5 security guard resume examples

5 security guard resume examples

There are a few things that you can do to improve your resume and increase your chances of being hired as a security guard. First, make sure that your resume is well-written and easy to read. You should also highlight your experience and skills in security and law enforcement.

Security officers are the front-line personnel in any security department. They have a very quick response time and they need to be able to think quickly on their feet. They must observe everything that is going on around them and record each event as it occurs . There are several steps that you can take to improve your skills and help get a job as a security guard.

First, start exercising on a regular basis. You will have to pass certain physical requirements for this job, but even if you do not need to pass these requirements now, it is never too early to begin an exercise routine. Engage in a regular fitness routine and stick with it for a few months before applying for this job. You should also think about giving Krav Maga or other self-defense courses a try. These courses will help you stay physically fit as well as mentally sharp.

Second, start developing your observation skills. There are several exercises that you can perform to improve your observation skills. First, try to observe everything that is going on around you without moving or changing your expression. Second, pay attention to the details of what you are observing. Third, record several events as they occur and use a timer to time how long it takes for you to record each event.

Fourth, always remember that security officers must be able to report what they see and hear. If you notice something suspicious, you should record it in your notes and let the manager or head of security know about it as soon as possible. You can also try writing down everything that occurs during your shift each day so that you will have a reference for any future incidents.

Fifth, you should begin applying for positions as a security guard immediately. There are several websites that offer jobs in security and law enforcement, so the sooner you apply the better your chances of getting hired.

Security Guard Resume SAMPLE 1 


Company A – Armed Security Guard

  • Screened over 4k clients and 180+ employees across more than 15 facilities for weapons and contraband
  • Completed routine security patrols of grounds to identify unsafe conditions, which increased safety levels at the facility by 20%
  • Reported all incidents to police and fire department, successfully containing 100% of emergencies by the time of their arrival
  • Protected equipment worth over $200 million, and attained 0 cases of vandalism, theft, or burglary
  • Devised and implemented security strategies specific to gate entrances, and reduced trespassing by 17%
  • Earned certifications in the use of teargas, C-4, and TNT in specific situations to manage crowds and contain threats

Company B – Armed Security Guard

  • Performed security checks on 300+ vehicles to identify unauthorized items and to prevent vandalism and theft
  • Reviewed 30 CCTV cameras, and communicated with the police and fire departments during emergencies
  • Monitored and protected the company’s cash vaults, reducing the number of armed robberies in the previous 2 years
  • Provided on-site training for security guards on weapon safety and the latest security equipment
  • Participated in security drills at the facility, and assisted supervisor in reviewing performance and providing recommendations

Company C – Bouncer

  • Screened 200+ individuals per night before granting or denying entry to the bar
  • Deescalated over 100 altercations that threatened to become violent, and escorted patrons from premises
  • Provided protection for VIPs, including local celebrities, during special events

Coordinated and trained with other bouncers to improve security at the tavern, which led to an average crowd attendance of 250 per night.

Security Guard Resume SAMPLE 2


Company A – Building Security Guard

  • Secured the premises of a major tech company during their holiday party, ensuring the safety of all guests and employees.

Company B – Security Guard

  • Patrolled a college campus and discovered a large stash of drugs during a routine sweep of the football team’s locker room.

Company C – Security Guard

  • Received a call for an armed robbery in progress and managed to disarm the suspect before he could return fire on responding police officers.

Company D – Security Guard

  • Worked in conjunction with undercover agents to collect evidence of money laundering by an organized crime ring.


ABC High school diploma –


Speaks English and Spanish



Detail Oriented


Good Verbal Communication


Security Guard Resume SAMPLE 3


Company A – Hospital Security Guard

  • Patrolled at random hospital’s southern wing to keep premises safe from vandalism, car break-ins, disturbances, threats, and violence
  • Alerted hospital staff during emergencies, and coordinated with 911 operators, including police, ambulance, and fire departments
  • Checked southern parking lots every 3 hours to identify and report unauthorized vehicles parked illegally or over the allotted time
  • Operated security software Trackforce at the facility, and adhered to strict security standards, which reduced paperwork by 22%
  • Wrote security reports at the end of each shift, and held security briefings with colleagues 5 times a week
  • Coordinated and communicated via walkie talkies with 4 other security guards in the southern wing

Company B – Hospital Security Guard

  • Authorized and monitored entry of 2k+ visitors and staff per day
  • Reported all security issues to supervisor, and drafted future security plans, which improved overall standards by 20%
  • Provided guard detail for flight-risk patients and prisoners, deescalating over 20 potentially violent situations
  • Patrolled north parking lot in the evenings to reduce cases of car break-ins and vandalism by 42%
  • Escorted visitors and staff to stations, rooms, and meetings inside the facility and to parking lots upon request

