauthorized people, or unexpected events.
  • Manage the scheduling of security teams, resulting in an average yearly payroll savings of $5,000 from the previous Head Officer’s program.

South Fort Arkansas, Arkansas MALL

From September 2007 through January 2009, I worked as a security guard.

  • In the morning, I opened the communal area to the public and greeted customers and staff.
  • Customers were informed and cautioned about rule violations such as smoking and loitering.
  • In times of emergency, such as a fire or the appearance of suspicious people, police or fire departments were summoned.
  • Over 60 security cameras monitored the interior and outside public spaces.


Fort Arkansas, Arkansas College

B.S. in the Journal of Criminal Justice, July 2008

GPA of 3.6/4.0

The Criminal Law Club’s vice president


Both English and Spanish are fluent.

Physically fit, with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


  • Arkansas Armed Protection Guard License: 2008 to the present
  • Arkansas State Driver’s License from 2012 until the present
  • American Red Cross CPR certified: 2007-present


Name Name

McKinley Street, 4622

Lawrenceville, Georgia 30071

(111)-222-3333 [abc@email.com]

Job Objective: I am a highly driven Bank Security Guard looking for a chance to demonstrate my abilities and talents with the highest professionalism.

Qualifications Highlights:

  • Hands-on experience providing bank security
  • In-depth understanding of surveillance systems
  • extensive awareness of safety procedures
  • Knowledge of security and access technologies is required.
  • Exceptional capacity to deal with crisis circumstances efficiently.
  • Fantastic capacity to work for extended periods
  • Excellent ability to work as a member of an emergency service
  • Superior security observation abilities

Professional Background:

Banking Security Officer

Lawrenceville, Georgia-based First Pacific Bank – From July 2015 till the present


  • Implemented bank security rules in collaboration with the security staff.
  • Employees were given access credentials and parking permits.
  • Checked the CCTV system for any suspicious people or activity.
  • To guarantee security, Security must patrol the bank facility.
  • Supported security services by coordinating with cross-functional teams.
  • We answered customers’ questions.

Banking Security Officer

Lawrenceville, Georgia-based Tph Bancorp

From May 2003 until August 2007,


  • to safeguard the physical assets of the bank.
  • Ensured that all staff abides by security regulations.
  • During transit, I escorted the bank’s property.
  • To screen visitors before entering the bank.
  • Promptly responded to fire and safety issues.
  • TO watched vehicles entering the bank’s premises.


Security Management Associate Degree

Flagstaff, Arizona’s Coconino Community College


Name Name

Location | Phone Number | E-mail


I am committed to ensuring the security of the allocated premises.

Objective: Seeking a challenging career as a Security Guard at SEC Security, where I can use my keen eye for detail and considerable expertise in security services to protect the safety of people and property.


  • Almost ten years of broad expertise in the protection of life and property
  • Certificate of Louisiana Security Guard Training
  • Certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Valid driver’s license and a clean driving record


• Carrying out patrol responsibilities within specified areas to prevent theft, shoplifting, vandalism, and fire.

• Effectively dealing with emergency scenarios such as medical emergencies, accidents, and other dangers

• Overseeing security systems to avoid theft, violence, and damage.

• Utilizing various sirens for security objectives

• Monitoring all activity on the premises and reporting any unusual occurrences


• Ability to communicate orally, verbally, and in writing

• Bilingual (Spanish and English)

• Extensive attention to detail


Smart Inc. – Austin, TX | 2013 – Today

Security Officer

  • Patrol the facilities and surrounding regions
  • Assist with traffic flow to and from the main building.
  • Conduct safety checks to weed out any undesirable conduct.
  • Before letting personnel inside the building, check their identification cards.
  • Look into and report any suspicious activities.
  • When required, take immediate action.
  • Write thorough reports and keep detailed records.


  • Identified new locations for security cameras, resulting in a 40% reduction in possible risks.
  • Training ten new security personnel
  • Suffolk National University Health Center | Patches, Brooklyn | 2008–2011


• Managed hospital access by issuing security passes and directing visitors to the correct department.

• Provided care to people/patients with specific needs

• Patrolled allocated regions and kept an eye out for any suspicious activity.

• Ensured the safety of children crossing roadways

• To check visitors’ identity

• Monitored hospital activity by using security control-room equipment.


Texas Law School, Galveston, TX – 2008

Criminal Law Associate’s Degree


National Organization of Security Professionals member

“I do protection responsibilities effectively under challenging settings.”

Tips on preparing for interviews.

Learn about the firm.

Before your job interview, you should conduct some research about the firm.

Understanding of:

  • the corporate culture
  • the most recent corporate news
  • the company’s structure
  • the department or team that the successful job seeker will be a part of.

these will provide you with a significant edge in the interview

A candidate is expected to engage in a dialogue with the interviewer rather than simply responding to questions. This is made feasible by having information on the firm readily hand.

Examine your resume

One of the top ten interview suggestions is to review your resume thoroughly. Examine your CV alongside the job posting and any job specifics. Make a note of any concerns the interviewer may have.

Prepare a strategy for dealing with these problems. If you have gaps in your job history or a complex reason for leaving a firm, consider how you will respond to queries regarding these difficulties. You may obtain assistance with coping with these tricky interview questions by visiting job interview answers.

Is there any reason to be concerned about whether your talents fit the job requirements? One approach to overcoming this issue is concentrating on your transferrable skills and qualities. These competencies can be used to substitute for lack of skills or knowledge. Learn about the fundamental abilities that are considered necessary for success in most occupations.

Be prepared to answer typical job interview questions.

Understand the kind of interview questions that will be asked of you. Preparing proper replies will help you appear confident and competent during your interview.

When you’re in the hot seat for an interview, it might be challenging to come up with appropriate responses. Preparation and practice will assist you in dealing with this. Examine the top ten interview questions and example answers.

Be prepared to answer behavioral interview questions.

To assess a candidate’s appropriateness, most organizations now utilize a blend of standard interview questions and behavioral interview questions.

In a behavioral inquiry, candidates will be asked to cite an example of when they have previously used a skill, ability, or conduct. The candidate must discuss the relevant experience in detail and concisely.

Include supporting documentation.

Demonstrate your talents, expertise, and abilities to the interviewer.

Position references, character references, proof of credentials and training, and relevant work examples may all be used to demonstrate that you are the ideal person for the job. Take originals and copies of all papers so that the interviewer may attach the documents to your job application and résumé if desired.

Make an excellent first impression.

The initial impression you create on a potential employer is critical to your success in a job interview. This impression will be formed based on your appearance, including what you wear and how you present yourself in the first few minutes.

Different firms and positions necessitate different sorts of interview attire. The job seeker must research the company’s dress policy and arrive at the interview dressed accordingly. How to Dress for an Interview covers all elements of interview attire.

With this top ten interview tip, you’ll be able to win from the start. Make sure you arrive on time for your interview, greet the interviewer correctly, and make an excellent first impression.

After the interview, follow up.

This is essential for the top ten interview tips. Within 24 hours following your job interview, send a thank-you note. This is proper interview etiquette, but it also shows your interest in the position. It allows you to showcase why you are a suitable fit for the role.

Marissa Letendre, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Marissa Letendre is a senior HR leader and resume expert with over 12 years of experience. She has worked for both startups and Fortune 50 corporations and has helped thousands land jobs at top companies. Marissa has written on a wide range of topics, including employee engagement, career development, resumes, job searching, recruiting, and organizational effectiveness and has been featured on sites such as Slack and The Undercover Recruiter.

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