5 personal trainer resume examples

5 personal trainer resume examples

A personal trainer resume should be tailored to the needs of the personal trainer and their personal fitness goals. This is why you must take a few minutes to review this article if you are considering becoming a personal trainer or currently working as one. I will go over what skills and qualifications you need, how to best showcase your experience, and more!

One of the most important aspects of a personal trainer resume is to list your fitness qualifications. This can include personal training certifications, CPR and First Aid certification, experience in different types of exercise and training, etc. When listing your stuff, be sure to highlight any specialties or areas of expertise that you may have. For example, if you are a personal trainer specializing in working with seniors, list this as one of your qualifications.

Your experience as a personal trainer should also be highlighted on your resume. This can include the different types of clients you have worked with, the type and size of facilities you have worked, how long you have been training for, and any awards or accolades you may have received. When listing your experience, be sure to focus on the most relevant and recent experiences.

One of the most important things to remember when creating your trainer resume should be easy to read and understand. Use clear headings and concise bullet points to list your qualifications and experience. This will help the hiring manager quickly scan your resume and see what you offer.

If you are currently working as a personal trainer or are looking to become one, be sure to download our free personal trainer resume template! It is a great starting point for creating your resume and includes all of the key sections that you will need.

What is a personal trainer’s role?

Regulating group meetings, particularly inside, is not a boost to your job. Many people would rather receive one-on-one attention than participate in group fitness classes. Personal trainers were in high demand even before COVID-19. This implies that you have some leeway regarding your work environment and clientele.

Personal training is sought after by four sorts of people:

  • Athletes or competitors: These customers are dedicated to being in peak athletic condition, but they may push themselves too far, so be cautious.
  • Body-conscious people are motivated by a desire to look well, and they want you to focus on things that will help them reach their goals.
  • Fitness enthusiasts may make up the majority of your clientele. They will need a well-rounded fitness plan, and they may come to rely on your relationship for more than just exercise.
  • Novices: You know how you get a slight bump after the holidays and New Year’s resolutions? They are the newcomers. They may have excellent intentions, yet they may not meet their fitness objectives. These are the customers who come and leave from your client list.

Each of these folks would describe a terrific personal trainer differently. Therefore you’ll need to be adaptable to meet their demands – that’s what the person in personal trainer means. As a personal trainer, you will assess fitness and create programs for each client based on their goals. To attain your objectives, you might use several workouts. You’ll also teach your customers proper workout techniques and inspire them to work hard to achieve their fitness goals.

Your responsibilities will vary, depending not just on your surroundings but also on the work description of each unique employer. In some instances, you may be expected to be a Microsoft Word and Excel specialist to generate reports and maintain track of data, but in others, you may be able to delegate that task.

Your CV as a personal trainer should demonstrate how you will manage these distinct tasks.

How Should a Personal Trainer Resume Be Written?

It would help if you started your trainer’s resume with a compelling description that highlights your years of experience in the sector while also describing you as a professional in the best light possible. Following that, you should discuss your primary abilities and knowledge as a fitness trainer. When summarizing your job history, be sure to emphasize the responsibilities you have done and the accomplishments you have achieved. Don’t forget to include your fitness courses and certifications. Because your academic credentials are unimportant in this context, you can provide them towards the conclusion. It would be beneficial to give some references.

What are the most common errors to avoid while writing a Personal Trainer Resume?

An imprecise job description of examples of your successes is one of the most common mistakes to avoid here. Instead of saying “worked for all sorts of customers,” write “worked for clients with diverse medical concerns such as diabetes, arthritis, and so on.” Then, don’t come up with a blanket purpose. Make sure your goal is relevant to the position and company you are applying for.

Furthermore, do not include your general academic qualifications with your expertise and fitness certifications. If you have handled a variety of job tasks, such as management, administration, and fitness training, you should include different parts for each of them when highlighting your talents.

Selecting the Most Appropriate CV Format for a Personal Trainer

People usually mean one of two things when they talk about the best CV structure for a personal trainer:

  • They will employ a reverse chronological, functional, or hybrid resume.
  • What are the rules for layout and formatting to follow?

The functional and reverse chronological resume formats may be appropriate for personal trainer resumes. It’s one of the few occupations where your talents and work history are entirely irrelevant. The reverse chronological arrangement emphasizes your employment history part the most, with the most impressive and recent positions appearing first and the least relevant or oldest appearing last.

