School Counselor Resume: Writing the Perfect Resume (2020 Guide)

Do you plan to become a school counselor or looking to switch jobs? You must have adequate experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure that you are fit for the position.

However, what matters most is the school counselor’s resume. Quite a lot of people get rejected from schools and colleges despite meeting their hiring criteria.

In some cases, the hiring managers do not even ask them to appear for an interview. Why? Because in most cases, their resume is weak.

This piece will discuss some essential tips that would help you create the perfect school counselor resume.

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Tip #1: Create a Concise Profile

A well-made resume can help you stand out from thousands of others that colleges and schools receive.

Whether you are applying for a position as a school counselor or any other job, employers do not like to spend too much time analyzing every bit of your resume. Most of them will skim through it. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize your profile’s presentation.

Remember, most employers will look at the top half of your resume. If they only glance at your profile (located beneath the contact info and heading), they will get a clear idea regarding your distinctive qualifications.

Additionally, you must consider adding resume keywords. They will drastically improve your application’s chances of getting picked up if the college or school you are applying to uses an applicant tracking system.

What are Resume Keywords?

For those who do not know, resume phrases and keywords are particular traits, expertise, skills, and abilities hiring managers and recruiters search for in an applicant.

Keywords contain nouns related to the job (school counselor in this case) that describe your soft and hard skills and qualifications. Action verbs highlight your past experiences and accomplishments.

Combining these verbs and keywords help your resumes become easily scannable by systems or employers.

Tip #2: Work Experience and Academics

While work experience and academics are essential for almost any white-collar job, it is particularly critical for a school counselor position.

When creating your school counselor’s resume, make sure that you put a particular emphasis on your education and experience.

It would be best to start with your work experience and write a brief yet informative section highlighting your previous employers’ professional accomplishments.

Here are a few points you can add in your resume:

  • Mediated and resolved disagreements between students and eliminated repetition.
  • Improved graduation rates by X amount of percentage (only state this if you can back it up).
  • Decreased conflict rates (once again, provide an authentic percentage).
  • Organized group and individual counseling sessions for x amount of students on ways to overcome behavioral, social, and personal issues.

You can add plenty of other things as long as they are authentic. It will add some oomph to your school counselor’s resume and make employers view it more favorably.

Mention your academics after writing the work experience. Some people do the opposite, but listing impressive accomplishments first can catch your employer’s eyes early.

Tip #3: Put a Special Emphasis on your Specialization

You have most likely spent several years in university getting ready for a school counselor’s role. Ordinarily, most school counselors possess an unspecialized bachelor’s degree, accompanied by a master’s degree.

A recent survey suggested that more than ninety percent of school counselors in the United States have a specified master’s degree.

The high education level needed for school counselors is excellent news for schools that are hiring counselors.

They want the most qualified, competent, and experienced individuals to oversee their young students and assist them in becoming responsible adults.

Your education section will most likely look the same as other’s resumes. However, there is no need to worry as the tips mentioned below can help you make a diverse resume that stands out from the rest.

Your school counselor resume should always have the following info:

  • The school’s name
  • Location of the school
  • Type of degree
  • The year you graduated.
  • GPA

Including the points mentioned earlier will help you create a respectful education section for your resume. You can also spice it up by adding the following extra information:

  • Case competitions
  • Specializations
  • Relevant coursework
  • Societies and clubs

Tip #4: Soft Skills are Critical

Understanding and communicating with students is arguably the most vital factor that separates a good counselor from an incompetent one.

Your resume should indicate that you possess several soft skills. It will help you back up your work experience and education.

Soft skills are some essential traits and attributes, like interpersonal skills. They might not seem relevant initially, but you will learn that they are critical for a school counselor’s success.

Soft skills develop naturally, and measuring or quantifying them is not as straightforward as it seems. The qualities and behaviors that allow you to interact with people comfortably can take you a long way as a school counselor.

Therefore, you must mention it in your resume. Litter it with many soft skills, providing your hiring manager a glimpse of what they should expect from you. List your skill section in bullet points.

Ensure that they are relevant to your job and, most importantly, easy to showcase during your interview. You must focus on improving your soft skills for the meeting, proving that your school counselor’s resume is as authentic as it gets.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a school counselor resume, you can proceed to make one for yourself. It is all about showcasing your academics, work experience, specialization, and soft skills in a concise and presentable manner.

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Marissa Letendre, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

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