5 Marketing Manager Resume Examples

5 Marketing Manager Resume Examples

A marketing manager is someone who oversees and directs the marketing of a company’s products or services. They work to create unique and compelling campaigns that will increase sales and awareness for their brand. Marketing managers typically have a degree in business, marketing, or a related field.

Marketing managers are experienced in developing new marketing plans that direct, coordinate, control, and evaluate the revenue-producing activities of an organization. They typically have experience working with print media, broadcast advertising, sales promotion techniques, and electronic media.

The overall goal is to identify potential customers through research and carefully analyze their needs so that they can be matched with products and services that will fulfill those needs. Marketing managers have a lot of flexibility in the types of companies they will work with.

They might be employed by a company or a marketing firm, a small business or a corporation, a government agency, a non-profit organization, an educational institution, and various associations.

Marketing managers typically report to an executive in a company.

How to Make Your Marketing Manager Resumes More Impressive

If you’re looking to make your resume more impressive as a marketing manager, consider adding some of the following:

-Experience working with different types of media, including print, broadcast and electronic

-Strong skills in market research and analysis

-Ability to develop creative and compelling marketing campaigns

-Familiarity with a variety of sales techniques and strategies

-Expertise in managing and directing a team of marketing professionals

-Experience working with marketing automation software (ex: Marketo)

-Experience with web analytics software (ex: Google Analytics)

-A degree in business, marketing or a related field

Marketing managers are an integral part of the success of any company. They help research and identify companies’ target markets, develop unique campaigns to target those markets, and create strategies for selling products to those markets.

Marketing managers can be found in a variety of different environments, including corporations and small businesses. They may work with various media outlets and must stay up-to-date on new trends in the field.

If you’re an experienced marketer looking for advancement within your company or to take your career to the next level, consider marketing management.

Traits a Marketing Manager Must Have:

– Strong research and analytical skills

– Excellent writing and communication skills

– Creative and innovative thinking

– Proven experience in the marketing field

– Strong leadership and management skills

– Ability to work well with others

– Motivation and drive

– Attention to detail

What Education Do I Need to Be a Marketing Manager?

The education required for marketing managers depends on the industry in which they work. A candidate working with computer software might need an MBA or graduate degree, while candidates working for other types of industries may be able to find jobs with only a bachelor’s degree.

The typical educational background for marketing managers is a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on marketing, business, or management. Many companies also require at least three to five years of previous experience in the field.

It is important for prospective marketing managers to stay up-to-date on new trends and developments within their industry. Marketing managers who are knowledgeable on these topics will be more attractive to prospective employers.

Marketing managers should also have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as they must convey ideas and plans to other marketing professionals within their organization.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Managers

With the ubiquity of social media in today’s society, it is no surprise that social media plays a key role in marketing. Social media offers an excellent platform for advertisers, marketers, and salespeople to interact with potential customers.

According to the latest data from Google, around two-thirds of all internet users are active on some sort of social network site. This makes it important for marketers to have a strong presence across these sites in order to capture the attention of their target audiences.

Creating this presence also allows marketers to experiment with different strategies, analyze their effectiveness and make changes based on the results.

Marketing Manager SAMPLE 1


Company A – Marketing Assistant

  • Collaborated with marketing manager, 4 internal teams, 50+ clients, and 20+ partners on marketing strategies
  • Assisted in identifying 100+ marketing trends and key opportunities for innovation and optimization, driving customer conversions by 40%
  • Learned and worked with 11 types of design software for digital marketing
  • Worked with 30+ sales and marketing department members
  • Created 300+ marketing materials such as white papers, case studies, and presentations
  • Maintained 4 marketing databases

Company B – Marketing and Social Media Intern

  • Designed style, layout, and features for 5+ company websites
  • Collaborated with the marketing team to develop and apply social media strategy
  • Produced 13 email campaigns and 10 new print marketing advertisements

Company C – Lawn Specialist

  • Operated a variety of edgers, commercial mowers, blowers, dump trailers, chainsaws, line trimmers, and tillers
  • Performed 1,000+ mulch applications, plantings, top soil applications, and lawn seeding projects
  • Addressed 300+ clients’ questions, comments, and concerns
  • Worked with team lead to ensure sufficient resource and material availability
  • Administered chemicals under the direction of a licensed applicator using all required protective equipment
  • Assisted with 300+ equipment maintenance and repairs


ABC University – Bachelor of Arts Marketing

September 2016 – June 2020


Leadership Attention to Detail HTML/CSS


Written and Oral Communication Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Salesforce

Active Campaign

Email Campaigning Campaign/Email AB Testing SEO


Marketing Manager SAMPLE 2


Company A – Content Marketing Manager

  • Produced 600+ blog posts, SEO articles, guides, social media copy, short videos, and influencer interviews
  • Interviewed 30+ Salesforce SMEs, customers, and Trailblazers, systematizing interviewing procedures
  • Created 15+ research studies and strategies with product marketers and third-party vendors
  • Reported data and content performance, diving into 50+ dashboards and analytics
  • Accomplished stellar record by completing 100% of deadlines, influencing team toward increased productivity
  • Owned 100% of content process from pitch to publication

Company B – Content Marketing Associate

  • Created 300+ pieces of content in the form of whitepapers, reports, infographics, and case studies
  • Gained understanding of SEO/Organic Search best practices
  • Developed, wrote, and edited 50+ materials for blog
  • Researched 30+ topics and ideas for monthly eNewsletter
  • Upgraded and distributed 600+ eNewsletters with the email marketing manager
  • Worked with 20+ Demand Generation specialists and sales managers to monitor content performance
  • Managed 20+ pieces of content, keeping it fresh and updated on the Trilliant Seller Resource page