This resume style is appropriate for trainers who have mostly worked for fitness corporations, gyms, and similar organizations. It’s also a plus if your list includes renowned or well-known employers. This resume style makes the work experience section reasonably lengthy, with multiple bullet points highlighting accomplishments at previous employment.

On the other hand, if you are a personal trainer who has worked mainly with individual customers outside of gyms or a trainer with highly sought after (or specialized) talents, you should consider using the functional resume structure. This resume style prioritizes and expands the skills section, ensuring that the hiring manager first sees and pays attention to your most important professional qualities. In the end, only you can decide which resume format is ideal for you. However, it is safe to claim that personal trainer functional resumes are generally most effective when the personal trainer has a thorough understanding of various modalities and can incorporate them into any private training session.

As always, remember that your resume needs to be focused on highlighting your strengths, which you can bring in for the prospective employer. There’s no better way than creating a personal trainer resume based on personal SWOT analysis to ensure this.

Tips for Writing an Effective Personal Trainer Resume Summary

In the modern world, resumes are no longer used to list your achievements and responsibilities- they also need to be written to present yourself as highly skilled and competitive against other job applicants. As always, there are a few tips that will help personal trainers write a practical resume summary.

First, use quantitative statements instead of qualitative ones. For example, don’t just say that you have helped clients achieve their fitness goals- say how many pounds they lost or inches they trimmed from their waistlines. Second, try to focus on your transferable skills. When personal trainers write a summary, they usually mistake talking about fitness-related skills like “teaching workouts,” “performing personal training sessions,” and so on.

These may be impressive qualifications in themselves, but you also need to demonstrate how transferable these skills are; that’s why it is essential to show your ability to work under pressure, work independently, and so on. Finally, personal trainers should not hesitate to mention their unique skills- this is where charisma and dedication come into play.

If you give personal training sessions as a side job or your trainer resume states that you provide fitness coaching services at the weekend, make sure that these activities are included in your summary.

We’ll cover the question of the layout and formatting (fonts, space, design, etc.) at the end of this resume example guide.


Andy Moore | Multi-Certified Personal Trainer

Sometown, OR 55555 | (555) 555-5555 | ba@somedomain.com | LinkedIn URL


  • A dedicated fitness practitioner is passionate about helping clients improve their health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Deliver high-energy training incorporating the most recent advances in exercise science, cardio routines, and strength training.
  • Provide fitness, weight reduction, and nutrition programs that are enjoyable, safe, incredibly successful, and adapted to individual needs/goals for adolescents, teens, adults, and seniors.
  • Body transformation professionals skilled in assisting varied demographics in achieving their fitness, weight loss, and conditioning objectives faster than they ever imagined possible.


  • Personal Training One-on-One
  • Instruction in Group Fitness
  • Goal-Setting and Motivation for Clients
  • Exercise and meal plans that are unique to you
  • Conditioning and Strength
  • Endurance / Cardiovascular Training
  • Workouts Inspired by Pilates and Bootcamp
  • Nutritional Advice

Professional Background

ABC Parks and Recreation Department — Sometown, OR

From 2014 until the present, I have worked as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.

  • Lead tailored workouts integrating aerobic and anaerobic movements as a personal trainer. Work with customers to assess their fitness levels, create objectives, track progress and break through plateaus. As a group fitness teacher, you’ll be in charge of entertaining, active courses for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • We have developed a robust client base with 97 percent return business and a long list of delighted customers.
  • Customized exercise, diet, and strength/conditioning regimens helped a large number of clients to lose significant weight (up to 125 pounds), prevent/reverse type 2 diabetes, reduce medication for depression, anxiety, and hypertension, and live a better lifestyle.
  • Clients were led through safe workouts tailored to their fitness levels and medical conditions, ranging from obesity to hypertension, arthritis, sports injuries, and post-surgery.
  • Designed and taught exercise courses that were frequently oversubscribed (up to 50 people per session) and received terrific reviews.


DEF University — Sometown, OR

Personal Trainer, 2011 to 2014

By providing specialized training, tailored meal plans, skilled coaching, and motivating support, we enable university student customers to take control of their food and exercise habits.

We were ranked first in terms of the most client reservations two years in a row.

Developed the first preventive-maintenance program for gym equipment upkeep at the university fitness facility, which saved thousands of dollars in yearly repair and replacement expenditures.