Company C – Sales Associate

  • Processed transactions, exchanges, and returns at storefront, greeting incoming and thanking departing customers
  • Assisted over 150 customers a day in finding various pet products, providing appropriate recommendations
  • Surpassed monthly sales quota by an average of 3% by proactively volunteering to assist customers, educating them on new offers, and
  • providing personal recommendations
  • Recommended window displays, which boosted sales by 13% in 2012
  • Counted 6 cash registers before every shift, and reconciled drawers at the end with 96% accuracy
  • Awarded Employee of the Month 7 times in the span of 3 years


ABC High school diploma – 2004 – 2008


Bilingual (Russian)

Flexible Teamwork Detail Oriented Empathetic

Verbal Communication



Company A – Security Guard

  • Patrolled client’s premises by foot and vehicle 5-6 times a shift, which reduced cases of theft by 15%
  • Conducted routine checkup of security equipment and systems 2 times per week, troubleshooting and completing maintenance as required
  • Controlled and monitored access to the business premises, trained 5 security guards, and held weekly briefings to discuss potential security issues
  • Assisted over 100 customers, employees, and visitors within the premises while on shift, directing them to locations, escorting them to parked vehicles, and listening to concerns
  • Wrote detailed reports at the end of every shift, and submitted them to supervisor before 9PM

Company B – Security Guard

  • Patrolled store exits and aisles randomly, and reviewed CCTV footage of 2,000- square-foot building to enforce federal, state, and store safety guidelines
  • Acknowledged customers’ entry into the store, and provided a visible presence to deter loiterers and shoplifters
  • Decreased shoplifting by 75% through identification and response to suspicious activities within the store, responding to alerts within 60 seconds
  • Reported alarms, incidents, and crimes to Pittsburgh Police Department and 2 other security agents within the mall
  • Decluttered and cleared alley and fire escape, reducing work accidents by 8%

Company C – Gym Retail Associate

  • Greeted and checked in more than 200 clients and guests per shift at the facility, and briefed them on the latest offers at the gym
  • Promoted and sold over $35k worth of protein bars and shakes, towels, apparel, and gear
  • Converted 30% of first-time guests into members, selling an additional package or monthly offer to 60% of new members
  • Documented sales in real time, updated client profiles, and kept the sales department 100% compliant with both local and state regulations
  • Sanitized gym equipment, organized office space, swept floors, and posted signage promoting new products and offers


ABC High School Diploma 2006-2010


Critical Thinking



Bilingual (Spanish)





Company A – Unarmed Security Guard

  • Performed routine patrols of grounds to identify unsafe conditions, decreasing workplace injuries by 18%
  • Coordinated with police and fire department during emergencies, reporting incidents within 30 seconds of notification while traveling by foot or vehicle to scene
  • Identified and removed violators from premises, anthe d reduced attempted burglary to 0 from 5 to 6 a month
  • Monitored 10 CCTV feeds to keep track of the surroundings and identify any security threats
  • Logged detailed security reports at the end of shift, submitting reports to supervisor before midnight

Company B – Security Guard

  • Observed human traffic in and out of the company’s premises using C-Cure 9000 system
  • Protected company equipment with secure enclosures, observing security footage, and random patrols, which reduced theft and vandalism by 20%
  • Collaborated with a team of 20 security guards, and trained 4 new hires in 2012
  • Responded to distress calls 15% faster than coworkers, which helped mitigate situations more quickly
  • Deescalated 15 incidents between 2010 and 2011 before circumstances could turn into altercations
  • Named Security Personnel of the Month 5 times: April, October, December 2010 and March and May 2011

Company C – Server

  • Created a welcoming and positive environment with outgoing demeanor and conversation to make diners feel at home, resulting in recognition as the Employee of the Year in 2008
  • Served fountain beverages within 2 minutes of seating guests, took orders within 5 minutes, and delivered food within 1 minute of kitchen’s notification
  • Surpassed sales goals by 13% by promoting dinner specials, appetizers, and new cocktails
  • Offered swift and accurate customer service, boosting the restaurant’s rating from 3 to 4.2 stars
  • Achieved a 19%-tip percentage for 2 consecutive years, and received 32 positive mentions on Yelp


ABC High school diploma – 2002-2006


Detail Oriented; Bilingual (Spanish); Time Management; Empathetic; Verbal Communication; Collaboration

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