Company C – Content Marketing Intern

  • Designed 200+ pieces of relevant content to engage, educate, and inspire target audiences
  • Created 15+ research studies and strategies with product marketers and third-party vendors
  • Participated in 50+ special projects and initiatives


ABC University – Bachelor of Science Business Administration and Marketing

September 2012 – June 2016


Excellent Attention to Detail

Expert Communication (Oral and Written)

B2B/B2C Marketing Salesforce



Google Docs/Sheets ActiveCampaign

Marketing Manager SAMPLE 3


Company A – Email Marketing Manager

  • Executed 200+ direct email, push, and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Created 50+ email templates and user journeys using Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Developed 100+ campaigns using graphics, personalization, and advanced features
  • Optimized design and layouts of 10,000+ emails, ensuring user and mobile-friendly capabilities
  • Tested 5,000+ emails for quality assurance
  • Developed and presented 7+ reports to staff and executive officers every week

Company B – Email Marketing Associate

  • Developed 100+ email marketing strategies to increase customer engagement, and conversion rates
  • Worked with program managers, design team, and marketing ops to develop, launch, test, and track 200+ email campaigns
  • Upgraded email campaign schedules to support 300+ promotions, product launches, and events
  • Tested, staged, and quality-inspected 10,000+ emails
  • Supported 25 other digital marketing campaigns, including SEM, advertising, and direct mail

Company C – Email Marketing Intern

  • Managed email communications to achieve business goals
  • Planned, executed, and reported on the status of email communications with senior executives
  • Worked to ensure emails adhered to industry best practices


ABC University – Bachelor of Science

September 2013 – June 2017




A/B Testing Written and Oral Communication

Salesforce Active Campaign

Email Campaigns




Marketing Manager SAMPLE 4


Company A – Director of Marketing

  • Grew Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok followers by 4x by developing a unified brand strategy
  • Collaborated with 2 web developers to overhaul the website, which tripled site traffic within 120 days
  • Led team of 3 to overhaul blog and email campaign, resulting in 23K new email subscribers since 2018
  • Tracked social media and web campaigns using SEO tools, and met daily with marketing associates to set and plan to meet KPI goals
  • Managed the marketing calendar, and ensured 92% of campaigns ran on time and within budget

Company B – Marketing Manager

  • Overhauled the marketing budget, finding $10K in savings to allocate to social media campaigns
  • Tracked and reported on marketing campaign results, effectively iterating on media campaigns that generated a 13% increase in leads
  • Communicated market and industry research to a team of 4 marketing associates and leadership, implementing new strategies as a result of market analysis
  • Revamped email and newsletter campaigns, which contributed to a 32% increase in social media followers across all platforms

Company C – Associate Marketing Manager

  • Oversaw the on-time delivery of 12 seasonal campaigns, resulting in an ROI of 43% per dollar spent
  • Cultivated relationships with vendors, manufacturers, and internal cross-functional teams to approve marketing designs, text, and layout
  • Researched industry trends and reported findings and suggestions via PowerPoint and Excel to decision-makers who implemented feedback to increase holiday product sales by 15%


ABC University – B.S., Marketing

September 2011 – April 2015


HubSpot, Salesforce

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, retargeting)

A/B testing, audience segmentation

Google Analytics SEO

Email marketing

Marketing Manager SAMPLE 5


Company A – Marketing Manager

  • Directed the launch of a campaign for a new platform, resulting in revenue of $5.3M in the first year
  • Created a holistic paid acquisition strategy, ultimately leading to an ROI of 41% for every dollar spent
  • Built out a culture of robust data collection and A/B testing to iteratively improve campaign performance, leading to an average improvement of 64% from campaign start to end
  • Developed partnerships with higher education institutions in the US, resulting in an incremental $7.4M in revenue
  • Exceeded sales targets by 32% for the full year in 2019
  • Identified vendors who were underperforming, leading to a reduction in costs of $425,000 while exceeding revenue targets
  • Oversaw a team of full-time marketers and 4 paid contractors

Company B – Marketing Manager

  • Developed a comprehensive paid acquisition strategy across Google, Facebook, and industry newsletters, resulting in new leads that generated $18M in 2017
  • Built a robust brand awareness campaign through conferences and speaking engagements, leading to an increase in inbound leads of 68% year over year
  • Led the implementation of real-time reporting on marketing spend to adjust bid strategy, leading to an improvement of ROI by 22%
  • Exceeded growth targets every quarter by 23% on average
  • Managed a team of 4 full-time marketing associates

Company C – Marketing Analyst

  • Created A/B testing plan for Facebook ad copy, leading to an improvement in ROI of 12%
  • Built key reports in Tableau for the executive team around KPIs such as marketing spend, new leads, revenue generates, and ROI, saving 9 hours of manual reporting each week


ABC University – B.S. Marketing

September 2010 – April 2014


HubSpot, Salesforce

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Paid Ads (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, retargeting)

A/B testing, audience segmentation

Google Analytics SEO

Email marketing


Marissa Letendre, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Marissa Letendre is a senior HR leader and resume expert with over 12 years of experience. She has worked for both startups and Fortune 50 corporations and has helped thousands land jobs at top companies. Marissa has written on a wide range of topics, including employee engagement, career development, resumes, job searching, recruiting, and organizational effectiveness and has been featured on sites such as Slack and The Undercover Recruiter.

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