Certifications & Education

DEF University — Sometown, OR l Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Health Coach with ACE Certification

  • Personal Trainer with IFPA Certification
  • Sports Nutritionist with IFPA Certification
  • Pilates Instructor Certification

CPR Certification

  • From 2014 until the present, the American Council on Exercise
  • From 2011 until the present, the International Fitness Professionals Association
  • From 2011 until the present, the International Fitness Professionals Association
  • Peak Pilates® from 2014 until the present
  • From 2011 until the present, the American Red Cross





488 East Wimbledon Drive

Charleston, South Carolina 29412



Personal trainer with 4+ years of health and wellness experts in various training facilities. Have a track record of success in assisting customers in reaching their fitness objectives through individualized exercise regimens and food plans. Improves fitness facility income objectives consistently by establishing new programs and maintaining clients.


Personal Coach

September 2020 to present


  • Every month, I train 80 customers, with 70% achieving their fitness objectives within six months.
  • Create individualized programs and dietary recommendations for customers to attain the best outcomes.
  • Provide excellent customer service, obtaining 40% of new consumers through requests.
  • Examine all gym equipment for appropriate usage and functionality to avoid accidents or breakdowns.

Personal Coach

June 2017 through August 2020

Somewhere in South Carolina, there is a fitness center.

  • Body combat fitness lessons were taught to approximately 30 pupils every class.
  • Instructed clients on correct equipment usage and technique, protecting clients and preventing damage.
  • Contributed to the center surpassing revenue projections by 20% in six months.
  • Co-created new fitness programs with management, successfully implemented and improved sales income by 34%.


In May of 2016, -B.S. in Education for Health – University of Michigan -East Lansing, Michigan


  • Certified First-Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (Level C) (6/6)
  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor (6/6) certification
  • (4/6) Spanish
  • (5/6) Weight Training
  • Listening Skills (6/6)



146 Seventh Street| Streator, IL 61364 | (815) 881-1187 | [email ]


Experienced physical trainer looking for a demanding role in a thriving gym environment where abilities to encourage demanding customers and give continuous guidance may be fully exploited. I’m looking for a fast-paced, demanding setting.


  • I have a proven ability to work successfully with demanding customers who require a high drive level.
  • Willing to work long and odd hours to satisfy the demands of time-constrained clientele.
  • Clients’ objections can be overcome, and they can be motivated to try new things.
  • Capable of assessing customers’ abilities and designing programs that gradually grow in difficulty.
  • Strong communication skills; can assist customers in setting objectives and working to accomplish them.
  • Capable of recognizing when a customer is overburdened.
  • Capable of understanding various medical problems and the sorts of activities that should be performed


Two five-year clients have sent letters of reference.

John Myers’ success story may be read at www.mystories.com/johnmyerstransforms.


Mr. John M. Myers, Personal Coach,

1/2010 till the present. Mr. Myers was 100 pounds overweight when we met.

I helped him establish a goal of losing 100 pounds in 12 months.

  • I collaborated with the client to develop nutritional guidelines, and we addressed the distinction between diets and lifestyle modifications.
  • To avoid monotony, I devised an exercise routine that included various activities such as cardio and aerobics, as well as swimming, hiking, and cycling.
  • Encouraged Mr. Myers to keep to his lifestyle modifications by exercising with him regularly for the first three months.
  • Please keep track of your progress and offer it to your customer to demonstrate that your objectives are being reached.
  • Continue to meet with the client once a week to assess progress and inspire.
  • Mr. Myers has successfully lost 130 pounds and kept it off up until this point. He is now physically fit and healthy.

Carlie Jenkins

1/2000 – Present Physical Trainer

Carlie Jenkins is a mother of four who wanted to tone up her thighs, tummy, and upper arms but was not fat.

I assisted the client in developing an every-other-day training plan that hit her target areas while fitting into her hectic schedule.

The photographed client regularly offered incentives and proof that her efforts were paying off.

Continues to collaborate with the client to modify training routines to fulfill other goals.


James Warner Senior High School

2008 High School Diploma

2009 Associate’s Degree in Nutrition from Streator Community College

Professional Experienced Resume

After working as a personal trainer for 7 to 10 years, you will be regarded as an accomplished expert. At this point in your career, it is critical to prioritize your talents and advanced understanding of the field and follow up.



personal coach (111) 555-9876 [email] 123 Elm St., Anytown, IL 60990-1234

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as an experienced personal fitness trainer that will allow me to use my knowledge and abilities to assist customers in achieving their fitness objectives.

QUALIFICATIONS: Seven years of personal training experience; personal training certification from (name of private training institution); CPR certification.


Anytown Fitness Center, Personal Trainer, 2012-Present

  • Provide customers with a personalized training plan that will assist them in achieving their specific fitness objectives.
  • Provide nutritional information, meal planning, and recipes to clients to meet their dietary demands.
  • Assist in developing exercise regimens that are tailored to individuals with unique health concerns or restrictions due to age or injury.
  • Regardless of current constraints, assist each client in accomplishing their unique fitness objective.


  • 2006 High School Diploma from Anytown High School
  • Certified Personal Trainer, (name of the personal training school), 2009
  • Certified in CPR

Knowledge IN Relevant Areas: Volunteer work with the elderly as a personal caregiver.


Personal Trainer, CHEK Level 2, HLC Level 3, Crossfit 1

123 Rushbrook Dr. Toronto, Ont. L0L 2L2

(E) youremail@hotmail.com (C) 416-123-4567


Graduate of the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program at Ge Brown College (1999). I am currently working at the 122 Granite Club in Toronto as a High-Performance Trainer. Current career objectives are to provide high-quality service to clients and further my physical/mental excellence skills, management & Mentorship, public speaking, and publishing.

Employment History

Feb 2005 – Present: High-Performance Trainer, 122 Granite Club (Toronto).

Operating as a personal training contractor. Duties include personal business management, client management, servicing various clients of all ages, and fitness goals. Also have done freelance work for other companies in fitness consulting, seminars, and open workshops.

June 2003 – Feb 2005: Personal Training Contract Staff, Magna Golf Club.

Provide personal training and fitness services upon request at MagnaC Golf course fitness facility.

Sept 2000 – June 2003: Fitness and Personal Training Manager – Sports Clubs of Canada. Duties include personal training, sales, recruiting and hiring, various administrative responsibilities, programs, and departmental development.

June 1999 – Sept 2000: Personal Trainer and Co-manager – Performance and Fitness Solutions, Mississauga, ON. Duties include:

  • Personal training clients.
  • Member orientation.
  • Client retention duties.
  • Fitness testing.
  • Tours & consultations.
  • Minor facility maintenance.

April 1999 – September 1999: Fitness counselor – Fitness Mill Club. Duties included counseling new members, designing programs and performing demonstrations. Also acted as the primary representative of the club’s softball team.

August 1998 – April 1999: Fitness counselor – Ontario Racquet Club. Performed CFC testing, program design, and demonstration and tended to members on the floor. Also responsible for reports on maintenance related to the interior of the fitness center and gym equipment.

YOUR NAME HERE (H) 905-123-4567

(E) your email @hotmail.com (C) 416-123-4567


  • 2010-2014 – Specialty Courses in Powerlifting, Olympic Weight lifting, Gymnastics, Mobility
  • 2010 – Certified Lev 1 Crossfit Coach
  • 2009 – Certified Level 3 Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, CHEK Institute.
  • 2003 – Certified Level 2 Exercise Practitioner, CHEK Institute.
  • 1999 – 3 yr Diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management at GS Brown College.
  • 1997 – Credits in Human Biology and Fitness for a Lifetime, 123 College.
  • 1993-95 – Completed two years in Graphic Design, Sh College, Oakville. Ont.
  • 1993 – Ontario Academic Credit. Secondary School.

Skills & Achievements Applicable to Fitness, health & Athletics:

  • 2010 Crossfit Games Ontario Sectional Competitor
  • Progressive Elite status as Personal trainer at SCC.
  • Levels 1 & 2 Personal training Certification from the Sports Performance Institute.
  • Certified Fitness Consultant (CFC) 1998-1999. CSEP
  • Basic Rescuer. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.
  • Experience coaching individuals with goals in Powerlifting, Distance running, Wellness.
  • Member of the Communications Committee for the Ontario Powerlifting Association.
  • Creator of and coach for the Mississauga Powerlifting Club.
  • Competitive powerlifter with the OPA from 1996-2004.
  • 2000 Ontario Intermediate Powerlifting Champion.
  • Custom training programs in strength cycling, mass building, and muscle tone.

Other interests & Skills:

  • Various readings in Spirituality, Business Development & Management, Personal growth, health, longevity, and alternative healing.
  • Computer experience in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Corel draw.
  • Computer experience in Macintosh, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Quark Express.

References: Available upon request.

That’s why a personal trainer resume is essential.

You can find the personal training resume sample here: personal-training-resume-samples/personal-trainer-resume/

Here are some personal fitness resume samples you might want to check out if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas on how to create your trainer resume: Fitness Resumes

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